“Entrepreneurship and Business Plan” Class Slides

So here I am at 2am, uploading for my students the presentations that I use at  Universidade Catolica Portuguesa in my Entrepreneurship and Business Plan classes (part of the Master of Science in Business Administration) and it suddenly hit me why I had never thought about putting them online for use by others.

So without further ado, here are the slides for the first 6 sessions of the EBP course (they’re 12 in total, I’ll put the other 6 sessions up at the end of the semester). They are available in LibreOffice/OpenDocument format (the original) and in PDF format (stuff might be missing and formatting might not be OK). Microsoft Powerpoint you say? You should be so lucky. Piss off.

Also included are a couple of articles that I use for discussion in class. Enjoy.


  1. Nice. Except for the red background, feels like my eyes are bleeding.

  2. Muito obrigada.

  3. boas,

    e se tivessem esta citação a par do vermelho… aí é que os acordava ;)

    “Tantas vezes ouvi dizer a mães carinhosíssimas, sem poder conter a sua felicidade: graças a Deus! o meu filho não precisa de trabalhar. Dar-se-á o caso de os educardes, senhoras, para que para eles trabalhem os filhos das outras mães?” –Oliveira Salazar


  4. (NOT SURE IF the official language is portuguese, mas pronto…)

    Strategy and mission as first slides? Does that mean that some people, sometimes, actually start with a strategy? Odd… ;-)

    Mario, you should use those subjects in your class and collect some stats about them to see where they end up in 3years time. Very curious about it.

    • Its not strategy AND mission.

      Strategy is something composed of several items. Among them: why do they want to go ahead with the project (mission), where they want to be in 3 or 5 years time (vision), values (those underlying the mission and they should be compatible with each of the team’s members), which arent written in corporate bullshit mode (see the examples). Plus brand (logo, slogan). Not difficult stuff to think about at the beginning.

      — MV