Dec 07

Open Arena Evolved

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Subject: Open Arena Evolved
Date: Sat, 08 Dec 07 01:57:21 GMT

Like I said about a month ago, the game that I’ve
been playing and that led me away from Enemy Territory
(although I play now and then) is Open Arena:


Having gone through all the maps, with 3 bots (+ me)
and at levels “I Can Win”, “Bring It On” and “Hurt Me
Plenty” (now cycling through “Hardcore”), I started to
think that pretty soon I’ll need aditional fun. Which
brough to my mind the fun times I had with pepper, nbk
and zorton playing some Quakeworld mods and maps.

When I went to look for them I found that some are
available for Quake 3 Arena! Which might make them
moveable to Open Arena.

Open Arena Evolved anyone? You’d just need to port
over this stuff:

Quake 3 Requiem Mod

Quake ChaosDM Mod
http://chaosdm.planetquake.gamespy.com/ (Q2)
http://chaosarena.planetquake.gamespy.com/ (Q3 version never came out)

Muny’s Maps

— MV

Dec 07

Microsoft LiveLabs Volta

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Subject: Microsoft LiveLabs Volta
Date: Sat, 08 Dec 07 00:49:21 GMT

Microsoft LiveLabs Volta


“JavaScript is just an assembly language,says Live Labs
product manager Alex Daley.”


See, VD? I told you so…


— MV

Dec 07

Nintendo ES OS

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From: mvale…@ruido-visual.pt (Mario Valente)
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Subject: Nintendo ES OS
Date: Thu, 06 Dec 07 20:57:21 GMT

Inside Nintendo’s ES Open-Source Operating System

Nintendo ES Operating System on JavaScript

Must be the US Xmas shopping but they are about 1 week behind
the geezer! (a little bit whoa!, a little bit wheeee!)…



— MV

Dec 07

Fish at Aula Magna

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Subject: Fish at Aula Magna
Date: Thu, 06 Dec 07 01:22:21 GMT

Just got back from the Fish concert at Aula Magna.

– opening act Forgotten Suns sucked; the singer either
got stagefright or stressed his voice during soundcheck;
halfway through he had to give up; I guess singing in
a real stage isnt the same as singing in bars

– the light technicians sucked; its not obligatory to
know the songs so that you can create a complimentary
ambience to them; but you should at least have some
feeling and know what each button on the board does

– Fish sucked; the band cant provide the ambience
demanded by the songs on the setlist; the setlist
sucks because it was a mish mash of Marillion’s Straws
album and Fish songs; the arrangements and orchestrations
for the songs sucked because the band sucks; and Fish
sucked by completely fucking up most of the songs by
either being out of tune or forgetting the lyrics

I do not enjoy paying 35 Euro to see bad cover bands,
so, Fish, do us a favour and get back with Marillion. They
cant write lyrics to save their lives but you sure suck
at harmonics and melodics.

The only person more pissed off than me was my
brother: yesterday Scorpions sucked even harder.

— MV

Dec 07

JavaScript in All of the Tiers

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From: mvale…@ruido-visual.pt (Mario Valente)
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Subject: JavaScript in All of the Tiers
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 07 01:28:21 GMT


“There have been some exciting updates which now mean that
JSON is the data representation of choice, and for views,
you can simply use JavaScript functions”


Yes, quite nice, but that doesnt really mean “Javascript in
all of the tiers”. With CouchDB being written in Erlang, there’s
a tier which is not Javascript. Now, if someone could come up
with CouchDB but written in Javascript… that would be something.

For example, offline use would become easier…

Nonetheless “Programming CouchDB with Javascript” is starting
to get interesting…


Probably the theme for the week, once I go to and get back
from….. yep, Brussels, for a change… you gotta love it…


— MV