SOFEA and the Future Web Development Framework

From: mvale… (Mario Valente)
Newsgroups: mv
Subject: SOFEA and the Future Web Development Framework
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 07 01:38:21 GMT

“SOFEA is an architectural style which in its definition
criticizes (and manages to make a very good definition of)
the current web frameworks, and (as they say) “none of them

This is what I have been talking about in my posts about a
future web framework. The guys that are proposing SOFEA make
a very good technical argument in their paper and presentation.

If you pay particular attention to page 26 in the paper (about
how the Service Oriented Front-End Architecture model should work)
you will see that it is precisely what I’ve been talking about.

David Coffey also seems to have come to the same conclusions. And,
like me, that it all converges into Javascript. He’s building Triad,
a Javascript MVC framework.

Compare his diagram:

With my previous post:

— MV

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