Why I Might Have Blocked You, Unfriended You or Uncircled You









General reasons:

  • you are a company/newspaper/spammer
  • you are a “social media expert” and “content curator”
  • you havent posted anything in the last year
  • you have benefited from and even hijacked my comments and I havent ever derived value from yours
  • you used to be a “friend” but now you ignore me and have ignored me for the last 1 or 2 years
  • you dont like me but you still followed me and took advantage of my openess and ideas (you damned hypocrite). You are probably a newspaper, journalist, reporter, company, “schmoozer” or politician.
  • I dont like you. Usually for being stupid or a “joker”. Or for your political ideas.

Twitter: all of the above

Google Plus: all of the above

Facebook: all of the above. Aditionally you’re not family, a “friend” when we’ve never met or havent met for the last 5 years

If you think that I have done any of the above mistakenly let me know.

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