The Social Contract

From: mvale… (Mario Valente)
Newsgroups: mv
Subject: The Social Contract
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 07 21:46:21 GMT

This (the book by Rousseau, not the article) is the
worst piece of colectivist crap that I have ever read.

“The social treaty has for its end the preservation
of the contracting parties. He who wills the end wills
the means also, and the means must involve some risks,
and even some losses. He who wishes to preserve his life
at others’ expense should also, when it is necessary, be
ready to give it up for their sake. Furthermore, the citizen
is no longer the judge of the dangers to which the law-desires
him to expose himself; and when the prince says to him: “It
is expedient for the State that you should die,” he ought to
die, because it is only on that condition that he has been
living in security up to the present, and because his life
is no longer a mere bounty of nature, but a gift made
conditionally by the State.”

Exsqueeze me?!?! My *life* is a gift of the State? And
when it is expedient for the State that I should die, since
(admiteddly) my life is “preserved” by society, I should
gladly die?

Someone should have shot the bastard. I’m sure he would
have died gladly and given up is life for everyone’s sake.

— MV

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