mvalente : Seeing MIS presentations
mvalente : Setting up nokia6820 to work with twitter
mvalente : Getting my ass kicked at open arena
mvalente : A caminho da sec de estado p uma reuniao
mvalente : Teaching an ebusiness class
mvalente : In a meeting setting objectives for 2008
mvalente : Testing if twitter is blocked
mvalente : Leaving lisbon airport to munich, on my way to slovenia.
mvalente : Landed at frankfurt; on my way to llubljana
mvalente : Landed at ljubljana, slovenia. Temp: 0 celsius
mvalente : Just landed in Lisbon, in time for my niece 2yo birthday.
mvalente : Reading expresso
mvalente : Just landed at brussels airport.
mvalente : @cpinto @mlopes @JorgeLaranjo: "...modern methods of propaganda. the most influential is called 'education'..."
JorgeLaranjo : @cpinto @mlopes @mvalente: Yep, take for an example North Korea education.
mvalente : @alcides:
mvalente : moving from trillian to pidgin and setting up twitter to go with it
mvalente : now at also
mvalente : now at also
mvalente : is a brilliant Pandora for books. VCs please! fund these guys!
mvalente : off to bed; since zaptxt and feedcrier dont seem to work, lets wish/hope that there's a IM feed for friendfeed soon
cpinto : @mvalente that only applies to france, belgium and switzerland residents?
mvalente : @karlus @cpinto @vd: fashion whores
cpinto : @karlus @mvalente right on! :)
karlus : @mvalente resistance is futile
mvalente : @karlus not resisting since 1989 but not a fashion whore...
mvalente : BANG ON!
vd : @mvalente propellerheads ?
mvalente : @vd playz it, i likez it, i clickz it...
mvalente : off to father's(inlaw) day dinner; going out for the 1st time in 6days, i hope its not too cold :)
mvalente : just woke up, off to breakfast
mvalente : back home from breakfast
mvalente : its official and are usenet v3 and gildot v2: home of kooks, komunists and konspiracy theorists....
nmariz : @mvalente Hehe, right on.
mvalente : the US, capitalist? Ah!... The perfect example of the road to serfdom, from mixed economy to socialism to tota ...
mvalente : food for thought
vd : @mvalente you're seeing communists everywhere
mvalente : no, but collectivists ARE everywhere; you're not paranoid if they're really out to get you
mvalente : read it, bookmark it, print it in A3 and put it on your wall
mvalente : off to bed, I'm done with the new basic version of the TSA site (still private)
mvalente : gobolinux tryout day
cpinto : @mvalente @carlosduarte also be sure to check this one:
mvalente : @cpinto @carlosduarte ( on linux)
vd : @mvalente it's the new lingo ... promoted and created by marketoids
mvalente : @vd 2) disruptive technologies must serve inexistant, insignificant or emerging markets
mvalente : @vd 3) disruptive technologies must be ignored by the large players, providers or players
mvalente : @vd here's a disruptive technology:
mvalente : @vd especially when you connect to 4 and 5 ( )
mvalente : @vd hbase, simpledb, couchdb
mvalente : @vd 3) disruptive technologies must be ignored by the large players, providers or *customers*
cpinto : @mvalente i don't think couchdb can be called a column oriented db
cpinto : @mvalente totally agree on that. have you toyed with it lately?
mvalente : @cpinto what I really want is a RESTful DB server but written in serverside Javascript
cpinto : @mvalente I can see that happening when a good JS compiler or VM shows up.
cpinto : @mvalente then again, the JVM is going under major changes to support scripting languages and JS will probably become a major choice there
cpinto : @mvalente iirc there are a couple of solid DBs in pure java and performance isn't all that bad
mvalente : Cool!
celso : @mvalente indeed
mvalente : Voice2SMS saca mais $100 mill de venture capital
mvalente : tou aqui com um problema na rede, acho q vou ligar para o suporte tecnico
mvalente : its dull and boring I WANNA BE A LION TAMER! LOL
cpinto : @mvalente lol
mvalente : friendfeed has no IM; zaptxt/feedcrier dont seem to work; anothr and are 404...
mvalente : but if you add to your buddies it seems anothr is now! and it works! RSS2IM (only 33 google results?!) FTW
mvalente : all my stuff except email is now going through friendfeed (inc. blogs using imaginary friends) with instant IM alert using anothr/inezha
vd : @mvalente IM is cute but annoying and distracts, also you need to be always "on". Better than that is daily email digests from rss: http ...
mvalente : @vd RSSFWD doesnt do ATOM right (which Friendfeed uses); and Anothr does both IM (if you're "on") or email (if you're "off"/away)
mvalente : The next 3 words will make you click the link: ZX. Spectrum. Laptop.
vd : @mvalente I still have one of those sinclair ZX81 at my parents home, still working and with a couple of hundred game tapes
mvalente : @vd I'm pretty sure that you dont have a couple of hundred tapes for the ZX81 so its more likely that you have one of those ZSSpectrums
mvalente : but i remember my black ZX81 fondly
vd : @mvalente right, ZX spectrum 48k, with external tape recorder
mvalente : never got to play with the white ZX80
mvalente : i'm sure all you apple fanboys would prefer it LOL
vd : @mvalente maybe tomorow I'll take some pictures :) oh! I've got also that thermal spark printer also; priceless
mvalente : i did get to play with a Jupiter ACE though where I got to learn some Forth
mvalente : off to see Gene's Family Jewels on Biography channel
mvalente : Apple cant patent there's prior art
mvalente : you say i got a bad attitude you got yourself a load of trouble now
mvalente : @cpinto @vd oh boy... not the pink one? "Joyful, Beautiful, Romantic"
mvalente : all hail the HDPC
mvalente : quotably, 3rd party addon for twitter, is cool
mvalente : quotably, 3rd party addon for twitter, is cool
mvalente : ? Hmmm... yes:
mvalente : waking up
mvalente : @vd @billpalmer see also BUG and a previous post of mine
mvalente : 10 types of innovation very interesting but lacking organization innovation
mvalente : 10 types of innovation very interesting but lacking organization innovation
mvalente : this dog is either very dumb or very macho
mvalente : mtv's chilloutzone on vh1 from 3 to 5am! wheeeeee! to read a bit and watch; then to bed
mvalente : just saw a brilliant geeky video of Hexstatic's "Communication Breakdown" and I cant find it anywhere on teh intarweb :(
mvalente : waking up; under duress and use of force
mvalente : back from brunch; had a raw steak a beer and a nice chat
mvalente : roy fielding is a genius
mvalente : his PhD thesis is magnificent; your brain might explode at chapter 3
mvalente : woke up just because I really have to go out today
mvalente : Holy Mother of God! "HotRuby is Ruby on Javascript"
mvalente : today my sister would be 37; she died 2 years ago, ten days after giving birth to Hanna; I'm off to put some flowers by her grave
mvalente : such a perfect day I'm glad I spent it with you
mvalente : @karlus perfectly normal if you have a 64 core...been there...
karlus : @mvalente it's a p4... i guess it's just stretching its legs :)
mvalente : i need/want this http://random.noflashlight.... for Telepizza!
celso : @mvalente pffs. In my living room for quite some time
mvalente : "Script# compiles C# source code into JavaScript"
mvalente : top 100 tech startups in europe am i wrong or there isnt a single portuguese company listed? :(
mvalente : @cpinto @karlus
cpinto : @mvalente aahhhh, cheers
karlus : @mvalente yup, i had to google for it :)
mvalente : @karlus @cpinto CSO -> security
mvalente : @karlus @cpinto CMO -> marketing
cpinto : @mvalente @karlus CGO -> gaming! no, really:
mvalente : @karlus @cpinto bunch of MBA bullshit if you ask me
mvalente : @karlus @cpinto .... please....
karlus : @mvalente lots of them... the K was new to me :) I guess it's all about the 'knowledge worker" mantra
cpinto : @mvalente @karlus with so many chiefs, I'm wondering if there are any indians left
mvalente : @cpinto precisely....
mvalente : @karlus @cpinto
mvalente : @karlus @cpinto mas Chief Conversations Officer, Chief Seduction Officer ou Chief WOW Officer....puhleaze!...
karlus : @mvalente really nice quotes, but my eyes are starting to hurt
mvalente : Algorithm March! With Ninjas! LOL! Imperdivel de 2a a 6a de manha, RTP2/ZigZag (Interruptor de Pitagoras)
mvalente : lemonjelly tracks/vids are all cool but The Shouty Track cracks me up :-) Thx ChilloutZone
mvalente : got q3 requiem mod to work with openarena ... Wheeee! Grappling hook rocks!
mvalente : yay! TSA is on InfoQ frontpage
chbm : @mvalente palpita-me que tens um plano para o TSA ...
mvalente : @celso but for the true troll/politician/fanboy nothing like a whole range of options
celso : @mvalente bookmarked...
mvalente : @cpinto i'm going one further and go for an install of leopard on my powerbook g3 bronze (already running 10.3.5)
cpinto : @mvalente actually, I think it may be possible, have a go at these instructions:
mvalente : @cpinto already aware its possible; biggest problem: powerbook g3 means no DVD reader; another way of getting to the install disk is needed
cpinto : @mvalente got firewire?
mvalente : nope, usb; but no worries i already know how to go about it :)
mvalente : @cpinto one is to use Target Disk mode to use DVD from a friends machine
mvalente : @cpinto the other is to use USB with a disk image in it
mvalente : @cpinto problem: info for 10.4; will it work for 10.5? we shall find out, after upgrade from 384Mb to 512Mb (not supported)
cpinto : @mvalente mine is putting up a fight, the installer popped up a message saying the machine isn't supported.
cpinto : @mvalente i'm going to try editing the files mentioned on that page
cpinto : @mvalente if it all goes good, I can get you a copy of the install disk so you'll just have to put somewhere accessible
mvalente : gotta love 80s hair metal...
mvalente : @vd you're only getting old if you saw Paranoia on the C64
mvalente : @vd or if you saw Spaceballs on the Amiga in 1992 ( Paranoia was 1987)
mvalente : @linkedin testing
mvalente : @vd its probable they're planning that
mvalente : Ph34r ...
mvalente : Ph34r 11 year old network admin
vd : @mvalente I can see it now: "McAfee Internet Security; even an 11-year-old boy trusts us".
vd : @mvalente , oh this is even better! "Microsoft; making Paint kids into SysAdmins".
mvalente : Finally! the template engine I wanted ... perfect if it was jQuery based
alcides : @mvalente is not that hard to port that templating engine...
chbm : @mvalente not particularly interesting if you already use something like dojo
mvalente : @cpinto you mean... like what you're doing now?... ;-)
cpinto : @mvalente yeah, almost like that :-)
mvalente : No Redeeming Social Value!
mvalente : Favorite comic strip
mvalente : "What we need is designer violence!"
mvalente : I AM the *ultimate* product! Mmmm.mmmm. I *LOVE* technology!
mvalente : @vd kooks, komunists and konspiracy nuts will be banned to their small corner of the web?
mvalente : Mosaic Communications 1994
celso : @mvalente Bastards. Killed gopher...
