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Subject: 1 Week Links
Date: Fri, 31 Ago 07 21:05:21 GMT

This is the selection of links for the past week, and
probably next weeks worth of links and posts. Much too
busy at the start of September with new projects for the
Ministry of Justice: Automovel Online, EU eJustice Portal
(I had great fun during this week with Python, Zope, web
services and WSRP) and the eJustice conference. Cant be
more detailed than that, you’ll know more next week.


Here’s the linkage….

BASH Frequently Asked Questions
Read this and you can almost get as good as me on shell scripts.

PY3K Alpha 1 is out. I feel a Zope rewrite coming on.

VIM for (PHP) Programmers
Or for XXX programmers. Or for any text editing. Feel the power.
Forget all about gay WYSIWYG; go WYGIWYW.

Paterva Evolution
A scary application, now taken offline (I got a copy…)

— MV

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