Underrated Guitar Gods

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Subject: Underrated Guitar Gods
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 07 19:39:21 GMT

Dont get me wrong, I have more than my fair share of
guitar records from gods like Satriani, Vai or Malmsteen.
I even have more out of the way stuff like Vinnie Moore,
Tony Macalpine, Jeff Beck or Eric Johnson. But its stuff
that most guitar players will know about (even if sometimes
they havent heard the actual music).

Nonetheless there are some guitar players that when
mentioned will raise the eyebrows of most guitar players
(and I wont even go the Terje Ripdahl way). Players that
are not only guitar virtuosos but play actual listenable
music. Guitar gods that more people should know about…

Here’s my 5 most underrated guitar gods selection:

Allan Holdsworth – Metal Fatigue

Albert Lee – Fun Ranch Boogie

Greg Howe – Pepper Shake

Uli Jon Roth – Sky Overture

Stanley Jordan – Stairway to Heaven

— MV

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