I Need a Holiday

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Subject: I Need a Holiday
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 09 00:42:21 GMT

After more than a year at home, doing nothing except playing Open
Arena (oh, and doing a Master thesis, a business plan and some fun
consulting gigs), I’m looking forward to go on holiday. I’m not the
“beach-and-sun” sort of guy, but I can remember another summer 12
years ago where all I wanted was to leave the previous gig behind and
go and charge batteries for the upcoming 3-5 year battle. This time I
hope to make it at least a 10 year stint.


Things are coming along (although no cheques were written yet :) and
I expect to have everything in place in the first 2 weeks of July so I
can start kickin ass and takin names.

Just an hour ago I came across yet another article validating where
I’m heading for the years ahead:


I especially liked this paragraph:

“In the past, Venture capital relied on ideas bubbling up from the entrepreneurs,
but this is the wrong approach. The Venture Capitalists are the ones with their
eyes on the market. What venture capitalists need are small teams of 5 to 10 people
who can take an idea, implement it, push it out to the world, and see what happens.
If it doesn’t take off, move on to the next idea — with the same team — immediately.”

So, like I said before http://ff.im/3WOFI , lets hope the weather is nice
during next week somewhere http://is.gd/11bJi close http://is.gd/C0B5 and the
week after http://is.gd/11byy further away http://is.gd/C0C4

I’m taking my guitar with me to see if I can learn to play this song,
this version, which seems strangely (or not) adequate:


(even the nose profile at the end…)

— MV

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