You Dont Realize You Are Samurais

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This is probably going to be re-blogged and re-tweeted and re-buzzed to hell and back, but I want it here on my blog. If you are an entrepreneur, watch it. If you intend to be an entrepreneur, watch it. If you are a drone at some multinational company, watch it.

I can relate, in more ways than you would guess, to what Jason has to say during the first 20 minutes. I always disliked Jason a little bit, dont ask me why, but I have found a new respect for him after this speech.

And remember: if you are a rice picker, all you have to do is pick up the sword.

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  1. ed.

    If you “always disliked Jason a little bit”, you obviously can’t properly evaluate entrepreneurs correctly.

    This previous sentence can be as dumb as your sentence. If you are a learning future-VC, you should think, draft, let it grow bacteria, read again and publish if makes sense.

    Maybe you don’t like his tone of voice, or laughter, but his quick thinking and analyses are sharp. He believes.

    And no, don’t feel special for posting that talk here, it’s all Jason’s merit. You know what I’m talking about.

    One piece of advice: you can’t delete the way people think of you like you deleted blog posts, tweets and stuff. VC is hard stuff, for mentally stable and tough people. Go for your style, the one everyone knows, the one you won’t be able to hide for too much longer. Everyone is waiting in expectation, to see when you’ll break the dishes all over again :)

    You have a style, go for it!

  2. Post

    >you obviously can’t properly evaluate entrepreneurs correctly.

    There’s a thin line between a con-artist and an entrepreneur. Jason always seemed to me as being in the first category. I was wrong.

    >you should think, draft, read again and publish if makes sense

    Yeah, but that is not my style :-)

    — MV

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