mvalente : @celso me, I'm still waiting for the promised Hyper-G support... lol
celso : @mvalente yeah, and TCPv4 will die, and so will HTTP, and SMTP is broken. Talk about greatly exaggerated deaths and vision...
mvalente : @celso GIF at 11....
cpinto : @mvalente lol
mvalente : Unix commands as web services
chbm : @mvalente hyper-g. omfg! flashbacks
mvalente : 11 year old April Fools joke ... the engine actually worked
mvalente : use google maps to read magazines
mvalente : All issues of Release 1.0 are now free and still relevant; used to read them by...nevermind...
mvalente : ShedSkin http://shedskin.googlecode.... Py2C++ (not April Fools...)
mvalente : forget about guitar hero, this is the shit!
mvalente : i'd wake up easier by hitting my head with a stick; unfortunately, i have a huge headache...
mvalente : @brunofigueiredo pergunto para te poder mostrar o "exemplar"; sensivel?! informacao publica (publicacao...) em
mvalente : @karlus Re: google doesnt, shame on you... I wonder why... ... M$ Lobbying FTW!
karlus : @mvalente I guess it's available to google also...
mvalente : @karlus Yes, I guess it might even be available to me or you.... Go on, try it....
mvalente : @brunofigueiredo na falta de resposta vou assumir q se trata da Ideias e Imagens
mvalente : @brunofigueiredo no caso em causa nao aparece (provavelmente um acto simples), mas os PDF ficam disponiveis
JorgeLaranjo : @mvalente: Try to search "ideias & imagens". It works! Now try "ideias e imagens"... Doesn't work. Pretty good piece of crap. Accessible? NO
mvalente : @JorgeLaranjo why should "ideias e imagens" work if the company wasnt registered that way?
mvalente : @JorgeLaranjo and in a superficial test it passes at least automatic accessibility validations
mvalente : @JorgeLaranjo I'm sure that any remaining problems can be reported and are welcomed at (at page bottom)
mvalente : I'm just a freak of nature! Singing my own song, living for freedom...
mvalente : New web framework Cobol on Cogs! looks familiar ...
psvensson : @mvalente OMG!! Cobol on cogs! ROTFLOL! :)
mvalente : http://www.telecosmconferen... probably the only conference that would make me fly out this year...
mvalente : Scalr fully redundant, self-curing and self-scaling hosting environment utilizing Amazon's EC2
mvalente : Countdown to 40
psvensson : @mvalente Congratulations!!!! :-)=
mvalente : Well, it seems that I'll have to move my blog to Wordpress and this theme ; ultimate BOFH...
mvalente : WP theme also at
mvalente : I'm officialy an adult: I turn 40 today. Up next: get a haircut and get a real job :)
josedasilva : @mvalente congratulations, happy birthday
mvalente : Brilliant mashup! http://hotels.mapchannels.c... usefull for the next time you travel...
psvensson : @mvalente I agree completely! I almost managed to port the engine (Box2D) to Dojo/JS
mvalente : off to play with my 2, birthday gifts, new toys http://www.guitarherogame.c...
mvalente : got a (half) haircut; no real job for you!
mvalente : nowadays python is awesome for everyone; almost 10 years ago I was "stoopid"
vd : @mvalente as usual; everything is handle as a trend; now is great, tomorrow not
mvalente : @vd wrong: first its innovative; then its a trend; and finally its a commodity
mvalente : @vd you want to get in on the bandwagon when its innovative
mvalente : @vd if you get in when its a trend, you're a fashion whore; if you're get in when its a commodity, you're a moron
vd : @mvalente lol; good point
vd : @mvalente innovative is just like being early adopter every time and staying on bleeding edge always
mvalente : @vd no, its not:
mvalente : here's an early bandwagon for y'all: Server Side Javascript
mvalente : off to teach compsci masters class and to buy usb 2.0 ports for guitar rig
chbm : @mvalente old news
mvalente : back home with assorted goodies + sore throat + sore feet
mvalente : first Lemmings in JS, now this
mvalente : shutting down for usb 2.0 install; brb
mvalente : screen updates behaving weird; window refresh scanlines visible
mvalente : visible flicker when dragging windows
mvalente : bugger; usb pci card using same IRQ as graphic card
mvalente : plug & play my ass
mvalente : solved: reserved IRQ for graphics card; all AOK with screen updates; now, finally, onto guitar rig
mvalente : guitar rig fskcing RAWKZ!!!!
mvalente : twitter now being used by link spammers ; already blocked 3 pseudofollowers today
ruimoura : @mvalente: true, lots of spammers coming to the nice twitter side ... go away you bastards ...
mvalente : postman just woke me up; more amazon goodies
mvalente : forget about google appengine you want root
nmariz : @mvalente Both doesn't fit my needs. I'm playing with AppEngine and I'm very disappointed with the datastore stuff.
nmariz : @mvalente "...unlimited access to your customer information and clickstream data..." I think I'll stick to my slicehost VPS.
mvalente : off to a meeting and to see my niece
mvalente : another twitter spammer blocked
mvalente : @PauloQuerido re: wp webserver; try either lighttpd or nginx
mvalente : @PauloQuerido Why NginX is the next king of httpd and Lighttpd needs a little more work
carlosduarte : @pauloquerido @mvalente o techcrunch usa lighttpd
PauloQuerido : @mvalente nice reading ;)
mvalente : @PauloQuerido further reading
PauloQuerido : @mvalente schlep schlep
mvalente : i cant get no sleep
trodrigues : @mvalente swimming. i should do it myself. it's good for those who spend a lot of time at the computer.
carlosduarte : @mvalente vai nadar para a piscina municipal ou compra uma bicicleta... :)
mvalente : GET UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!!! and make it work!
psvensson : @mvalente Okinawa Goju-Ryu, for sure :)
mvalente : @psvensson nice suggestion, thx!
mvalente : What is a business model? Not taught at many an MBA...
mvalente : @psvensson gimme! gimme! :)
mvalente : wasting waaay too much time on guitar rig...
psvensson : @mvalente I'll see if I can add you as well to the GAE app..
mvalente : back from a raw steak brunch; i should unemploy myself more often...
mvalente : eheheheh ruby runs 6x faster in the javascript vm than in the ruby vm itself; ruby sucks QED
psvensson : @mvalente Actually, Zed had a blog a while back that said so, and the old runtime is buggy to boot as well as slow. others exist, though.
mvalente : wheeeee! I feel like I'm back in my spectrum/z80 assembler days
mvalente : playing settlers of catan until 7am is definitely not a productivity enhancer
mvalente : Wetware Crisis: the Dead Sea Effect No, its not a game...
mvalente : ? Stop waking up in the afternoon, for starters, but other suggestions are always welcome...
mvalente : is nice
mvalente : LOL!! Hillarious 404.....
mvalente : Create/Run your Google AppEngine apps in Amazon EC2
mvalente : cool site for business ideias
mvalente : Wow! Just... wow!...
ruimoura : @mvalente: need an invite? i have plenty of them ...
mvalente : @celso the usual amount of lies and corporate bullshit per minute; and I stopped at 1:58
celso : @mvalente :)
mvalente : @vd
mvalente : @celso @vd "We are market leaders in our segment!"... No shit....
vd : @mvalente beatport's ok for a shop, but I still prefer stream radio
mvalente : Since M$ was taking too long, this guy built his own photosynth
mvalente : @celso look at the hand! look at the hand! nothing to see here, just smile and wave....
mvalente : @celso Faith is for those who dont know how religion works and havent been inside the church and met the priests; me, I'm on the mystic side
mvalente : The Process of Forming a Company
celso : @mvalente same here :P
vd : @mvalente @celso great! come on and we'll hijack the conference and do a panel about "stuff" ...
BrunoFigueiredo : @mvalente: fighting the entrepeneurship counter-culture in portugal. I guess you already fought that battle and won.
mvalente : @vd @celso or we could do the Spanish Inquisition sketch
mvalente : use Python within Mozilla/Firefox
BrunoFigueiredo : @mvalente: I know, but since you trailed the path you might have some interesting stories to share. don't be so modest...
mvalente : @vd @cpinto
mvalente : Twitting for groups
mvalente : Red Herring Europe 100 Announced Can anyone spot a portuguese company startup? Cause I cant :-[ ...
mvalente : The future of programming: TCP/IP stack programmed in ASCII art and 200 lines of IS code
mvalente : @vd tests for .psd2xxx on course by LFMenezes; I can get you several .be, .pcp, .ps and .cds files if you get me an automatic converter
mvalente : @vd go on, dont be cheap and get the PSD files to the guys at
karlus : @mvalente it they are as good as logoworks... forget it :/
mvalente : Goodnight now ladies and gents Thats the end of the show, now its time to go
mvalente : Hello there ladies and gents Are you ready to rock, are you ready or not!
mvalente : "In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is."
mvalente : = twitter +
mvalente : Looking at: ""
celso : @mvalente You done already? darns..
alcides : @vd 10:45 not 10... And judging by last year's the room will be almost full! Not everyone gets up at 15pm like @mvalente
joliveira : @mvalente qual queixa? :)
mvalente : for all you Zork/HhGttG/Infocom fans
psvensson : @mvalente You saw that I did add you as a co-developer for a GAE app?
celso : @mvalente that's unfair, webarchive won't go back to '95, just give me a second.
celso : @mvalente There. '95.
mvalente : @celso I remember that one, still at the domain...
mvalente : @celso Love the Telenet logo on the front page ;-) LOL!
mvalente : @celso I know,Sapo was still indie(Navegante) and looking for buyer. After chat with cooker I actually proposed the buyout to Eso's board :)
mvalente : @celso I guess we are all lucky (me, you, sapo, pt) that they didnt "get" it ;-)
celso : @mvalente I have my stories about U.A. too. Being the famous last words something like "Let them go, the net will never do any money anyway"
h_tr : @mvalente @celso you guys are being highly nostalgic.. I can barely remember the time when cooker had anything to do with CIC :/ I'm fee ...
celso : @mvalente That's pretty much how Navegante started :)
mvalente : At takeoff 2008, wifi finally working
mvalente : Takeoff 2008, afternoon session. I'm next presenting 'stuff'...
mvalente : Im not a wine kinda guy but adegga is so well thought out that it makes me wanna be a wine l337...
lrei : Mario Valente speaking (@mvalente). #takeoff2008
dbar : one of the best presentations so far from @mvalente
pedrocustodio : after a great presentation by @mvalente, @celso is showing us the very beginnings of booting up
mvalente : a whole class of fashion whores looks like#takeoff audience :)
cpinto : @mvalente lol an a single old-school guy
jneves : @mvalente: you just reminded me to rehear this:
mvalente : @franciscocosta Our chief weapon is surprise...surprise and fear...fear and surprise.... Our two weapons are fear and surprise...and ...
franciscocosta : @mvalente yep... ja estive a ver os videos... lembrei-me agora de ter visto isso em miudo.. estava esquecido na minha memoria.. tx 4 remeber
mvalente : @franciscocosta 50 Greatest Comedy Sketches #33 "it seems fitting that the phrase "the Spanish Inquisition" ha ...
