RESTful DB and App Servers

From: mvale… (Mario Valente)
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Subject: RESTful DB and App Servers
Date: Sun, 09 Dec 07 19:40:21 GMT

Like I said before, most of the week’s linkage
has had to do with CouchDB or, generally speaking,
to do with JSON-formatted REST-accessed database and
application servers.

CouchDB is sure fun to use, but its Erlang dependency just
pisses me off.

The way that I’ve been thinking about a new web development
framework indeed involves a REST interface and JSON or XML
formatted data. But I just think that a) you might as well
standardise the programming languague used at all tiers (and
that means Javascript) and b) you should have REST/JSON as
interface not only to the DB tier but also to the logic tier.

Sure enough there are some alternatives if you want to go
that way.

Basura DB (Python based JSON/REST DB implementation)

Persevere (Java based)

Robaccia (Python based web framework includes a RESTful JSON server)


DBSlayer (HTTP/JSON interface for MySQL databases)

But aditionally to databases, I’m thinking more in line with
the proposed RADAR architecture of having the REST interface
also available for the app server. There arent as many options

The RADAR Architecture

Naked Objects


And sure enough all of the above is typically Java-based (yuck!),
with some other languages thrown in (Python, Erlang), but none
goes all the way and standardises on Javascript as the implementation
language and the glue language. Apparently I am not the only one
considering this idea…

Alt Framework

Simile’s Exhibit Framework

— MV

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