Sep 07

Publicidade Dunkin Donuts

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Subject: Publicidade Dunkin Donuts
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 07 19:56:21 GMT

Sou fa do Ace Frehley (KISS) e dos Dunkin Donuts (porque
raio nao existe em Portugal?).


Acresce que o meu nick mais usual e Ace e tenho uma
Gibson Les Paul Cherry Sunburst Ace Frehley edition
(igual a que vao ver a seguir).


Nao admira que cada vez que vejo este anuncio me parta a rir
ate as lagrimas:

Ace Frehley Dunkin Donuts Commercial

“- Beautiful Ace. But what about the P&L statement?
– I’ll give you the P&L statement!!”

(“- Lindo Ace. Mas e a demonstracao de resultados?
– Eu ja te dou a demonstracao de resultados!!”

TRAU!!! Full blast pyrotechnics and Marshall powered shred at 11…

LOLOLOLOLOL!!! :-) Todos os anuncios deviam ser assim!

So me consigo imaginar a fazer o mesmo em algumas reunioes
onde as vezes estou presente! LOLOLOLOLOL!!! :-)

— MV

Sep 07

No Posts

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Subject: No Posts
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 07 01:40:21 GMT

No posts for the week because:

a) I woz here http://mv.asterisco.pt/Files/Image022.jpg
b) came back and a full scan of the weeks feeds resulted
in zero interesting links. Its either the end of the
Intarweb or the end of my interest in it. GIF at 11

Of note: “Start Your Business Week by Week” and “Game Plan”
are total utter crap. Dont buy them.


Quote of the week, after re-reading “The Innovators Solution”:

“On the other hand, disruptive innovations occur so intermitently
that no company has a practiced process for handling them.
Furthermore, because disruptive products tipically promise
lower gross profit dollars per unit sold and cannot be used by
the best customers, disruptions are inconsistent with the
leading companies’ values. Established companies have the
resources required to succeed at both sustaining and disruptive
technologies. But their processes and values constitute
disabilities in their efforts to succeed at innovation.

In contrast, smaller, disruptive companies are actually more
capable of pursuing emerging growth markets. They lack resources,
but that doesnt constrain them. Their values can embrace small
markets, and their cost structures can accomodate lower margins
per unit sold. Their less formal market research and resource
allocation processes allow managers to proceed intuitively rather
that having to be backed up by careful research and analysis.
All of these advantages add up to enormous opportunity or
looming disaster, depending on your perspective”

Personal insight of the week: the traditional equation Y =f(K, L)
in economics regarding theories of production, represents more
than the tradeoff between capital and labor; it represents the
tradeoff between technology and people+processes; it thus has a
huge problem because the “processes” component is usually not
accounted for and is hard if not impossible to quantize; its also
the hardest part to substitute for capital/technology; it follows
that the Leontief isoquants are a lot much trickier that they
might appear.


— MV

Sep 07

End of Summer Songs

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Subject: End of Summer Songs
Date: Sat, 08 Sep 07 18:11:21 GMT

With the end of summer approaching fast, nostalgia set in
and I remembered some songs that bring memories of a summer
20 years ago. Memories of friends, family and innocence…

Cock Robin-The Promise You Made

Cock Robin-Just Around The Corner

Cock Robin-Thought You Were On My Side

— MV

Sep 07

Bandas Pop Gayzolas

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Subject: Bandas Pop Gayzolas
Date: Sat, 08 Sep 07 01:11:21 GMT

Se ha alguma duvida que os anos 80 no geral e
86 e 87 em particular foram GRANDES anos para a
musica, vide os exemplos abaixos. Irra que ate
os videos e musicas de bandas pop gayzolas tinham
um balanco do catano!

It Bites – Calling All The Heroes

Cutting Crew – (I Just) Died in your Arms tonight

Then Jerico – Big Area

— MV

Sep 07

Weekly Links, Choose CouchDB or Trellis

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From: mvale…@ruido-visual.pt (Mario Valente)
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Subject: Weekly Links, Choose CouchDB or Trellis
Date: Fri, 07 Sep 07 23:11:21 GMT

The weekly roundup of links has only come up
with two winners: CouchDB and Trellis.


Just two weeks ago I was saying:

In conclusion: a future web framework would have to
have a single storage system for all its components. This
could either be a filesystem based system providing an
interface acceptable to the code level (SQL? XML?)
or an OO database with storage viewable as filesystem
objects. An important thing: the interface provided to
the code level could have SQL, SPARQL, XPath, whatever,
as options; but as time goes by its becoming clearer that
a REST interface is obligatory.

And two weeks later a major component for the future
web framework comes up in the form of CouchDB:

A flat document storage engine calling itself a database.
…the future of database without the weight that is SQL.
There are no schemas. But you do store (and retrieve) JSON objects.
And all this happens using Real REST



I dont know whether to read the paper:

Whether to read the book:

Or whether to just have fun with the aplication of the code to games:

— MV