franciscocosta : @mvalente tx for ruinning my afternoon.. :)
mvalente : Is that a naked girl in dick cheney's glasses ? Image processing and photoanalysis
franciscocosta : @mvalente lol.. not that music again...
mvalente : so much fun so little time
mvalente : @WhiteHatSpy curiosamente a ideia 3 (e nao a 1 nem a 2) foi a preferida de mais de 90% da audiencia
chbm : @mvalente i know a guy that used to work on that.
mvalente : Javascript is the future, I'm telling you....
celso : @mvalente Yes, rfc2397 rocks.
vd : @mvalente interesting ... "Build the Team First and the Product Next"
mvalente : LOL! I learned to program with this....
pedrocustodio : @mvalente so did I :) I still have it somewhere in my garage..
nfragle : @mvalente i still have that one :) along with my zx81 manuals. true design masterpieces ;)
jneves : @mvalente: beautiful - me too - I still have my copy...
mvalente : @vd @celso @karlus its actually doable; its just a question of credibility; on both sides (interviewer and interviewee)..I'm with @cpinto..
vd : @karlus we could interview @mvalente in his guitar hero show....
mvalente : @vd no problemo... guitar lick learning for today:
vd : @mvalente ahhhh the air rockabillies ....
mvalente : @vd better than the gay trance stuff you listen to :)
mvalente : @vd i have so much stuff on the guitar rig setup it doesnt even fit on fullscreen http://download.yousendit.c...
cpinto : @mvalente agreed, mostly because it's the only thing he listens to hehe
vd : @mvalente ouch! for you my friend:
vd : @mvalente are you going to Asia ?
mvalente : @vd sure thing... jean michel jarre this week; in may asia and house of lords; and queensryche in june
vd : @mvalente got extra tickets for asia ? :)
mvalente : @vd and i dont want to miss them playing their version of video killed
mvalente : @vd nope, why?
mvalente : @vd although i wish that they played their keyboard player's version
mvalente : @celso lie to them
mvalente : @celso like... say that there were people hacking phones with ants legs, bat blood and high voltage wires from fridges
mvalente : @celso they'll put anything on tv so at least we could laugh a bit :)
celso : @mvalente Wouldn't make a difference. I'll just say Low Spark and Esoterica were behind it all.
cpinto : @mvalente that would be priceless!
mvalente : went to sleep with a migraine, awoke with a migraine, still have a migraine; going for today's 4th set of 2x500mg paracetamol
mvalente : @celso I SEE DEAD PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!
chbm : @mvalente they wouldn't get rickyroll. go on them!
vd : @mvalente lol!
mvalente : @celso LA POLITIQUE C'EST DU SHOW BIZNESS!!!!!
mvalente : @armandoalves @celso NO! YOU SHUT UP!!!
vd : @armandoalves @mvalente
mvalente : @PauloQuerido o q estava a dar no @twitportugal era um top/ranking de "interesse"/"influencia"
mvalente : @PauloQuerido p.ex. interesse/influencia = (followers/following)*sqrt(updates)
mvalente : @PauloQuerido p.ex. interesse/influencia = (followers/following+1)*sqrt(updates)
mvalente : Why early stage venture investments fail:
mvalente : guess what? i stil have yesterdays migraine... next up: directly sniffing grounded coffee powder
mvalente : Spam subject: "Pokehermore Gotta shag them all" ; actually a pretty good idea for a pc or a card game.... ;-)
mvalente : @PauloQuerido friendfeed is your...hmmmm.... friend :)
mvalente : @PauloQuerido @nfragle ferrem com tudo no friendfeed (p.ex criem virtual friends para os rss feeds) e depois metam rss2im no rss do ffeed..
mvalente : @karlus i agree that you shouldnt start vc-oriented but cash/profit oriented; but @cpinto is right, enough lifestyle shops; scale someday...
bafonso : @mvalente estou a responder a isto no socialthing... que agrega o facebook tb. O friendfeed parece feito para techies only...
mvalente : @vd free backup
vd : @mvalente @mjvalente thnkx :)
mvalente : Guitar licks 4 the day: I sound OK with this setup Solo next..
psvensson : @mvalente Sounds good! :)
mvalente : bug report major FAIL scroll to end and check xsession-errors...
mvalente : @vd
mvalente : ?
mvalente : heads up for #takeoff people "Web 2.0 Start-Up Field Guide"
mvalente : Heads up nr.2 for the #takeoff bunch: "Angel investing and financing overview" http://www.clickcapitalcorp...
mvalente : RTP1 perfect timing: 9.30/12.00 25/Abr Assembleia Republica; 12:00 Mr Bean.... LOL
mvalente : @vd Enjoy your phone, losers!
jneves : Finally home. First of the books ordered during takeoff arrived: "Innovation and Entepreneurship" by Peter F. Drucker. Thanks to @mvalente.
mvalente : Simple, useful, great...
cpinto : rock on @mvalente!
mvalente : " visite agora; visite sempre"... q ganda mau gosto....
mvalente : The Internet is full, go away! Imminent death of the net expected. GIF at 11...
jneves : @mvalente: I don't think "end of internet" claims usually come with a $55 billion of "pay me to fix it" allowance.
mvalente : @cpinto @jneves @vd @bpedro == twitmeme
mvalente : Cool backend all in XQuery
mvalente : Wikipedia has an API
mvalente : Hmmm, RIGORE anyone?
mvalente : off to practice some guitar scales and laugh at the news
mvalente : Saturday Night High n dry....
mvalente : Brilliant Processing video for Goldfrapp's Solar
mvalente : Timeplot is a DHTML-based AJAXy widget for plotting time series
psvensson : @mvalente I have (re-)made a Dojo widget of the Simile project, if you want to use it as such.
mvalente : then number of "ceo"'s in linkedin never ceases to amaze me...
mvalente : @PauloQuerido linkedin (influencers) e youtube (massas)
mvalente : FF3 beta system requirements "Mac OS X 10.4 and later".... morons... I'm *this* close to installing Ubuntu on my 10.3.9 Powerbook G3..
h_tr : @mvalente ubuntu on a G3? you must be a very patient person :)
igama : @mvalente , and what is keeping you from doing that?
mvalente : @h_tr have to be patient to work with computers :),not one of my qualities though; but G3 worx OK with 10.3.9 or Ubuntu (with d right setup)
mvalente : @igama i'm more in need of mac/osx (my g3) than a ff3 beta install (can do it on some other machine); at least until i setup osx my mac cube
mvalente : canvas+20 lines of javascript = wow! web based demoscene!...
mvalente : off to bed, brain almost melted installing (in parallel) wifi on osx/g3, xp on acer laptop and a dvd writer on my workstation
mvalente : twitter techmeme
mvalente : Half A Million Microsoft-Powered Sites Hit With SQL Injection
mvalente : Pretty! Poetic twitter
catmagellan : wonderful! :))) thanks @mvalente
mvalente : Late at night....
mvalente : Wish it was Summer already ...
mvalente : Wish it was Summer already ...
mvalente : @WhiteHatSpy class? :)
mvalente : off to do an interview
mvalente : your daily fix of entrepreneurial ideas
mvalente : Worlds smallest Mac
mvalente : Read it... Weep.
mvalente : Yum!....
vampaz : @mvalente testing
mvalente : "Linux guru Hans Reiser convicted of first-degree murder" -- *ReiserFS*: the TRUE KILLER APP!!!
mvalente : @vd loadavg=9 is perfectly OK..... if you have a 16-cpu machine :)
mvalente : @vd its ok if you have a 64-core.... lol
vd : @mvalente it's a 1 core cpu :)
mvalente : @vd then you'll need 64 of them :-)....
mvalente : @vd We've had a main B bus undervolt.
mvalente : @vd Either that or it's got to be the oxygen.
mvalente : @vd leave the file there! replace the image with a BDC!
vd : @mvalente BDC ?
mvalente : @vd CDC sorry
mvalente : @vd CDC would be better
mvalente : Guitar practice: trying to go from and to
cpinto : @mvalente should be interesting
mvalente : Core Techniques and Algorithms in Game Programming Yum, yum!!!
mvalente : 1st take, not too bad for an evening of practice Definitely needs more rehearsal though...
bpedro : Coding and listening to @mvalente licks! Right on dude!
mvalente : @celso Pavilhao de Portugal? http://www.parquedasnacoes....
celso : @mvalente I know that one. Could work.
mvalente : @celso Teatro Camoes?
celso : @mvalente You really like expo :)
mvalente : @celso not really :)....but having burger/pizza places nearby is an attractive :)
mvalente : @celso but i agree with @vd CdB looks awful nice
celso : @mvalente Anything against loads of M&Ms bags?
mvalente : @celso nope, as long as there arent any brown ones
mvalente : "Art 126 there will be no brown M&M's in the backstage area"
mvalente : off to csi and bed; woke up too early today, celso is to blame...
mvalente : Adobe OpenScreen aka Display Postscript avalaible since 89 on my NeXT http://tinyurl ...
cpinto : @mvalente wasn't postscript also the base of gosling's desktop effort before he went to create java?
mvalente : @cpinto actually/formally NeWS (notice the small e :)
cpinto : NeWS (thanks @mvalente), cool technology ruined by everything else. how typical of Sun, isn't it? :-)
mvalente : @karlus still waiting on your contrarian post about #takeoff :)
mvalente : i'm off; dinner, news, guitar
mlopes : @mvalente, it's labor day and not employee day. employers work as well.
mvalente : Its sorted, gripped, lets offroad!
mvalente : ...trolls....
mvalente : HTML+CSS only Homer Simpson
igama : @mvalente: amazing :o
mvalente : @karlus here's a suggestion for twitter....
mvalente : @karlus here's a suggestion for twitter....
mvalente : @cpinto
cpinto : @mvalente if twitter is just boxes with RoR and mysql then yeah, they're fucking stupid
karlus : @mvalente they eat their own dog food... Starling
mvalente : @cpinto The problem is simple: Ruby's ActiveRecord; writing your own MQ in Ruby is/was just shifting the problem/stupidity around
mlopes : @cpinto, @mvalente, @karlus, the tech team was fired. they should have used a messaging system like JMS or ActiveMQ. Not a DB to pass msgs!
mvalente : @karlus yes; unfortunately writing your own MQ (starling) in Ruby (ie. using ActiveRecord) is/was just plain stupid and simply shifting ...
cpinto : @mvalente peeking the code I see no reference to activerecord on starling
mvalente : @karlus @cpinto @mlopes problem is simple: bottleneck at single MySQL server + ActiveRecord object size
cpinto : @mvalente @karlus @mlopes ok, let's continue to play the "what if" game :-) looking at hs-blog it seems starling is used as a job queue? ...
mlopes : @cpinto, @mvalente, @karlus, thing is, Twitter has grown faster than any other website out there. Scaling takes time.
mvalente : @colinsurprenant (saw reply via web) i'm not saying that starling uses ActRecord; but lots of large AR objects r still being pushed around..
mvalente : @celso
mvalente : @celso
mvalente : @vd "In the UK"....."package does in fact have a limit: 500 Mb/month"..... pathetic...
