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From: mvale… ()
Subject: Coh working ( no thanks to MWC )
Sender: n… (Randy Bush)
Organization: PSGnet, Portland Oregon, US
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Date: Fri, 14 May 1993 10:40:28 GMT
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I finally have put Coherent to work !

MWC wasnt helpful enough: after a new set of disks to solve
a continuous reboot when trying to install ( which BTW did the
same thing ) MWC never replied to my questions again.

I suppose living in Europe is a disadvantage…

Anyway, I was trying to install 4.0.1A and 4.0.1R65 on a
386 clone with 8meg RAM, AMI BIOS and Opti chipset.
I solved the problem by buying a 486 motherboard which
has AMI BIOS and OPTI Chipset.
What was the problem with the first board ? Dont know….

Coh installed fine in the new motherboard though I had to
buy a new keyboard to have virtual consoles.

Thanx MWC (NOT!)

C U!


Mario Valente

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