Apr 07


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Subject: Y|IES
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 07 21:08:21 GMT

Lancamos hoje (ITIJ/MJ) em producao mais um projecto
no ambito do Simplex, a Informacao Empresarial Simplificada.


Nao sera de chamar muito a atencao para o facto de o www.ies.gov.pt
correr em Linux (Python/Zope/CPS); mas ja e de notar o facto de o
core do sistema ser a validacao de 2 anos de trabalho e a primeira
utilizacao intensiva do ESB da Justica, pedra basilar para uma
arquitectura de informacao orientada a servicos (SOA).
Os produtos utilizados (Sun JCAPS e Sun ESB), estao obviamente a
correr em Linux tambem.


Hats off para a equipa (em particular Celso, Paul, Marta, Zaida e
Carlos). Quando os ratings de Portugal subirem, ja sabem a quem
mandar as comissoes…


— MV

PS – Next: Eleicoes da Madeira ( www.eleicoes.mj.pt )

Apr 07

Teenage Mutant Ninja Leecher

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Subject: Teenage Mutant Ninja Leecher
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 07 23:26:21 GMT


Yes, I was a teenage (25 yo. actually) mutant ninja leecher! Eheheh…

At first I didnt know how this seemed to come about, but I
quickly found out:


“9:58 /ftp/pub/sunsite/pub/Linux/distributions/SLS/a1.3 1474560”

Era eu a sacar a minha 1a distribuicao Linux (Softlanding, antecessora
da Slackware), em floppies…

— MV

Apr 07

Another Trilogy Bites The Dust

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Subject: Another Trilogy Bites The Dust
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 07 23:05:21 GMT

So, it seems that this dawn (woke up at 3 a.m. and
stayed awake reading until 6.30) I got the reading of
another trilogy under my belt, the Galactic Milieu Trilogy.


About time too, since I had bought and read the prequel quadrilogy
(or a trilogy with 4 volumes, if you know what I mean) called
“Saga of the Exiles” back in 1986 or something like that; and
the bridge volume “Intervention” connecting both sagas in the
early 90s…


Both are connected in an ingenious way. In “Saga of the Exiles” you
follow the lives of people who, living in years beyond 2080, go through
a gate back to prehistoric Earth, back to the Pliocene. There, besides
numerous stuff that I wont tell you about, they find a group of rebels
from the future, metapsychic rebels. The hapenings that lead to this
metapsychic rebellion are those that are detailed in the “Galactic
Milieu”, where eventually you get to the point where you find the
self-exiles from the previous trilogy and the metapsychic rebels and
follow them to the point where they get through the time gate.

I have to say that this is one of my preferred multivolume fantasy
operas, at the same level as “Lord of the Rings” and “Dune”.

What took me so long (close to 20 years) to finish it up? Well,
for once the fact that they got out of print and I slowly acquired
the last volumes “Jack the Bodiless” and “Diamond Mask”. Since I
couldnt get the last volume “Magnificat” in new pristine condition,
I finally resignated and bought second hand at Amazon for my birthday
about 2 weeks ago. Which was the other delaying factor: back in my
youthful days a 600 page book would have a lasting factor of about
2 or 3 days; now it took me nearly 2 weeks to finish them.
All is not lost: during real-summer-and-at-the-beach holidays I
still clock in at about 250/300 pages a day… Hayek and Drucker
seem to be the only exceptions.

— MV

Apr 07

Its Getting Late…Part II

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Subject: Its Getting Late…Part II
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 07 05:45:21 GMT

“I cant get no sleep…”



— MV

Apr 07

Its Getting Late…

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From: mvale…@ruido-visual.pt (Mario Valente)
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Subject: Its Getting Late…
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 07 04:05:21 GMT

“Its getting late
For scribbling and scratching on the paper
Something’s gonna give under this pressure
And the cracks are already beggining to show”
— Marillion, Misplaced Rendezvous

4 a.m. Been up since 2 a.m. Another bout of insomnia,
which had been absent for the last 8 months. Guess its
either the hangover from the free-for-all of my 2 week
holiday (and playing Enemy Territory until the wee hours)
or the excessive amount of beer I had for dinner at

Anyway, finished up reading “What Do I Do When I Want
To Do Everythin” (weaker than Metallica’s last album);
read some stuff on Wikipedia about psychology and life
( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erik_Erikson ); came to
the home office to retrieve and get started on another
birthday gift: “The Renaissance Soul”.

At this time of the night, the additional power of
songs like Faithless’ “Insomnia” or Marillion’s “At
That Time of the Night” never ceases to amaze me.

“At that time of the night
When streetlights throw crosses through window frames
Paranoia roams where the shadows reign
Oh, at that time of the night

So if you ask me
How do I feel inside
I could honestly tell you
We’ve been taken on a very long ride
And if my owners let me have some free time some day
With all good intention I would probably run away
Clutching the short straw

At that time of the night
When questions rally in an open mind
Summon all your answers with an ice cubes chime
At that time of the night

So if you ask me
Where do I go from here
My next destination even isn’t really that clear
So if you join me and get on your knees and pray
I’ll show you salvation
We’ll take the alternative way
Clutching the short straw”

Insomnia and life decisions in a single song. The lyrical
capabilities of Fish are indeed unrivalled…

— MV