vd : @mvalente yeap, that's their limited vision of unlimited
cpinto : @mvalente @vd they want to fend off torrent leechers.also remember that mno backhauls aren't as fat as telco's.that won't change soon
cpinto : @mvalente @vd aside from that, "unlimited" "experiences" typically are marketoid-speak
mvalente : @cpinto @mlopes @karlus @colinsurprenant Like I said, here's the problem with twitter: and also http://tinyurl ...
karlus : @mvalente even if you wirte/read everything to/from memory, "something" still has to write it so a sql for the other features...
karlus : @mvalente you get the public/personal timelines right away... but search and other stuff needs the sql wich might be behind
mvalente : @karlus agreed; and your point is? :-).....
karlus : @mvalente how do they deal with that... the "sql storage". Probably the ammount of messages(writes) is overwhelming
mvalente : @karlus precisely, twitter is mainly writes
karlus : @mvalente so the question is... how to you keep the sql from getting behind ? multiple masters config ?
mvalente : off to bed, coffeepie cooking along nicely but i got a headache; baking the proof of concept will be left for tomorrow...
mvalente : IT LIVES!!!! CoffeePie proof of concept actually works for small code snippets...
h_tr : @mvalente what is CoffeePie about ?
mvalente : @h_tr Coffepie is about byte-sized, "coffee" flavoured, "pie"... ;-)
h_tr : @mvalente: interesting description, ++curiosity. Talking about coffee make me remember an old desire to taste real java coffee :D
mvalente : @celso just had some for dinner + tenpura... cristina is a sushi addict/master and makes it at home
mvalente : off to bed, enough code for today; dreams in bytecode tonight, at least until niece+nephew sound the sunrise wakeup call; coffeepie on hold
mvalente : rise n shine; already had my tea; now for a piece of coffeepie :)
psvensson : @mvalente What is this coffepie?
psvensson : @mvalente Wow. That could come in handy! Hmm. What is your target app for this?
mvalente : Times Cool new RSS reader for Mac OSX
jneves : @mvalente: looks like an electronic newspaper
mvalente : @cpinto actually there is, its called CDMA
cpinto : @mvalente let me chew on that too
mvalente : Enough bytecode for today, off to rest. Get some "byte"sized, "coffee"flavoured "pie" at More opcodes tomorrow.
trodrigues : @mvalente whoa
mvalente : understanding iterators in javascript and python *at the same time* is making my brain explode
mvalente : Basic mathops, for loops and iterators working in CoffeePie Enough bytecode for now...
celso : @mvalente May I dare to ask, what a hell are you doing (and probably smoking) ?
mvalente : @celso lol :)... you know how people with too much time on their hands behave...
mvalente : @celso just got inspired by hotruby and orto and decided to have a go at running python in javascript
mvalente : Join the fun; help needed translating opcodes from into
celso : @mvalente All I can say is I envy you...
chbm : @mvalente dude, you know you have issues ...
mvalente : @cpinto @vd @trodrigues actually thats what you should have, a 20000 ft overview plan; you definitely dont need a "daily", 150 pages plan...
trodrigues : @mvalente yeah. not saying you need an extremely detailed BP but at least a faint ideia. others might help you improve it...maybe
mvalente : Off to bed with inspiration for the week: I believe in something more than you can understand
mvalente : Off to bed with inspiration for the week: I believe in something more than you can understand yes I believe in me!
mvalente : @vd @trodrigues "liferay same as zope"? you gotta be kidding... but yeah, zope3 is a quagmire,nothin beats plain zope2 (even plone is +pain)
mvalente : The European VC Ecosystem
h_tr : @mvalente I guess you cant see any more bytecode tonight :p
mvalente : vi? in javascript? on your browser? http://gpl.internetconnecti... I've died and gone to heaven...
vd : @mvalente sweet
vd : @mvalente btw;
mvalente : @vd jsuix is old news
mvalente : @vd for example is even more fun
mvalente : right, off to a lunch/meeting; i dont do kitchen table anymore :)
jneves : @mvalente: and they have live music at night (or at least, another place with that choice has...)
mvalente : @celso
celso : @mvalente Precisely.
mvalente : since they seem to accept paypal i'll just go and get the measuring tape...
mvalente : cmon guys, if you cant handle python bytecode at least test out some python so i can check/code whats missing...
jneves : @mvalente: does it support functions?
jneves : @mvalente: is it supposed to be replying 500?
mvalente : installing new dvd reader/writer; shutting down for a couple of minutes; hopefully back soon; if not, call the fire dept....
mvalente : i'll still have to check on dvd writing though; but meanwhile, there was a bonus and a big lol
mvalente : an obviously refurbished dvd rdr/wrt (ie. low price) that fnac makes even more obvious: inside there's a private dvd-r ("personal" nature :)
vd : @mvalente like in 'carla matadinho' porn alike ?
mvalente : @vd fnac otoh deserved a smear of that level; i've had the dvd for weeks, if i had installed it earlier they would have hell from me...
vd : @mvalente it's their new "shared" privacy policy :)
mvalente : @celso lol
mvalente : @karlus and the fact that pushing them around as activerecord objects fucks up any network and/or amount of ram
mvalente : @cpinto there probably is a huge amount of writes because of either activerecord or some moronic de-normalization
cpinto : @mvalente yup, denormalization could very well be a part of the problem
mvalente : @cpinto "its better to have a copy of the same message for each receiver than to do a join..." Famous last words....
nmariz : @mvalente I don't believe they are using the activerecord stuff for messaging
karlus : @mvalente i think they only do that in memcache...
bpedro : @celso @cpinto @karlus @mvalente erlang + couchDb = decentralized, syncronized twitter like apps - you can even run it offline
cpinto : @nmariz @mvalente @karlus @celso @bpedro lol use the damn comments! or better yet, blog about it :-) you guys are killing my 140chars
mvalente : @karlus but its still fucking big activerecord objects being thrown around!!! goddamit!!!
karlus : @mvalente i not thinking rails... i'm thinking language agnostic, screw rails :)
karlus : @mvalente yup
mvalente : @karlus setup 2 database servers, one for writeonly/msgupdates another for readonly/browse with sync between the two (no need for realtime)
mvalente : @karlus maintain normalized tables, avoid repeating msg writes
cpinto : @mvalente bingo
cpinto : @mvalente that's the way flickr works (although they do have denormalized stuff, mostly for redundancy)
mvalente : @karlus both rw and ro db servers should be 2x; put a differente msg queue software in front of each db server; dont write your own mq...
mvalente : @karlus put up webservers/im agents in front of each msg queue; use ruby, c, asm, whatever, just DONT USE RAILS AND FUCKING ACTIVERECORD!
mvalente : @celso yeah, i forgot that: cache like hell; and maybe sometime later, think about sharding/splitting the db servers
mvalente : Unorthodox Approach to Database Design: The Coming of the Shard
celso : @mvalente That's mogilefs basically. Which, by the way, has some troubles, we tested it heavily.
vd : @mvalente and cache with that just memory rack thingie (forgot the name)
jneves : @mvalente: why does that paper says that VC does not belong on the server? because it's for user interaction?
mvalente : @cpinto it works here "mvalente@dell530 /cygdrive/c/$ ls *.exe; pidgin-uninst.exe pidgin.exe"
mvalente : JIT Javascript Information Visualization Toolkit Yummy!...Graphs! Pics! Viz! In Javascript!!!
jneves : @mvalente: very cool
mvalente : off to lunch/meeting... what else...
jjoaquim : @mvalente another one worth checking:
pedro_mg : @mvalente, yeah, me and @karlus beat that lunch time yesterday... and Casa da Musica gives a nice office :)
als : via @mvalente: CSS framework ^^
mvalente : wasting time 3dlooking at lisbon green office locations, found ... top left corner, tap plane caught midair
mvalente : What a Botnet Looks Like
mvalente : @karlus no, they just launched today (maybe yesterday)
mvalente : finally found it! weirdest song/video of the 80s... and a one hit wonder...
mvalente : 1st action of the day: switch off twitters SMS notifications that are now working again; 30+ msgs to delete...
mvalente : HOLY FUCK!! JResig ported Processing viz language to Javascript. Repeat with me: JS is the future...
jneves : @celso, @mvalente just beautiful
celso : Ahh @mvalente beat me to it :)
dnegreira : @mvalente b e a u t i f u l
mvalente : PING!!! am i getting through, twitter ppl? please ACK
vd : @mvalente pong
jneves : @mvalente yes
mvalente : thx for the ACKs/PONGs; after stopping twitters restart of SMS notification, now i'm not getting any IM; these guys just get better everyday
malbano : @mvalente yep, it's coming through
chbm : @mvalente for twitter CTO!
mvalente : @celso re: twitter forks, you've probably seen it already
mvalente : @chbm thx for the support but i've had enough legacy hell for the last 3 years; plus i can only see your @s on the web (no follow; no im)
jneves : @mvalente so, you can see this now?
mvalente : @jneves yep receiving you loud & clear
mvalente : now if i could just get an ack @mvalente from someone i dont follow, i could test "track"
mvalente : now if i could just get an ack @mvalente from someone i dont follow, i could test "track"
vd : @mvalente Oh! How I miss our - long, crappy, sleepy, hungry, useless, counter productive - meetings at you_know_where
mvalente : long meetings/lunches/interviews and new coding ideas are having negative impact on
jneves : @mvalente so you're training to become a consultant/manager type?
mvalente : @vd "There can be only one!"
mvalente : @jneves i promise that as Portugal's 1st ponytailed PM I will build a social network for all the portuguese for less than 1million euro
mvalente : great song went by on and I just had to review the brilliant video
mvalente : JSON DB
chbm : @mvalente and no erlang involved ?
mvalente : @chbm its GAE based
chbm : @mvalente yeah looks like a demo app :)
mvalente : @chbm you're always bitchin about something; i guess i'll go back to ignoring you
mvalente : go watch the nice graphs everyone
cpinto : @mvalente note, though, that I'm not saying hibernate is faster than any properly coded, precompiled and cached SQL
mvalente : @cpinto when *real life*=huge result sets,huge nbr users, large datasets.... you get twitter et al....
mvalente : @cpinto and now all the young whippersnapper generation Y web 2.0 coders think they're gonna change that and solve the problem... yeah right
mvalente : @cpinto good luck with The Vietnam of Computer Science
cpinto : @mvalente there are two ways to ORM: either do OO first or you define the tables and build from there. I fail to understand how the latt ...
cpinto : @mvalente but I understand your point. you should have listened to @bpedro reporting on web2.0 SF
mvalente : @cpinto <teacher mode on>
mvalente : @cpinto you have table Person in an RDBMS and this table has.... 45 columns....
cpinto : @mvalente you've got to be joking... what exactly is your point?
mvalente : @cpinto wrong answer
mvalente : @cpinto now lets say you're in a OO language (your choice); how is it done?
cpinto : @mvalente ok, i'll play: map(lambda row: Person(row['id'],row['name'],row['address']), cursor.execute('select id,name,address from person'))
mvalente : @cpinto you're using SQL
mvalente : @cpinto in full OO ruby, lets say, you'll do something like person.find_all{}
mvalente : @cpinto affirmative
mvalente : @cpinto and if you do person.find_all{} through the ORM, you'll get a full table result set
cpinto : @mvalente that's "magic" ORM. stuff happens, you don't know what. it's simply stuff that happens
mvalente : @cpinto but once you fall into the ORM trap/vietnam/"magic" you'll have hundreds of places where that is happening
alcides : @cpinto I agree totally with @mvalente, He's describing what I've done in pungi. And only it works fine in up-to-1000 rows.
