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Subject: Setting up Internet access service in Portugal,Europe
Sender: n… (Math Department)
Organization: Free University of Berlin, Germany
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Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1993 15:13:08 GMT
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Hi all:

I’m thinking of setting up an Internet access service in
Portugal, Europe. And that means full access ( ftp, telnet,etc ).

Although I’m quite at home with TCP/IP, routing, addresses, Ethernet,
X.25, etc I just dont know how to go about it.

Its obvious that I’m not going to lay Ethernet cable from my connection
point to my physical location. That means I need a leased line, that I
can get from the *only* ( can you say monopoly ? ) telecomm provider in
Portugal. But then what ? OK, get the IP address from someone ? Who ?
The problem is that in Europe the Net is “managed” ( can you say ruled ?)
by the local Unix Users Group who view themselves as the only providers
of net access, and dont want commercial sites. In Portugal, the PUUG doesnt
even provide TCP/IP, only UUCP for news and mail transfer. So what can I do ?
Can I go over PUUG and get another connection point in Europe ? Will I have
the same problem ?

Suppose that I can get that connection point ? The setting up of an IP address
over a leased line baffles me. Is ISDN a possibility ?

I’d like to hear from you. Any access providers in USA willing to do a joint
venture ?

C U!


Mario Valente

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