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From: mvalente@ariane (Mario Valente)
Subject: Motif Screen Designer ?
Date: 15 Mar 93 18:37:46 GMT
Sender: n…
Organization: Dept. Informatica – Fac. Ciencias da Universidade de Lisboa
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I’m looking for a screens/forms/dialog designer for

I’ve already looked up dirt,serpent,winterp, but its
not what I’m looking for: what I’d like is something
like the NeXT Interface Builder where after designing
something you get the C source code ( Objective C ).

I’d like to design a main window with buttons dialogs
and so forth and have the equivalent source code in C
so that I could then implement the application specifics.

Anyone out there know something like this ( commercial
or PD, shareware ) ? Please mail me any info at:


C U!


Mario Valente

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