mvalente : @cpinto <teacher mode off>
mvalente : @cpinto either way you get a performance hit; only noticeable at large scales
cpinto : @mvalente what you're saying is that as soon as you optimize the ORM you're not doing ORM anymore.
mvalente : @cpinto guess to which OO language this doesnt apply since it allows for returned objects with variable numbers of fields?
cpinto : @mvalente yeah, I agree, it's not "pure" anymore. but what is pure in software development?
mvalente : @cpinto what do you mean "optimize the ORM"? if you're doing cursor.execute('select') you're not even using/doing ORM
cpinto : @mvalente but does the lambda not return an object?
mvalente : @cpinto the answer is: Javascript; because its not class-based, its prototype-based
jneves : @mvalente the second post is wrong on number 11 - twitter API was built for those services...
mvalente : Programming Tao Zen Guitar
psvensson : @mvalente Me and the missus finally watched the Rah band video you posted yesterday. Jaws dropped :)
psvensson : @mvalente I veered towards "constaninople" by the Residents. But what I'm actually after is "Shorty's lament" but it has no video :|
mvalente : its just me and the bots on Open Arena servers so I guess I'll just go to bed...
mvalente : @vd Nespresso, Rua Garret
vd : @mvalente I meant a store like nespresso in paris, but for IT people; great coffee, great space; decent store
bpedro : @mvalente best proverb from the list: "If you keep your secrets from the market, the market will keep its secrets from you"
mvalente : @bpedro Since my personal favourite isnt there ("Fast, cheap, good: choose two"), I'd go with "Its good to be the king" :-)
mvalente : @bpedro And the 12 principles from "Unleashing the Killer App" would fit nicely too
bpedro : @mvalente Right! Again, similar approach here: "Create communities of value" and "Give away as much information as you can".
bpedro : @mvalente I read that book a long time ago, but its ideas seem to be always present.
mvalente : @vd original Kim Mitchell "soda" video
vd : @mvalente great! thanks!
mvalente : Classic tune just went by on; classic video too...
mvalente : Ph34ar!
cpinto : @mvalente lol an email that "changes the molecular structure of the cpu"? gotta get me some of that stuff
mvalente : ...and i'm off to yet another lunch/meeting...
mvalente : @psvensson steve yegge rules the universe indeed.... thx for the link
mvalente : Anyone able 2 page thru ?Or r they doing "if name=mvalente then crash()" cause theyre pissed off @me :)?
psvensson : @mvalente Doesn't work for me either.
mvalente : Social networking startup for.... startups... Next: a startup for networking social network startups...
celso : @mvalente I should have stated "server side" as a requirement, just for you.
mvalente : is a neo-newspaper that grabs the freshest links posted to Twitter
mvalente : twitter not updating through IM; what else is new?....
jneves : @mvalente sometimes updating through sms?
mvalente : @jneves nope, no sms device.... and i'm reading you through web
jneves : @mvalente I think they send to rand() user - yesterday didn't work for me, today I'm getting all
jneves : @mvalente do you have a list of OODBMS?
mvalente : lets go through the twitter remove device, add device, register device routine once again...
jneves : @mvalente for me doesn't make a difference - I have only done it once and some days it works, somedays it doesn't
mvalente : @jneves it worked; just got your twit on IM; with hugo chavez twitter would work, he'd nationalize it...
mvalente : @jneves
mvalente : thinking whether i should go back to bed or if i should start the day early...
bjunior : @mvalente complatamente de acordo :)
mvalente : @jneves i did that; didnt work
als : @mvalente I read the book, loved it, especially the beginning where it retraces the history of corporations: illegal bc of corrupted nature!
mvalente : @cpinto hugo chavez is the steven seagal of nationalization, the chuck norris of socialism/collectivism, the "Ask A Ninja" for PMs worldwide
mvalente : @jeresig thats a 404
mvalente : ACME Roadrunner catalog: Lots of great ideas for startups!!!
mvalente : @PauloQuerido filter & focus ! ;-)
mvalente : @vd " I want my twitv!" Your wish is my command... I give you my latest hack, TwiTV!!
jneves : @mvalente cool!
mvalente : @vd No comments on TwiTV? No bitchin :)? No thx :)? No feature requests ?
vd : @mvalente huh ? I'm loosing twitts. didn't saw that. w8
bpedro : @mvalente TwiTV is awesome!!! I'm watching it now...
bpedro : @mvalente I choose the full-screen mode, sit back, relax, and enjoy
vd : @mvalente put the playlist also in text and with the twiiter user
urlborg : TwiTV??? Nice! (via @mvalente)
vd : @mvalente where's the share link ? or direct link to youtube ? :)
vd : @mvalente this is very addictive!!!
jneves : for those who haven't seen it yet, @mvalente did TwiTV:
LeviFig : @mvalente OMG TwitTV is GENIOUS!!! :D AWESOMEEE :D
LeviFig : GENIOUS: TwitTV Awesome idea/concept! :D (by @mvalente) Talking about time wasters... :D hehe
mvalente : @LeviFig no time or skillz... I'm just a 40 year old CIO hacking around ;)
BrettTrout : @mvalente TwitTV request - Prince's version of Creep (Coachella)
mvalente : @BrettTrout requests only for features, not for videos; for videos just hope that someone twits the youtube location
LeviFig : @mvalente How about creating a link on the bottom of the video and maybe even a "favorite" based on your YT account?? :)
mvalente : @LeviFig link at the bottom to what? YT video or twit? wrt favorites you can click on the V download link, jump to YT and favorite it....
LeviFig : @mvalente Interesting... The link to YT doesn't work in Safari :o It worked fine in Firefox!! Nice ;)
mvalente : Might come in handy...
mvalente : I really have to find out where I've put my soldering iron....
jneves : @mvalente the flash player thing is interesting, it's just a pity that the code is the real docs, but it's legible
jneves : @mvalente BTW, be very careful with spaces if using any other location than youtube
mvalente : amazing chinese acrobats as 1st playlist item on TwitTV
mvalente : Classics nonstop: start a radio using tag "80s"....
mvalente : Going by on lastfm, another 80s weird song with weirder video
mvalente : Admitedly this should show up on #twitv
bpedro : @mvalente how about #twitv for xbox?
jneves : @mvalente I have to admit that I'm really surprised with twitv's programming quality
mvalente : @bpedro care to explain? no m$ console crap around here :)
bpedro : @mvalente I've got one of those modded xboxes with xbmc running on it. It runs python code :)
mvalente : @bpedro no python in twitv... just a serverside bash script and a flash/js page
bpedro : @mvalente I'm just imagining letting twitv running on my tv... instead of other tv channels
bpedro : @mvalente nopes... this one doesn't... yet ;)
mvalente : On lastfm, another worthy #twitv classic
bpedro : @mvalente anyway, great concept! you can now use twitter as a video jukebox feeder! cool
bpedro : @mvalente another idea: how about using hashtags to create "channels" inside twitv? say, I want to add a video to the #twitv-tech channel...
mvalente : @bpedro yes that would be doable; right now you can "send" in videos by using #twitv with a link to the video
bpedro : @mvalente ok, you'd use 2 hashtags: #twitv and #<channel name>, and twitv would automatically create channels for you
bpedro : @mvalente and also, you'd create a twitter user called twitv that would spit new programs based on user preferences, as soon as they'd b ...
mvalente : So admitedly TwiTV is fun... anyone up for a code sprint this weekend making it presentable? I'll do the management part :-)...
celso : @mvalente "code to make it presentable"? hmm :)
jneves : @mvalente if you're looking for design, I'm out - what are the ideas?
jneves : @mvalente not being able to add ads is a pain for how profitable it could be ;)
mvalente : @jneves (sorry, went to watch the news and play some guitar)... yes the "no ads" clause does indeed limit the interest/time investment....
mvalente : @jneves that and the overwhelming (not!) amount of candidates to work on it :)
h_tr : @mvalente I like TwiTVs technical simplicity and its low requirements, but I'll be pretty busy during the weekend, but maybe the next one..
mvalente : Now there's an idea for my "little book of ideas" Get together a 3/4 person team and do 52 webapps in 1 year....
psvensson : @mvalente Actually, that's a very good idea. Like a grown up demo team. I'm in (I only have ten side-projects already :)
mvalente : @psvensson LOL! More like a digital demolition tiger team... Alas, I also have a lot to deal with right now...
mvalente : Enough tinkering with TwiTV! Should I work on my thesis?... Or on CoffeePie?... A round of OpenArena it is, them...
mvalente : pwn oadm1 to oadm6
mvalente : @PauloQuerido curiosamente fiz a mm apresentacao num encontro internacional de jovens advogados em Lisboa e foi melhor recebida/percebida...
joliveira : @PauloQuerido @mvalente os fornecedores de conteudos porque vendem barato, usam estagiarios ou pessoas sem o minimo de conhecimentos "Net"..
mvalente : @PauloQuerido @joliveira os geeks n querem saber patavinas dos journos; os journous n querem saber dos geeks; a academia n quer saber qq um.
mvalente : @PauloQuerido "hibridos" sao mal vistos ("n pode saber das 2 coisas....") e o sist escolar n ajuda; nos EUA o sistema major/minor ajuda mto.
mvalente : @PauloQuerido twitter = email ao cubo; +curto +rapido +imediato
jneves : @mvalente -contexto
mvalente : eheh I actually have a way around youtube's TOS should I want to make money out of an ad based TwiTV... I'm a goddamn genius if you ask me!!
mvalente : Barbarians at Yahoo's Gate http://blog.seattlepi.nwsou... Corporate raiders to kick out Y! board...
mvalente : Go read past twits and follow NOW!! (plus the logo rawkz!)
mvalente : "Truth is not determined by a majority vote" I'm not an admirer or believer, but the Chief Inquisitor has a point
mvalente : eh... some birdies i have keep on telling me some funny "truemours"...
mvalente : right now, someone out there is creating "yet another 1sttuesday/barcamp/opencoffee/etc" clone
mvalente : right now, someone out there is thinking "cooperate with mv? hell we can do twitv better and keep all the cash"
jneves : @mvalente unfortunately it's usual - I have a plane maintenance management system that never passed prototype because of someone like that
jneves : @mvalente and we already had clients willing to pay the development
alcides : @mvalente check you email ;)
mvalente : @alcides i already did thx
mvalente : lol "right now, someone is having the wrong idea" #twitv
mvalente : @bpedro @alcides are you aware of libferris?
bpedro : @mvalente like FuseFS, right?
