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Newsgroups: misc.entrepreneurs
Subject: Investing on Internet
Date: 11 Nov 1994 13:06:11 GMT
Organization: LNEC, Lab. Nac. de Eng. Civil, Lisboa, Portugal
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I have successfully setup an Internet service provider here in Portugal
during the last 5 months.

Right now we only provide mail & news access. We are unable to provide
full access ( ftp, telnet, etc ) because of the investment in leased lines
to foreign countries ( c. $5000 per month ).

Keep in mind that this Internet stuff is new here ( we are the first
commercial service; until now only the local Unix users group had any
kind of access ); as such we have been knocking on all the Portuguese
banks, explaining what it is and getting puzzled looks in return :-(

I’d like to get some tips/info on how to get a loan/credit/investment
abroad ( USA or Europe ) so that we could get into full access Internet
services providing. Or maybe a capitalist out there is interested in a
partnership :-)

C U!

Mario Valente ( mvale… )

Et in Arcadia Ego

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