Jul 07

We are Stars

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From: mvale…@ruido-visual.pt (Mario Valente)
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Subject: We’re Stars
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 07 02:09:21 GMT

The heavy metal/hard rock version of Hear n Aid is
truly a who’s who of 80s rock/metal and a guitar player
solo feast.


— MV

Jul 07

Weird Games Part 2

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From: mvale…@ruido-visual.pt (Mario Valente)
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Subject: Weird Games Part 2
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 07 21:35:21 GMT

Did I mention I *really* like weird games?…


…ahm.. yes I did…

— MV

Jul 07

Simple Web App Building Request

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From: mvale…@ruido-visual.pt (Mario Valente)
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Subject: Simple Web App Building Request
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 07 20:26:21 GMT

Here’s a simple enough request for all of you who
think that your current web development framework
is right on…

I want to develop a very simple web app: its just
a CRUD interface for a SQL table. Simple enough,
right? I mean there’s Django automated forms, there’s
Ruby on Rails, etc, etc. Hell, I can even do it quick
enough on Zope (with or without Plone or CPS to help).

Now the dificult part: I want to have the logic
interface (the CRUD part) available as a webservice
(WSDL/SOAP or REST); I want to have the UI interface
available as a webservice (WSRP).

Now what?…

For the record I’m currently dabbling with ActiveGrid,
TurboGears and OpenPortal. WSDL is easy enough on the
first two, but no WSRP; WSRP is doable in the third,
but Java continues to suck rocks and doing the WSDL
part seems to be (or to me at least) a nightmare.


Got any other suggestions?

— MV

Jul 07

Fui Eu Que Inventei o YouTube

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From: mvale…@ruido-visual.pt (Mario Valente)
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Subject: Fui Eu Que Inventei o YouTube
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 07 01:56:21 GMT

Comparado comigo o Pedro Rosas nao tem hipotese!

Gato Fedorento – Inventor de Tudo

Andando aqui a dar voltas na tralha digital que se vai
acumulando, encontrei um draft de uma proposta feita a
um operador nacional que mostra que fui eu que inventei
o YouTube. E mai nada!…


“La esta, fui eu que inventei” :-)

— MV

Jul 07

OOXML Followup Part 2

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From: mvale…@ruido-visual.pt (Mario Valente)
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Subject: OOXML Followup Part 2
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 07 00:09:21 GMT

This post regarding the portuguese CT on OOXML will
be in English. Although the original post was in
Portuguese, the matter seems to have taken an
international interest.


In my last post I didnt have much free time to
expand on Monday’s meeting. Since I didnt see a
concise summary of it (as I was expecting), here’s
what happened:

– the meeting started with the approval of last
meeting’s minutes

– the next point on the agenda was the inclusion
in the CT of new members; since I felt quite lonely
in the first meeting, I had asked II and the CT on
what should be the way to introduce new members

– I was initially informed that new members for the
CT should be present at next meeting and should be
proposed by a current CT member; I invited a few
interested people only to be later told that each
current member would only be able to propose one (1)
other new CT member

– since this seemed to be against ISO rules, it later
was explained (on a Friday, one day before the next
meeting) that the right way for new members to be
introduced would be for them to solicit membership
directly to II (the portuguese ISO ONS)

– because of this “misunderstanding”, some people
showed up at the meeting thinking that they would
be members of the CT but that wouldnt be allowed
to stay there; if it werent for the fact that some
current members (previous and new) decided to have
them as “external experts”, since Microsoft also
had an international expert present.

– because of the same “misunderstanding” some people
who solicited to be present at the CT were denied
presence because of “lack of space in the room”; I
solicited explanations about the criteria used and
was told that it was “first come first served”; as
such, small organizations like Angulo Solido, Intraneia,
Safira or ACIME or admitted, but larger organizations
like Sun, IBM or IST (Instituto Superior Tecnico) were
barred from the meeting.

– it all came down to the CT, initially composed of
8 members, now becoming an 18 member body

– the next item on the agenda was approving the rest
of the agenda; this included both the discussion and
voting of the OOXML proposal

– I submitted that it was too early to vote and that
this item of the agenda should be removed and issued
for a later meeting; the vote was 13-5 in favor of
rescheduling the voting; I must say that at this point
I wasnt feeling as lonely as last time :-)….

– at this point I left the meeting, since I had other
engagements (and a judge can find you in contempt of
court and order prison; thanks, but no thanks…), so
someone else can fill in on the ensuing details;

– I left the meeting with the clear idea that until
next meeting (voting time), there will definitely be
more chairs available; it will all come down to who’s
sitting there.

— MV