mvalente : @bpedro sort of.... FuseFS is a layer to implement stuff; libferris has stuff implemented :)
alcides : @mvalente @bpedro I was thinking more of using FUSE for Tarpipe, like PownceFS
bpedro : @mvalente gonna have a look at that! thanks :)
alcides : @mvalente libferris doesn't work in OS X. With fuse you'd do (almost) the same code for both platforms
bpedro : @alcides @mvalente BTW, tarpipe is gonna have a WebDAV receptor, that pretty much covers all OS's
mvalente : @bpedro @alcides the difference is that in libferris most of the code is written already
mvalente : @bpedro @alcides plus I doubt that having webdav can solve, for example, fetching from SQL db and into LDAP :)
bpedro : @mvalente from what I've seen libferris interacts with other apps on your machine and exposes them as filesystems, right?
mvalente : @bpedro @alcides and "doesnt work in OSX" isnt true; its just unknown.... someone has to try it 1st :)
mvalente : @bpedro libferris is a library (C/C++) that exposes *lots* of stuff as a filesystem
mvalente : @bpedro notice the difference from Fuse: Fuse *allows* you to create filesystem abstractions for whatever stuff you want
mvalente : @bpedro but yes, one of the things libferris does is expose apps as filesystems
bpedro : @mvalente yes, I see the differences... maybe we could develop a libferris module for tarpipe...
mvalente : @bpedro you can send new web pages to Firefox by writing to firefox://localhost/username
bpedro : @mvalente yeah, saw that too... you can even access the dom!
mvalente : @bpedro actually I was thinking more in terms of "tarpipe might benefit from including/using libferris"
mvalente : @bpedro instant tarpipe access to lots of stuff
bpedro : @mvalente I'll have to see what services are supported by libferris, other than local apps
mvalente : @bpedro
bpedro : @mvalente don't know how they handle web services being down, retries, user credential stuff, etc. that's all being handled now by tarpipe
bpedro : @mvalente it's not just *writing* stuff to the services, there are a lot of management stuff that needs to work
mvalente : @bpedro dont know about either.... just saying it might save you a lot of coding....
bpedro : @mvalente looking at it now! thanks for pointing it :)
mvalente : @bpedro WebDAV wont solve this one :) "Geotagging files with libferris and Google Earth"
bpedro : @mvalente you're right... but I'm not trying to do that either :) that might be useful for someone developing a desktop app, I guess
bpedro : @mvalente integrating iPhoto with Google Earth, for instance
alcides : @mvalente is "what's next?" though for TwiTV?
mvalente : @alcides whadayoumean? :) saber qual o item q vem a seguir (ou seja, mostrar a playlist)?
alcides : @mvalente yep :) If I go there and I don't like the current clip, I might leave it open if I like one of the next 5!
mvalente : @alcides admitedly the playlist should show up just like here
mvalente : @alcides it doesnt and I cant figure out why... JWPlayer docs suck....
mvalente : @alcides trying to do something like this (playlist+twit info)
mvalente : @alcides but, like I said, docs suck; and I'm 40, I also suck :)
mvalente : @alcides feel free to copy/create your own frontpage and fetch the playlist.xml file....
alcides : @mvalente even if you set the player height to 500px?
alcides : @mvalente :)
mvalente : @alcides fuck!... cool! :)
mvalente : @alcides the playlist bar only lists the <creator> tag from the playlist
mvalente : @alcides although the playlist.xml file has other fields
mvalente : @alcides nothing can be done about that... except reverse engineering the swf file and redo
mvalente : @alcides i think best option is still to get at the playlist fields with js and display them in a div
mvalente : @alcides thats the idea with the getUpdate func and with getItemData
alcides : @mvalente your playlist.xml lacks the image field, and I'm working on the title issue ;)
mvalente : @alcides check the current js source code
mvalente : @alcides getupdate is supposed to get events on playlist changes
mvalente : @alcides and on a new "item" its supposed to go to getItemData and fill the "annotation" div with XML data
mvalente : @alcides problem is that I'm getting a Error: thisMovie("twitterfm") has no properties at line 54
mvalente : @alcides and I still havent figured out whats wrong with it
alcides : @mvalente in your playlist.xml (or .sh) try to write <title>TITLE</title> without the newlines!
mvalente : @alcides done
mvalente : @alcides regenerating starting playlist
PauloQuerido : @alcides @mvalente creator, title, ok. date?
mvalente : @PauloQuerido working on it...
mvalente : off to bed; too tired from having my nephews over and after codesprinting with @alcides on #twitv
LuRsT : @mvalente @alcides Tell me what you think about this
mvalente : @LuRsT methinks its too "plain".... not enough 2.0 about it :)
LuRsT : @mvalente I added another one
mvalente : @LuRst @alcides thats a nice one! me likes :)
alcides : @mvalente @LuRst, later this night I'll add it to the design, and I'll comment on the final result ;)
LuRsT : @mvalente @alcides Sure I'm counting on that, we should use blues but not so much like twitter, maybe a black too?
ruidlopes : @mvalente: is there a preview of the latest developments on twitv? feeling curious...
mvalente : @ruidlopes checkout
mvalente : twitv is looking goog now shows playlist items, links to videos, twit user info etc
LuRsT : @mvalente @alcides Theres a feature missing. A link to the user, and/or the post.
mvalente : kudos to @alcides for the frontend design and programming; @LuRsT also came up with a nice logo (to come later)
ruidlopes : @mvalente: so far, looking good (imho). but why using flash to implement the videos ToC? html+css+js combo woul do the trick. my 2 cents.
mvalente : @LuRsT @alcides good idea; I think it would be enough if the username linked to the twit; I can send that over in JSON (+datetime)
mvalente : @ruidlopes yes, the playlist can be done in html/css/js; its just that the swf player already does it; automatically. pure html maybe later
mcoquet : @mvalente it has really shanpen up! looks sleek :) congratulations to @alcides and @LuRst too
bpedro : @mvalente it came out pretty cool!!! is that the final URL?
mvalente : @bpedro not the final url, no.... we might just have to move this to its own server/domain....
bpedro : @mvalente ok, go for it! nice job! very cool service :)
ruidlopes : @mvalente: that's nice then. taking the easiest implementation route. and it "just works".
ruidlopes : @mvalente: how about doing the same for flickr? and visualise it like this
mvalente : @ruidlopes its an idea... although i remember something called flitter that did something like that
armandoalves : TwitTV is a great idea ! a Twitter video recommendation mashup by @mvalente. Have fun at
malbano : @mvalente excellent job on TwitTV ... another addicting Twitter extra :)
mvalente : @malbano thx but this weekend its been mostly @alcides working... i'm just here for the idea and to fuckup the JSON data ;-)
ruidlopes : @mvalente: didn't know about that flitter. just found one blog post about it. looks clumsy, though...
mvalente : dont freak with bonnie tyler as preview thumbnail on twitv playlist everyone; working on it...
mvalente : ok people its off to bed now; twitv now has logo, preview thumbnails and links to twitter stuff; more tmrw
jjoaquim : @mvalente have you seen this:
trodrigues : as if there weren't enough timewasters in the interwebs, @mvalente just created another one :)
LuRsT : @mvalente @alcides There's a problem with the username and the links to profile and the logo looks terrible :S
mvalente : @LuRsT @alcides whats the problem with the username? cant find any... logo was slapped on by me :); @alcides is doing it right (later)
mvalente : Nozbe interesting GTD app with Twitter integration
d3x7r0 : @mvalente Indeed, simple, fun and addictive imho
mvalente : @celso I've heard better about
mvalente : @ruijscosta ja punhas direito o @mjvalente em vez de @mvalente .....
mvalente : @ruijscosta ja punhas direito o @mjvalente em vez de @mvalente .....
celso : @mvalente More expensive too :/
mvalente : i even prepared a kinda "why zope kicks RoRs ass" presentation, but #barcampfct is probably a "no go" for me (due dates, long wknd, nephews)
mvalente : Zappos (the Amazon of shoes) is a heavy twitter user
mvalente : Ultra Large Systems Hmm.. required reading for Twitter? :)
mvalente : off to a meeting/lunch; no code for you
trodrigues : @mvalente i've been entering the zope world lately and i'm not that fond of the zope 2 ways (at least the little i've found about it so far)
PauloQuerido : @mvalente @alcides a proposito do twitttv, conhecem isto?
mvalente : @PauloQuerido @alcides nao conhecia o spoonch... o twitv eh melhor! ;-)
mvalente : and its I'm off to a meeting with the accountants and yet another lunch/meeting; getting revved up for Asia later at Coliseu
PauloQuerido : @mvalente @alcides tb acho o twittv melhor. Planos para passar isso a webservice?
mvalente : @f ELO Time is one of the greatest progressive rock's concept album... If you like ELO you should probably like Asia too...
mvalente : @bjunior true, true....
mvalente : heads up for #takeoff people
mvalente : AtMail Open Edition I can definitely recommend it:
mvalente : Unmisseable 3-part post on scaling Twitter (followup from )
mvalente : off to photoshoot
mvalente : monthly "hacker" "photoshoots" would definitely be a nice thing...
celso : @mvalente What's the php hottie name again? :)
mvalente : Aborted #barcampfct presentation script I'll maybe do a screencast like this someday...
mvalente : LOL The intro to this song is still priceless!
mvalente : @bjunior
mvalente : @bjunior
mvalente : "A government big enough to give u everything u want is a government big enough to take from u everything u have."
jneves : @mvalente the fact that govt income in Portugal does not come from taxes makes me uncomfortable
jneves : @mvalente I meant "most of"
jneves : @mvalente fortunately it only has one song...
mvalente : POP/BOBO/Zope: Rails 10 years earlier but without gay screencasts
LuRsT : @mvalente @alcides What about the twittv logo? Nobody slaps it there the right way?
alcides : @LuRsT no time until wednesday. But @mvalente is the boss!
mvalente : Grok - A Smashing Web Framework
mvalente : Yum!! AS3Wrapper http://www.effectgenerator.... Use Flash API directly from Javascript...
mvalente : No Twitter history, no IM; using FriendFeed and web to keep up is a sorry state of affairs... Hugo Chavez DO SOMETHING!!!
agil : @mvalente What's Killing Twitter
bjunior : Retweeting @mvalente: ? (hahahaah)
ibomb : @mvalente lulz
mvalente : @agil no, this is killing twitter, but they have a solution! twitter just needs to *DO* something...
mvalente : Weekend move from website reading+Eudora 3.0 to GMail/GReader/RSS+Thunderbird complete; now to import 1997-2007 msg archive...
mind_booster : @mvalente FriendFeed rocks...
armandoalves : @mvalente Muxmaster (an AIR app, here: was also great, but they had to deopr the download feature
mvalente : From the creator of Ruby: "Ruby Sucks"... Nuff said....
mvalente : "1999 called, they want their CGI scripts back."
mvalente : @Hugo_Chavez "Pagination and IM are currently disabled. They'll be back." Hugo, Twitter doesnt work. DO SOMETHING!!
