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Some Random Wild Ideas

geniusMy list of hacking and business ideas has achieved critical mass. Meaning that I now have more than 100 items in my “someday” list.

So I decided to publish *some* of them. Those are the ones that I no longer have patience or coding skills for and those that I cant come up with a way to monetize (aka make money from)

Without further ado and in no particular order:

  • someone should launch a Bitcoin credit card. Maybe use the smartphone to do it. A card would be easier for physical use in stores and stuff. The banks might already be looking at this, so it would a tough job
  • a picture request site would be fun. You’d go to the site and request a picture of something or somewhere and someone in the network would take it. Hard to monetize I think. Plus there might be a lot of fake pictures taken (you know, search Google for something like the request).
  • an implementation of TCP/IP over Twitter would be hilarious
  • an implementation of a Pub/Sub queue (or other types of queues) would also be funny
  • someone should hack a converter to translate Erlang into Javascript. Probably using Emscripten, I dont know
  • implement the possibiliy of sending encrypted tweets. Probably through a FF/Chrome extension. People would publish their public key in their profile. The extension would be able to send an encrypted tweet to someone by reading their public key from the profile. The recipient of the tweet would be able to decrypt it using his private key (stored in some way or other, I dont know; local storage maybe)
  • a distributed search engine using browser Javascript webworkers to compete with Google. How? An extension for FF/Chrome would be needed. The extension would track and index every page the user visited. The results would be stored locally but also distributed to the other people in the network (ie using the extension)  using some kind of DHT. Users of the extension would then be able to make a query/search which would be retrieved through the DHT network. Privacy would be a problem
  • an Saas service that would provide people with an easy way to sell subdomains. Say that I have the xpto.com domain. I would be able to sell subdomains (ie abc.xpto.com, zbr.xpto.com, etc). The ecommerce part is pretty easy. The DNS magic needed would be the problem. And maybe not needed due to the new TLDs.
  • Portuguese government sites are a piece of shit. Someone should crawl the whole gov.pt domain (and a few others) and provide a single interface to find information
  • the amount of crap that is tweeted everyday is astonishing. Mental farts are easy. Someone should build a better twitter (or better whatsapp, viber, etc) by creating a service that would only allow for one “tweet” per day. Make it count. I actually have a name for it and the domain: http://bulletiner.com/
  •  like I mentioned somewhere else in my blog (dont have the time right now to search for it), it would be possible to compete with twitter (or any other messaging service) by creating a distributed messaging system. Once again using browser extensions and DHTs. You’d have to some site to get the “app”. Whenever you “tweeted” (for want of a better word) the “tweet” would be stored in local storage but would also distributed to other users of the service in an encrypted form and stored in someone of those using a DHT scheme. Users would be able to request the “tweets” from the people they followed by querying the DHT network.
  • create a short URL database. Crawl the web for short urls (goo.gl, t.co, fb.me, bit.ly, etc). Or just brute force them. And then find out and store the destination url. One would then be able to find out what short urls were available for each original url.  It would also make an excelent basis for a search engine. Sort of delicious but using actually important urls, those that people actually found interesting
  • register open.id. Create a centralized place for people to identify themselves. I guess keybase.io already invalidated this idea
  • and, of course, a real full stack web development framework fully in Javascript. DB written in JS; app server written in JS; message queue in JS; template system using JS, browserside and just using HMTL. Prototype oriented (instead of the “class based OO insanity). With automatic object persistence (aka no ORM, the “vietnam of programming”). With inheritance via acquisition. For more information look at previous posts of mine and look at Zope.

Thats it. Have fun. I’ll only request 1% of shares if you make it big.

Mar 14

Subvert the Domination Paradigm

Screenshot from 2014-03-25 22:47:38





Jovem e ingénuo. Coerente e presciente desde 1968. Publica 1999 Classe Politica 2020

Mar 14

Paulo Bento Dixit

tumblr_mht06jMWtL1qag2xvo1_500 Tenho em mente há muito tempo algo que já falei com alguns amigos e que agora se segue.

Há duas razões que justificam a participação de alguém numa comunidade:

- ou porque pode beneficiar, podendo aprender algo com essa comunidade

- ou porque pode participar, podendo ajudar essa  comunidade a melhorar e mudar

Afinal há 3 razões: a terceira, e a ideal, é que possa conjugar os dois pontos atrás referidos.

Dito de outra forma: quando alguém descobre que já não aprende nada numa comunidade *E* que já não tem nada a contribuir para essa comunidade, sem qualquer vislumbre de mudança, o melhor que tem a fazer é como o Paulo Bento: pega no trolley e vai embora tocar guitarra para outra freguesia.

Dec 13

Paul Krugman is Evil

the stupid it burns

And if more proof was needed to show he is a fucking moron, Paul Krugman shares with us his “wisdom” about Bitcoins

“Bitcoin is Evil”

Lets see what his bullshit is all about.

