JavaScript in All of the Tiers

From: mvale… (Mario Valente)
Newsgroups: mv
Subject: JavaScript in All of the Tiers
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 07 01:28:21 GMT

“There have been some exciting updates which now mean that
JSON is the data representation of choice, and for views,
you can simply use JavaScript functions”

Yes, quite nice, but that doesnt really mean “Javascript in
all of the tiers”. With CouchDB being written in Erlang, there’s
a tier which is not Javascript. Now, if someone could come up
with CouchDB but written in Javascript… that would be something.

For example, offline use would become easier…

Nonetheless “Programming CouchDB with Javascript” is starting
to get interesting…

Probably the theme for the week, once I go to and get back
from….. yep, Brussels, for a change… you gotta love it…

— MV

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