Apr 09

A Future History of Twitter

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From: mfvale…@gmail.com (Mario Valente)
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Subject: A Future History of Twitter
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 09 15:23:21 GMT

Mar 2006 – twitter is born
May 2006 – twitter launches
Jan 2007 – dedicated twitter clients
Feb 2007 – number of users starts exponential growth
Apr 2007 – Obama joins twitter
Sep 2007 – first impersonations/spoofs/fakes
Nov 2007 – businesses start using twitter
Dec 2007 – follower colection starts
Dec 2007 – people start using hashtags and @ to filter noise
Feb 2008 – twitter starts getting fail whales; cant handle Mac Expo
Apr 2008 – twitter spam and mass twitting starts
Jun 2008 – security measures for IDs/mass follow implemented by twitter
Jul 2008 – massive fail whales at twitter
Aug 2008 – twitter stops SMS, cant handle cost and load
Sep 2008 – people start using twitter as chat instead of status
Oct 2008 – twitter stops IM, cant handle load
Nov 2008 – twitter reaches 5 million users
Nov 2008 – twitter suffers 1st security/privacy breaches
Jan 2009 – celebrities, politicians and journalists invade twitter
Feb 2009 – spam and senseless chat increases
Feb 2009 – mvalente declares “Imminent death of Twitter, GIF at 11”, leaves twitter
Apr 2009 – Oprah joins twitter; tweets in CAPS; millions of soccers moms join
Apr 2009 – some 2nd grade actor achieves notoriety with 1st ever twitter id billboard
Sep 2009 – twitter implements groups
Oct 2009 – twitter starts banning groups with sexual content
Dec 2009 – twitter cant handle Xmas tweeting; goes distributed
Jan 2010 – twitter service providers appear promising “better” experience and uptimes
Feb 2010 – twitter implements aggresive filters and death penalty for spam originators
Feb 2010 – twitter suffers first netsplits
Mar 2010 – comercial twitter services appear; id squatting and selling
Apr 2010 – Scientology goes after dissenters tweets; twitter gets sued
May 2010 – mobile operators argue that tweeter should need a license; they FAIL
Jun 2010 – mobile operators sue twitter for monopoly/abuse and lost revenue
Jul 2010 – special twitter devices and mobile operator SMS gateways show up and FAIL
Jul 2010 – another massive income of clueless users due to lawsuit publicity
Aug 2010 – twitter starts realtime search
Aug 2010 – better spammers start following hashtags, spoofing popular ones
Aug 2010 – people go private with their ids/followers/twits
Aug 2010 – people start encrypting tweets
Sep 2010 – new search services start paying for access to ids/tweets
Oct 2010 – twitter gets acquired by Microsoft
Oct 2010 – Hugo Chavez organizes DDOS atack against twitter, says its the Devil
Dec 2010 – worms and trojan links become widespread in twitter
Jan 2011 – links for pirated movies/TV increase
Jan 2011 – Metallica sues twitter for linking to their latest album (another weak one)
Feb 2011 – Obama says he invented the twitter tubes;tweets nationalization of the internet
Mar 2011 – experiences on twitter with voting and twitter auctions FAIL
Apr 2011 – whispper service is announced; distributed personal twitterlike; no one notices
May 2011 – >90% of twitter is spam
Jun 2011 – twitters realtime search now has zero value due to private/encryption tweets
Sep 2011 – Microsoft writes off Twitter acquisition
Oct 2011 – people stop using twitter; move over to whispper

Any similarity with the history of email, Usenet, IRC or search engine
wars is a mere coincidence. Twitter, of course, is totally different, it
will change the world order and cure cancer.

— MV

Apr 09

Obama The Fascist, Down the Road to Serfdom

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From: mvale…@ruido-visual.pt (Mario Valente)
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Subject: Obama The Fascist, Down the Road to Serfdom
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 09 23:30:21 GMT

For the #kickstart people who didnt believe my premonition
that Obama might eventually nationalize the Internet:


I actually think that Obama is a nice guy and a great leader,
with good oratory and good intentions. But I’m afraid where he’s
leading the people and the country, taking advantage of the
messianic Obama-cult. He might be leading down the road to


I would put the US at step 10 on “The Road to Serfdom”:


Meanwhile, in Portugal, no mention in newspapers or TVs about
the Obama budget deficit (largest ever) or the continued problems
with cabinet formation and corruption charges…

— MV

Apr 09


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From: mvale…@ruido-visual.pt (Mario Valente)
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Subject: SSJS
Date: Sun, 08 Apr 09 15:20:21 GMT

Va, todos juntos comigo:

“Serverside Javascript will rule the world!”

