Dec 94

I Invented The Xbox

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Subject: Re: An operating system for games
Date: 12 Dec 1994 13:18:41 GMT
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Martin Hoffesommer (h…@rz.tu-ilmenau.de) wrote:
: An operating system primarily designed for running games on it would be a nice
: idea, but I think it would be a useless effort since Mikeysoft and IBM are
: trying to implement everything needed to run games on their operating systems.
: Maybe something similar to the so called ‘linux effect’ could happen, but I’m
: almost sure this operating system wouldn’t make it to the ‘normal users’ PC,
: i.e. it would still be an OS just for real freaks, not the normal computer
: user.

I was discussing this with a friend and I was also reading some stuff
about all the consoles coming out ( Sony PSX, Sega Saturn, Atari Jaguar,
Nintendo Ultra 64 ) and I came up with this question:

– why isnt a PC console coming up ?

A little box with a mini main board ( 486 and 4 Mb ), Soundblaster,
a good SVGA card with TV output, CDROM drive, and you’d have a great
games machine.

Of course the graphics card would have to be local bus. And I would
add a custom card with a sprite/polygon engine.

Of course that you can get this in a regular PC, but what I mean
is that a standardized system could be built like this and a OS for
it developed. A game OS, of course :-)

What ya think ?

C U!

Mario Valente

Et in Arcadia Ego