Jun 08

Offline 2 More Weeks

Path: mv.asterisco.pt!mvalente
From: mvale…@ruido-visual.pt (Mario Valente)
Newsgroups: mv
Subject: Offline 2 More Weeks
Date: Jun, 17 Jun 08 13:43:21 GMT

I’ve been “sort of” offline for the last couple of
months and I’ll be definitely offline for the next
two weeks. I’m leaving for an offline 2 week beach

Although I’ve been active in other places (like
Twittter…), I really wanted to focus on other
stuff (like guitar playing :-), keep a 3 month
silence period regarding my previous role as CIO
for the portuguese Ministry of Justice and also
to think about life, the universe and everything
(aka what I want to do when I grow up).

Things are looking up, I’ve digested a lot of
stuff and, although I already have a clear view
on where I should be heading next, I’ll be making
final decisions during these next 2 weeks.

I expect to come back with a lot more action, both
in real life and online.

C U in 2 weeks!

— MV