Hugo_Chavez : @mvalente dont worry mi amigo!! I am preparing to nationalize the twitter...
mvalente : If you're pissed off with Twitter's problems/scalability, @Hugo_Chavez might help...
mvalente : was it just me+drinking+drugs or was there a small earthquake in lisbon this morning? if not, at least you know who dreamed/predicted it 1st
vd : @mvalente hmmm you're now on to that "I'm always first" thingie ? I think that's already trademarked here in PT :)
mvalente : @vd You know me, I'm like into like the clean stuff Like pac-man and like, I dont know!...
cpinto : @mvalente @Hugo_Chavez hear hear! yes, everyone should own and operate it's own twitter!
bpedro : @mvalente no earthquake this morning:
cpinto : @bpedro @mvalente maybe there was one, but they just don't want you to know about it... you think about that for a sec.
mvalente : and I'm off for yet another lunch/meeting...
igama : @mvalente dont you need to evolve from lunch/meeting to something like drink at the beach/meeting ? ;)
mvalente : Oh no! Mr. @Hugo_Chavez not that! Dont send Twitter to this or that enlightened country, share it with all of Humanity!
Hugo_Chavez : @mvalente We will bring socialism to Twitter by providing everyone with their own Usenet newsserver and newsgroup!
mvalente : @rpimenta fwd us the 1st 10 dirty links and lets have a go at it...
mvalente : @Hugo_Chavez I'm with you comandante! Usenet FTW \o/...
mdsilva : @mvalente steak+wine+martini is good for me ;)
mvalente : i just looooooove waking up "early" and having last minute lunch cancelations...
jneves : @mvalente double the whisky
mvalente : looking at the bright side: no shaving; 50% off day at Telepizza; a quiet afternoon of code n' hacks... which was nice ...
cpinto : @mvalente cheers for the heads up on cheap pizza
mvalente : 1st "multimedia" game 20 years later game+soundtrack+lyrics still brings me chills...
mvalente : se interessar a alguem o Paulo Laureano/Mr.Net precisam/procuram um programador de Python; LX, fulltime, 1500 Euro liq.
mvalente : Google Earth Plugin Google Earth in webpages using Javascript
mvalente : If Twitter now uses competitor Tumblr for status updates, does that mean Twitter users should also move?
mvalente : Os 3 "artistas" a falar na SIC sobre internet e blogues fazem-me lembrar os padres a falar sobre sexo e familia... they dont know shit...
mvalente : Python Magazine May 2008 issue
mvalente : Back from hospital; everything seems to be A-OK after a muscle relaxant IV feed and a CT scan
mvalente : NitobiBug Browser-based JavaScript object logger and inspection tool
mvalente : off to a meeting/"lunch"... yes, now even on Saturdays...
mvalente : LastGraph vizualization http://lastgraph3.aeracode.... Oooh! Pics! Graphs! Shiny stuff!...
mvalente : Dell is going to buy Sun?
mvalente : Its 1993 all over again...
PauloQuerido : @mvalente LOLAO!
skit : @mvalente usam python, actionscript e javascript ?
mvalente : @rpimenta I heard on the grapevine that the army would pay nicely for one of those... they are borrowing the current ones from Liedson ;)
mvalente : @bjunior NascerCidadao permite o registo de nascimento directo no hospital
ruidlopes : @mvalente: check some in my wishlist (, gathered from suggestions in wiredmag, time, and some personal findings.
rpimenta : @mvalente or
mvalente : @rpimenta "Black Swan" already a choice; Ron Paul's Revolution manifesto not available in paperback, but its going into the wishlist, thx
h_tr : @mvalente: He (amir salihefendic) has a connection with AJS and other py stuff:
mvalente : @h_tr yup, nice hint; see Plurk is probably that: AJS+AmiWeb+AmiDB Nice digging, thx
psvensson : @mvalente All the Scott R. Bakker books. Golden Age books by John C. Wright (don't miss these!), and of course A fire upon the deep, Vinge
mvalente : Wheee \o/ !!! I can haz books for upcoming Summer vacation! Amazon order done and on its way...
jneves : @mvalente still accepting suggestions for your reading list?
mvalente : Is it just me or is Google/GMail suffering major network hiccups/brownout ?
h_tr : @mvalente I've noticed something in gmail... :/
LuRsT : @mvalente Same here.....
jneves : @mvalente G -> g seems to have made an unexpected impact ;)
mvalente : @mvalente right, it wasnt just me... explanations anyone?
mvalente : @mvalente right, it wasnt just me... explanations anyone?
mvalente : IT/geek posters to cover your empty walls
psvensson : @mvalente Thanks for the poster link! Retweeted;
jneves : @mvalente cool! choosing the ones to print...
cpinto : @mvalente any bits in bikinis? :-)
mvalente : @cpinto no, but here's some bikinis in bits...
cpinto : @mvalente ascii art is timeless
bafonso : @mvalente I've been having problems w/ gmail accts for the last months. It's sporadic
mvalente : @mvalente Nope, G email upload not OK, borking with folders >1000 msgs...Will deal with it on the weekend, to bed now...
mvalente : @mvalente Nope, G email upload not OK, borking with folders >1000 msgs...Will deal with it on the weekend, to bed now...
mvalente : Iceberg App Builder Interesting or just another CRUD/RoR interface for weenies?...
jneves : @mvalente I've yet seen any of this tools to generate apps that don't become a pain to maintain
mvalente : Pretty tired, a long day... Helping Cris in office move was tiring but got my entrepreneurial instinct going; off to bed, repeat tomorrow...
mvalente : Rise and shine. Off for a day of PC/Mac/net/wifi/server setups... Luckily I'm going on holiday in a week or I'd go startup right away...
jneves : @mvalente have a good holliday, and remember to keep the napkins
mvalente : I'm up to here with moving crew chatter and computer setups... I'm having second thoughts on startups, its just too tiring :)...Off to bed.
mvalente : Enough ranting, 631 items (2 days worth) in my RSS feeds to go through...
vd : @mvalente will trade your 600 feed items for my 3500 ...
mvalente : 280slides using Objective C to Javascript translator/interpreter? I used to do ObjC on the NeXT...Gimme!!!...
mvalente : @mvalente Indeed!!! Its called Objective J And there's also Capuccino (JS version of Cocoa) and it will be opensource!! \o/
mvalente : @mvalente Indeed!!! Its called Objective J And there's also Capuccino (JS version of Cocoa) and it will be opensource!! \o/
mvalente : While you pansies were at "Rock"-Ivete-Sangalo-in-Rio I was at Aula Magna watching the real stuff ...
mvalente : Posting from
mvalente : Posting from Pidgin to * through
mvalente : Oh boy... "ponte"/feriado+WWDC+freetime = 2a feira de histeria em massa dos Apple fanboy (e outro putedo) nos blogs e no twitter...
trodrigues : @mvalente yahoo pipes to the rescue !
microft : @mvalente I take it you don't like computers with fruit logos?
psvensson : @mvalente Yes! Exactly :)
mvalente : #wwdc apple iphone "steve jobs" : get a life fashion whores...
mvalente : #wwdc apple iphone "steve jobs" : here's what I think about your new iPhony
mvalente : @jeresig might as well check out my (unfinished) CoffeePie Pythonbytecode2JS converter... comments welcome
mvalente : damn, i miss playing quakeworld with friends after lunch...
mvalente : Always Remember To Respect And Honour Your Mother
mvalente : A Self-Writing To-Do List http://www.technologyreview...
mvalente : After pizza (50% off day at Telepizza), last one before holidays and the -10Kg goal, nothing like an Open Arena match...
ruidlopes : @mvalente probably they're morbid-ish-ly curious about knowing about other's lives...
mvalente : In a few minutes I'm gonna go through my followers list and block anyone only providing updates to friends...
jneves : @mvalente threaded twitter? you've been looking at jaiku?
mvalente : @celso @vd I propose that *real* engineers do a forceful government takeover and build a geek republic; how about that?..
vd : @mvalente we just need 7.500 signatures to became a party. We can do as the JSD does :) Go to geek conferences and everyone signs in
celso : @mvalente In the line of your Monty Python's obsession, a good old classic stoning comes to mind too. Females can wear the fake beards.
mvalente : @PauloQuerido eu dava-lhes a habilidade a negociar;na ultima visita ao Aki voltei a comprar um barrote de pinho 4x4; eh um regalo a negociar
celso : @mvalente Temos um desses no sapo, em ferro. Chamamos-lhe "motivator".
bpedro : @mvalente @celso With a group of, say, 10 engineers in some known places, we could cut electric power, communications and TV broadcasting!
vampaz : Retweeting @mvalente: Andou tudo na bebedeira do petroleo nos ultimos 30 anos e "ai nuclear nao obrigado"; agora acord..Mt verdade..
bpedro : @mvalente @celso Literally shutting down the whole country. It would only take some hours...
mvalente : I for one welcome the upcoming world revolution and the Netocracy takeover
psvensson : @mvalente Maybe we should join forces with OpenAjax. WDYT?
mvalente : INCOMIIIIIING!!!!... (books from Amazon, that is; just in time for 2 week holiday, after 3 months of no work :-)
mvalente : @bjunior ?
mvalente : Wakeup call: homem+centro comercial+havaianas=GAY!!... Tenho dito.
mvalente : @celso Geek band... Small setlist, songs have to have some tech reference. I volunteer for guitar.
celso : @mvalente I think you got yourself in trouble (as in work).
mvalente : @celso Bring it on...
als : @mvalente @bpedro Now for the exact same one featuring Tarpipe in Portugal.
mvalente : @celso All the gory details on MyEnergy here:
mvalente : @vd Podes juntar-te ao resto dos socialistas/colectivistas/cretinistas... http://sindicatodosinformat...
cpinto : @mvalente I've read somewhere, sometime ago, that Accenture was going down that road but internally. don't know if that's of interest to you
mvalente : Off to bed after 3 hour sushi dinner and 4 hour videogame company discussion with PLS...
celso : @mvalente Adobe Air that *really* looks like a desktop app. Fluid is nice too:
cpinto : @mvalente check this, you'll like it:
mvalente : Off for a 2 week offline beach holiday. I'll be back online the 1st week of July.
BrunoFigueiredo : @mvalente: have fun! I'm jealous as hell. can't wait for mine.
mvalente : Shortly at Lisbon, on my way from to
psvensson : @mvalente Thanks for the link! Happiness as your business model;
mvalente : Damn!.... Too late...
mvalente : @mvalente "More color" meaning phosphorescent green/pink/orange
mvalente : @mvalente "More color" meaning phosphorescent green/pink/orange
mvalente : @cpinto @karlus "Isso" chama-se skimming... Querem ser 1337? Showoff to the girls? Paguem!....
mvalente : Top 10 tech trends I like trend number 9 :-)
mvalente : @celso "We are unable to find iTunes on your computer."
mvalente : Gamemaster on Audiosurf is da bomb!!
mvalente : @vd Now to be completely gay you're all only missing the Lapsang Souchong (not that I know anything about it; just heard..)
jneves : @mvalente it survived so far?
mvalente : Here's the deal: you're a startup using either Microsoft or Apple products? NO FUNDS FOR YOU!!
alcides : @mvalente sometimes you don't have a choice. If your clientes need Windows specific solutions... (And you can't convert them to Linux)
mvalente : Macbook toting, OSX dependent, iPhone showoff? NO FUNDS FOR YOU!!
mvalente : You're either a wannabe or just showing that you dont know how to spend money...
