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From: mvale… (Mario Valente)
Newsgroups: mv
Subject: Book Queue
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 08 16:30:21 GMT

It looks like I havent updated my reading status in
a while:

I have finished up all three (God Delusion, Zen Guitar
and 10 Rules). Meanwhile I have been buying some single
items whenever I find them, since I always have to have
something to read and the next big queue update (from
Amazon) is coming up on only on my birthday (in a few

Stuff that is/was on the queue:

The Goal
( read it; brilliant!; see )

( read it; brilliant!; obligatory for anyone wanting to discuss politics)

Open Business Models
( yes
I am still reading it; its so boring that I want to be a lion tamer…)

( currently reading it; not my usual kind of stuff, but a picture perfect
portrait of the heavy mental; strange to see someone has been here before…
coincidence or not, this book is the source of the name of a band that
first talked about “heavy metal” in the Born to be Wild song, a one hit
wonder…. )

Antonio de Oliveira Salazar
( on queue )

Peripheral Vision: Seven Steps to Seeing Business Opportunities Sooner
( on queue )

Blue Ocean Strategy
( on queue )

I have also gotten up to 1983 in my fathers Readers Digest collection

And, during last week, taking advantage of being “unemployed” and
going through early spring cleaning and organization, I have also put
in order and have been reviewing my magazine collection (Wired, Red
Herring, Business 2.0, Fast Company, Technology Review, Linux Journal,
Strategy + Business, Industry Standard, Harvard Business Review, Edge
and Game Developer)

Here’s 15 years of Internet in Wired issues, from 1.1 April 1993 to
16.02 February 2006:

— MV

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