Back Again Or Why Start Now

So, admitedly I’m back with my Usenet posts archive (or “The Blog
from the past”) and trying to startup a current blog.

Question: why?

Well, first objective is the process of recovering and ordering
the past (or “my stuff”). Its been more than 15 years of digital
life which is currently spread through several floppy disks, hard
disks, newsgroups, files and online boards. And its been more
than 10 years since I started Esoterica (nearly 10 years since I
left). A bit of ordering and storytelling is due.

Second motive is the fact that today its my birthday. I am 39.
This next year (up until I’m 40) will be a year of thinking, planning,
decisions and changes. Not only do I want to document that, but
I also think that recovering the past and ordering it out will
lead me to better thinking and better decisions.

The third reason is that I’ve been too much into management in
the last 6 years. First with my second company (RVTI), then with
my MBA and for the last 2 years as CIO for the Portuguese Ministry
of Justice. I want to reintroduce some coding and hacking into my
life. Thats why this blog/site/homepage/whatever wont use any of
the standard blogging tools and will be built from scratch, so that
I can implement some of the ideas I have regarding web programming,
architecture and frameworks. As such, expect lots of continuous
changes and disruptions of service.

— MV

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