Too Young to Die…

From: mvale… (Mario Valente)
Newsgroups: mv
Subject: Too Young to Die…
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 07 01:06:21 GMT

… but not too old to rock n roll. Or a glimpse
at a time when heavy could also be mental.

“Bring me a wheel of oaken wood
A rein of polished leather
A Heavy Horse and a tumbling sky
Brewing heavy weather.” – Jethro Tull, Heavy Horses

Heavy Horses –
Moths –
Too Old to Rock & Roll –
Songs from the Wood –
Dun Ringill –

Listen to the albums when you’ve already worn out your
Marillion records. For better effect, read “The Hobbit” or
“The Lord of the Rings” at the same time.

“Lines join in faint discord
and the stormwatch brews
a concert of kings
as the white sea snaps
at the heels of a soft prayer
whispered.” – Jethro Tull, Dun Ringill

Sometimes I wonder if Ian Anderson isnt better than Fish…

— MV

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