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Subject: Multimedia documental database on Oracle+Motif
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Date: Fri, 14 May 1993 09:55:34 GMT
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Hi there!:

I’m building a multimedia documental database using Oracle 6.0
as the support for data files, document archival and management
of distribution of data. Motif is being used as the interface.

I’m doing this project on an IBM RS6000 as a part of a collaboration
of LNEC ( the portuguese National Engineering Laboratory ) in a
EEC project called Alpha DIDO ( Distributed Intelligent Data Operation ).

The database will have a natural multilingual interface for queries
and makes heavy use of terminologies, thesaurus and classification methods
for query expansion, restriction, etc.

The database will be able to store documents in any format ( MPEG, GIF,
Postscript, etc ) delegating the handling/editing of these file formats
on client programs: info about them is stored with the document. We’re
thinking of relying heavily on SGML.

I’d be interested in swapping info/ideas/solutions/tips/code with people
working/having worked on similar projects.

E-mail me if you’re interested.

C U!


Mario Valente

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