Dec 92

The Night Before Xmas

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Subject: Looking for Conan
Date: 22 Dec 92 11:51:35 GMT
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Hi there:

I’m looking for some Conan books (brazilian edition) for a friend.

If someone wants to sell please tell me. I will ask him what numbers he
wants and reply.

C U!


Mario Valente

Nov 92

First Post

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Subject: HELP! Install on IDE,AMI and OPTI…
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 92 18:27:21 EST
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I bought Coherent but I cant install it on a 386/25 clone with OPTI chipset,
AMI BIOS and IDE hard drives.

The manual states that these normally give problems.

Is there anyone who could install Coherent on something similar ?
Is there a fix for this problem ?

I have checked that AT Stretch is setup, as well as ATCLK/4, but no go.
I have also tried installing with another graphic card, but no go :-(

Can someone help ?

Thanx in advance….

By(e) Mario Valente

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