Ahhh… Nothing Like Doom on a 386

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Subject: HELP!: DOS/4GW error exception 0Eh (page fault)
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Date: Tue, 22 Feb 1994 10:05:06 GMT
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My Doom was playing allright on my 486. Not quite, because
my SBPro would freeze about 30 seconds into the game.

Thats why I switched to my 386. Now when I run DOOM I get

[ Usual DOOM startup output deleted ]

R_Init: Init DOOM refresh daemon………………
DOS/4GW Professional error (2001): exception 0Eh (page fault) at 170:0047ACAA
TSF32: prev_tsf32 6814
SS 178 DS 178 ES 178 FS 0 GS 20
EAX 29C9A68 EBX 99ADBA ECX 2A48 EDX 65
ESI 16E8 EDI 50330 EBP 65 ESP 4EBB9C
CS:IP 170:0047ACAA ID 0E COD 990000 FLG 10216
CS= 170, USE32, page granular, limit FFFFFFFF, base 0, acc CF9B
SS= 178, USE32, page granular, limit FFFFFFFF, base 0, acc CF93
DS= 178, USE32, page granular, limit FFFFFFFF, base 0, acc CF93
ES= 178, USE32, page granular, limit FFFFFFFF, base 0, acc CF93
FS= 0, USE16, byte granular, limit 0, base 15, acc 0
GS= 20, USE16, byte granular, limit FFFF, base 6270, acc 93
CR0: PG:1 ET:1 TS:0 EM:0 MP:0 PE:1 CR2: 29C9A6C CR3: 9000
Crash address (unrelocated) = 1:00029CAA

Nice, aint it ? :-(

Anyone know what this is ? iD ?

I’m running Doom on a 386/25 with AMI BIOS. I have a Soundblaster Pro
at 220,7,1.

By fiddling with the CMOS setup I’ve managed to: cause the computer to
reboot at the same point as above; cause the computer to lockup at same
point; cause computer to lockup during gameplay ( this was with clean boot,
no CONFIG.SYS and no AUTOEXEC ); cause Doom to stop with a message like
“Error: freed pointer with no ZONEID”.

What the hell is going on ?!?!??

C U!


Mario Valente

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