Mozilla ServerJS API group

Serverside Javascript working on Google App Engine

— MV

Apr 09

Compro o que

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From: mvale…@ruido-visual.pt (Mario Valente)
Newsgroups: mv
Subject: Compro o que e nosso… se for bom.
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 09 15:14:21 GMT

Aqui ha uns tempos atras houve para ai uns protestos contra
a producao de vinho do Porto ou de vinho verde fora de Portugal,
nomeadamente na California e na Australia.
Que nao senhor, que os nossos vinhos e que eram os verdadeiros
e e que eram bons, o resto era zurrapa.
Como e patente e consequente, se um portugues chegasse a uma
qualquer localidade ou pais que produzisse as ditas zurrapas, nao
aceitaria como justificacao para o seu consumo o facto de serem
“producao nacional” e de que “o que e nacional e bom”. Um vinho do
Porto nao e bom porque e portugues; nem e mau porque e produzido
na Australia; e bom porque e bom e Portugal e bom a fazer vinho
do Porto.


Curiosamente, ao mesmo tempo que nao aceitamos que um americano
ou um australiano produzam ou bebam um “vinho do Porto” produzido
localmente com a simples justificacao de que “e nacional”, achamos
que se justificam campanhas tipo “o que e nacional e bom” ou, mais
recente, “Compro o que e nosso”.


Ate se podia deixar passar o facto de tal tipo de campanhas ser
protecionismo encapotado, algo contra o qual protestamos (quando
nao nos convem) e contra o qual existem leis vigentes na comunidade


Ate se podia deixar passar o facto de este tipo de campanhas ser
xenofobia declarada (“os produtos alemaes sao melhores mas eu compro
portugues porque nao gosto dos gajos”) e, no limite, poder ser uma
atitude racista (“nao compro os produtos turcos, pronto, ate podem
ser melhores…”). E um passo ate passarmos a contratar portugueses
apenas porque sao portugueses, “produto nacional”, o que ate parece
ser uma boa ideia excepto quando a Suica, a Franca ou o Luxemburgo
passarem a aplicar a mesma logica e despedirem os emigrantes
portugueses para dar lugar ao seu “produto nacional”.

O que nao da para deixar passar em branco e o facto de este tipo
de campanha ser prejudicial para o consumidor portugues, para as
empresas portuguesas e, em ultima analise, para Portugal.

Se queremos ser capazes de competir e vencer num mercado global,
nao e com nacionalismos bacocos que vamos la. Nao e com produtos
que sao uma merda mas que compramos porque sao nacionais. So
vamos la se formos capazes de competir na base da qualidade em vez
de competir na base da nacionalidade. So seremos capazes de criar
empresas e produtos competitivos se nos compararmos com os melhores
e formos capazes de os superar. As empresas portuguesas que aderem
a este tipo de campanhas mostram que nao sao capazes de competir
em qualidade e, a longo prazo, que se estao a enganar quanto a sua
competencia e capacidade produtiva. Um dia quando acordarem da sua
“qualidade” e “mercado” nacional, tem a porta um produto melhor e
mais barato. E depois fecham.

Ironico mesmo e ver gente supostamente esclarecida a defender e
promover este tipo de iniciativa como fomentadora de criacao de
marcas e de qualidade, como fomentadora do empreendedorismo e
ate fomentadora da economia nacional.


O “Made in Japan” nao se tornou um simbolo de qualidade a
custa de qualquer campanha estatal ou empresarial de indole
colectivista/socialista. Foi gracas ao trabalho de empresas como
a Yamaha, a Sony, a Honda ou a Toyota, que souberam enfrentar,
competir e ganhar a gigantes americanos. Fazendo melhor e mais

Digam-me la se compravam malhas Jotex em vez de Zara ou em
vez de Armani. Digam-me la se preferem comprar ou ter uma
maquina Delta-Q em vez de uma Nespresso…

Temos excelentes produtos nacionais. Mas estes so continuarao
a ser excelentes se os comprarmos pela excelencia. Compra-los
“porque sim” e prestar um desservico aos portugueses e ao pais
e e subestimar as empresas e os empreendedores portugueses.

— MV

Apr 09

True, True …

Path: mv.asterisco.pt!mvalente
From: mvale…@maverick.pt (Mario Valente)
Newsgroups: mv
Subject: True, True …
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 09 15:00:21 GMT

“Economic progress, in capitalist society, means turmoil” [1]

“Entrepreneurs seek profits by introducing new goods, services,
organizations, and techniques. In doing so, they advance the
economic welfare of society. At the same time, their activities
are profoundly disturbing. Entrepreneurs are, after all, the
agents of “creative destruction”, as Joseph Schumpeter so aptly
labeled the processes of change they set in motion; their
successes invariably upset existing social arrangements,
transferring wealth and power from old to new sectors of the
It is for that reason, throughout most of history, that expansive
empires and local tribe cultures alike have tried to curb
entrepreneurial bahavior with political restraints and social
taboos, lest it upset the status quo. Modern capitalist societies
depend utterly on entrepreneurship for their progress; but they
too remain ambivalent about its effects. Even in the USA, where
entrepreneurship is widely valued, vested interests have always
risen up to protest, and otherwise resist, the social and
economic changes that entrepreneurship has brought about.”

“The New Financial Capitalists, KKR and the
Creation of Corporate Value”, page 1

— MV

[1] “Capitalism, Socialism & Democracy”, pag 31/32
Joseph A. Schumpeter