“It’s always important, and always hard, to distinguish positive economics — how things work — from normative economics — how things should be. “


Yes. Or putting it another way: Krugman is setting the scene to discredit those “technocratic how things work simplistic visions” and show the “superior wisdom of political how things should be”.


Which is nothing new. Socialists and leftists like Krugman dont like technocrats (they are actually able to do basic math) and they are always focused on imposing some “how things should be” agenda. Even if that means there’s an Hitler killing millions in National-Socialist Germany or in Marxist Leninist Russia.


“they dislike activist government on political grounds, and this leads them to make really bad arguments about why fiscal stimulus can’t work and monetary stimulus will be disastrous”

There you go. Some “ignorant” economists want to look at things on “how they work”. The “illuminated economists” (like Krugman) look at things as “they should be”. Automatically the arguments from the “ignorant” economists are “bad”. And, automatically, his proposals of “fiscal stimulus” (as in “mess with more taxes”) and “monetary stimulus” (as in “print more money”) are God’s given commandments to prophet Krugman.


Did you notice the “dislike activist government” up there? What moron Krugman means is that the “ignorant” economists dont want any more government meddling in the economy. And moron Krugman likes “activist government”. Why? Because moron Krugman was mandated by God to make things work “as they should be”.


And did you notice the “political grounds”? Those bastard neoliberals have an ideologic political agenda. Moron Krugman doesnt have one. Because socialism is not political (right…) and socialism is not an ideology: the ideas of Hitler, Mao or Stalin were just sidenotes.



“But I come now to talk not about macro but about money — specifically, about Bitcoin and all that”


Ahh. The ever socialist sleight of hand. One says “and all that” in a non challant way and its enough of an argument. “All those childish things that I’m too superior to look at or understand”


“I have had and am continuing to have a dialogue with smart technologists who are very high on BitCoin”


A nice subversive ad hominem attack there: those technologists (aka technocrats) are “high”. Lets not bother with them.



“Even if I buy this (which I don’t, entirely), it doesn’t solve my problem.”


What problem is that? Moron Krugman never mentions which problem it is. But he has a problem. He is God’s prophet and he doesnt “buy it”. Thats problem enough you fucking technocrats.


“But as I said, this is a positive discussion. What about the normative economics?”

Ahhh! Yes. Now lets look at Bitcoin from the point of view of “how things should be”.


“BitCoin looks like it was designed as a weapon intended to damage central banking and money issuing banks, with a Libertarian political agenda in mind—to damage states ability to collect tax and monitor their citizens financial transactions.”


YES!!! YES!!!! THATS HOW THINGS SHOULD BE!!! Bitcoin actually has a role to play on how things should be!!!


But God’s Prophet Moron Krugman doesnt like that.


Lets deconstruct the previous moronic comment:


- bitcoin is a “weapon”. A nice trick on words designed to scare the reader. Cryptography was/is also a weapon. Or so the NSA says.


- it will “damage central banking”. Nice try at the Microsoft tactic aka FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). Once again designed to scare the reader. And a hidden assumption is made: central banking is “a good thing” and cannot be “damaged”


- “a Libertarian political agenda”… which is a bad thing by itself. In the case of Socialism and Marxism there’s no ideology one is supposed to believe (they actually have ideas; unfortunately they’re all bad); there’s no “political agenda”; because Socialism and Marxism are apolitical and they dont have any agenda. When they get to the government they intend to do nothing because they have no agenda. Yeah right….


- “damage states ability to collect tax”. Ah! Now were talking. This is actually what bothers Krugman and Socialists and Leftists. Without collecting taxes they would have no money to impose their non-existing non-ideological agenda on “how things should be”


- “damage states ability to monitor their citizens financial transactions”. Which is a bad thing of course. I should have no privacy or any rights on my finantial transactions. The state should be able to look at my financial transactions even without a court order. Because, you know, thats how we socialist roll. Who needs a state with a Rule of Law? Why cant the state just invade my finantial privacy like a Gestapo squad knocking on doors at 4am in the morning? After all, how could we collect even more taxes to make things be “as they should be”? No ideological agenda there.


“Stross doesn’t like that agenda, and neither do I”

No shit?…


“but I am trying not to let that tilt my positive analysis of BitCoin one way or the other.”


Yeah sure. Because you have no “political ideological agenda” were sure.


“One suspects, however, that many BitCoin enthusiasts are, in fact, enthusiastic because, as Stross says, “it pushes the same buttons as their gold fetish.””


I suspect that Krugman’s enthusiasm about financial transactions is, in fact, enthusiastic because it pushes the same buttons as his taxation fetish.


There. Adding “fetish” to an argument is enough to win it.


“So let’s talk both about whether BitCoin is a bubble and whether it’s a good thing — in part to make sure that we don’t confuse these questions with each other.”

Wait!? What!?…. Oh…… 1487246_10201899007215109_630122015_n