RuiSeabra : @mvalente: that NO FUNDS FOR YOU is inspiring ;)
mvalente : @celso See bookmarklet...
mvalente : People... STFU already with the goddam iPhone...
trodrigues : @mvalente the whining has just started...
mvalente : @vd Be sure to check out Ganeti, HyperVM, FluidVM or RedHat Virtual Machine Manager
celso : @mvalente It seems to lack...
mvalente : @celso The "iPhenomena"?!? Holy mother of god.... The cult even has a name now... Ratzinger to the rescue...
ssn : @mvalente iSheeps is another new term :)
bpedro : @mvalente I'm thinking about creating one...
mvalente : @bpedro There, I just threw away one of my many venture ideas... Now funding will only be available with bizplan or execution :-)
mvalente : @bpedro If "better=more expressive" (like keywords) then maybe... But still not enough value to be diferentiative
mvalente : @bpedro More interesting features would be caching/mirroring (for offline pages), searching, thumbnails, automatic bookmarking/tagging, etc
bpedro : @mvalente @nmariz the goal here is to create a shortener algorithm that can be easily replicated if, for some reason, the service is down
mvalente : @cpinto I'd make sure that the hash function is reversible :-)...
mvalente : If anyone else sends me an invitation for that Startracker crap I swear I'll shoot them...
mvalente : Stop being the kind of dumbfuck that stops to stare at car/train wrecks; its not about the trains, its all about the tracks...
mvalente : Going crazy from the heat... ( Loco del Calor )... Appropriate for the current temp/weather...
mvalente : @RuiSeabra lighttpd CGI mode (mod_cgi) doesnt pass environment vars (ie. GET/POST parameters)
trodrigues : @mvalente nice to see a working implementation of that idea. i've also been interested in that since you talked about it on your blog
mvalente : @armandoalves FAIL... You loose if the video is intentionally corny/stupid/funny/selfdeprecating... :-)
mvalente : @vd Or this one ?...
vd : ahhaha @mvalente put me nostalgic. I've remembered Dead or Alive:
vd : @mvalente that annoying voice ? of course! :)
mvalente : @vd That "Dead Or Alive" original is actually acceptable; for uter crap try the 1996 and 2003 mixes
mvalente : @vd Kylie's sister remake is a whole different sorta stuff ;-)
mvalente : @armandoalves Nice source there, thx... Although there's some bad/wrong choices there... But some nice WTFs anyway :-)...
mvalente : GET UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPP!!! And make it work!!
rpimenta : @mvalente Chicks, cowbell, great hooks, and a metal cover waiting to be made: Also, a hint of 80's crap for good measure.
mvalente : Worse than an offer you CANT refuse is an offer that you MUST refuse...
mvalente : Hello World
mvalente : @BeeBoleYves Trying both right now... at the same time :)...
mvalente : @vd Re: elasticfox... Checkout clusterssh, rgang, fanout/fanterm, shmux, dsh and tentakel...
mvalente : Os srs q normalmente protestam contra ditadores e bandidos como o Pinochet devem estar de ferias: nao apareceram na visita do Hugo Chavez...
vd : @nmariz one thing that @mvalente teach me was to get a bunch of this: it's _your_ sleeping pills :)
mvalente : Out to rock n roll all night...
mvalente : Marillion: nice. Stranglers: bad. B52s: good. Meat Loaf: utter crap... Disclaimer: big Meat Loaf fan.
mvalente : Damn!... Another toy for my wishlist of time wasting excuses....
mvalente : @celso I threw out my last ISDN TA (RS232 conector) about 2 months ago, but the Dreamcast is still rocking next to the Saturn and the PS2 :)
celso : @mvalente I have never forgiven my mother from trowing the C=64 and the old modded A500 into to trash w/o my auth.
mvalente : @celso C64 still rocks also...Havent boot it in a while due to bad 5.1/4 floppy drive and the nice emulators out there. Uridium FTW!!!!...
celso : @mvalente Thought you didn't like emulators :->
mvalente : @celso U r only allowed to use an emulator if you have the REAL thing :) Ex. you should only be allowed to use MacOSX if you have a NeXT :)
vd : @mvalente nor in safari :)
mvalente : VMware ESXi Hypervisor Now Free
mvalente : Super Mario in 20 lines of Javascript:
mvalente : Hmmmm....
mind_booster : @mvalente wow, and with several levels! of course that their concept of "line"...
mvalente : @ppinheiro76 @pedroaniceto @vd @cpinto "Go ahead, make my day."
mvalente : @ppinheiro76 @pedroaniceto @vd @cpinto "I love the smell of napalm in the morning."
mvalente : Keyboard for REAL programmers only...
microft : @mvalente why do you need the "done" key...?
mvalente : @vd Standard MBA admission requirements... Practically the same at the "regular" MBA http://www.mbacatolicanova....
mvalente : @andy_house Someone answer the goddam phone! :-)
mvalente : @bjunior LOL boa sorte!...
bjunior : @mvalente lol
mvalente : @bjunior Eu na altura dei algumas sugestoes ...
mvalente : @bjunior Eu na altura dei algumas sugestoes ...
cpinto : microsoft's new OS: midori. looks awfully like what @mvalente wrote about some months ago
mvalente : The guys at BeeBole have released PURE getting very close to my templating ideas/suggestions ...
cpinto : @mvalente "can be used as a jquery plugin": sold!
YvesHiernaux : @mvalente pyMeld author just let us a good comment. Nice to see PURE pleasing others.
mvalente : 3D Printing for the Masses ... 7 years from luxury to commodity ...
mvalente : @karlus LOOOL!!!! Was he alone? Were there more of the scifi "talent" cosplayers? :-)
trodrigues : @mvalente get an old monochromatic screen ?
rpimenta : @mvalente A little mix-n-match? +
mvalente : @rpimenta Or better yet, a graphics card hack/utility; or a monitor tweak...
mvalente : These collectivist "hallucionation by consensus" Nazi-like masturbatory sessions make me sick...
cpinto : @mvalente peeked the live stream, it appears there's some sort of pseudo-erotic stuff going on
rpimenta : @mvalente My bad... you actually want greyscale. Thought you were using the expression as a metaphor for a *step-like UI.
mvalente : @rpimenta @cpinto I just had assuka shrimp noodles :)
mvalente : @cpinto Checkout 0MQ/ZeroMQ/AMQP
cpinto : @mvalente qual o server? i'm in for some cannon fodder
cpinto : @mvalente 0MQ is way too immature.snopped around AMQP some days ago but really have my eyes on rabbitmq.anyway,fixed issues while commuting
mvalente : @cpinto Join me at NCORE server
cpinto : @mvalente where is that? can't spot it on the server list
mvalente : @cpinto Any luck? Whats your nick? Go GTalk if u need help...
mvalente : Mozilla team meeting suffers rockslide and powerloss. Bug report is filed Free for all jokes and hilarity ensues...
mvalente : @cpinto check your direct messages
mvalente : Programmer Competency Matrix
cpinto : @mvalente one for your corny 80's video competition:
mvalente : 2 years X 10 games=20 games WHERE ARE THEY? SHOW ME THE GAMES!!! This must be wankers and wannabes week... Off to sleep...
vd : @mvalente - not 20, tough
mvalente : @vd "Not 20"?! Fuck! nothing close to 20. There are 6; only one (1) released; all others Q32008 or TBA... I'll wait... sitting down...
bjunior : @mvalente podcast:
bjunior : @mvalente
bjunior : @mvalente aprendi varios termos. podcaminhada, podburrada, podconversa, podrapidinha
mvalente : @cpinto Speaking of which.... I gotta change my profile photo...
mvalente : Yes, I did get an haircut... Still waiting for the real job though :-)
mvalente : @celso Stream the search terms :-)....
mvalente : @celso Or allow for "@sapo gajas" with the resulting "@pervert Top search result for "gajas" is http://zbr/"... :-)
mvalente : + + = Kiss - Strutter feat. MV
cpinto : @mvalente haha good one, let's do like george and leave real jobs for boring people hehe
mvalente : @mvalente And its done: Kiss - Firehouse feat MV Not perfect but good enough for a couple of hours...
mvalente : @mvalente And its done: Kiss - Firehouse feat MV Not perfect but good enough for a couple of hours...
mvalente : @mvalente Retweet: Kiss - Firehouse feat MV
mvalente : @mvalente Retweet: Kiss - Firehouse feat MV
mvalente : Live stream of the 2008 Assembly Demo Party
mvalente : Yet another profile...
mvalente : GoodReads is lacking a recommendation engine...
microft : @mvalente e feito em macintosh!
mvalente : Telecommuting...
cpinto : @mvalente I think that's a BSD hacker actually
mvalente : Another personal contribution to the global pool of YouTube timewasters ...
mvalente : YouNoodle is a place to discover/support early-stage companies. How much is your startup worth?:
vd : one year working closely with @mvalente at the ministry of justice and I've got over that in no time
mvalente : PSP pwns jornalistas...
BruceWee : lol @mvalente =)
mvalente : @vd
mvalente : @cpinto Cinelerra or OpenMovie Editor
mvalente : @cpinto If you're looking for simple then go online:
cpinto : @mvalente I was just checking OME, doesn't appear to be able to zoom/pan
cpinto : @mvalente nice library you have there. what did you make of the tipping point?
mvalente : @cpinto Thats about 10% of the actual library :)...Re: Tipping Point, its a nice book but there's better stuff on complexity
mvalente : Yep, GoodReads definitely borks with my huge Amazon wishlist
cpinto : @mvalente try choosing "show me: all" at first I ran into some issues too
mvalente : @cpinto Nope, doesnt work, it simply cant handle multiple pages :)
mvalente : @cpinto If anyone checks my bookshelf I can already predict the ad hominem attacks and slurs used as ammo in future "situations" ;-)...
mvalente : @alcides Only if shelfari can import a gooreads export :)....
mvalente : Welcome to the Devil!!! ... LOL!...
alcides : @mvalente there you have:
mvalente : I'm on a CG video rampage at YouTube...
mvalente : Oh the memories! I remember seeing this with PLS back in 1992 at a SIGGRAPH/Eurographics meeting
mvalente : Beyond the Minds Eye playlist For full play/rip use Or buy the real stuff
mvalente : @vd So, when are you getting one :-) ? ....
vd : @mvalente my point exactly!!!
vd : @mvalente but I'm still wondering how these chick magnets really work. I haven't got any with my new and powerful black macbook
PauloQuerido : @mvalente remember this?
mvalente : @PauloQuerido Been there, done that :)
mvalente : Thinking about this stuff http://www.languageatintern...
mvalente : 80s song, guitars and chicks Whats not to like :-)?...
mvalente : They dont make'em like this anymore
mvalente : Raphael Javascript vector graphics library
mvalente : @cpinto A startup is not like the marines (ie. a corporation with bodies to spare)
cpinto : @mvalente agreed: on a startup you cannot afford wasting effort (money, time, whatever)
mvalente : @cpinto A startup is more like a spec ops team, with specialized positions
cpinto : @mvalente that why everyone has to pick up each other's slack, no?
cpinto : @mvalente great point, I like that analogy better
mvalente : New blog post at mv.*
alcides : @mvalente Twitter may also be async 1:1 (direct messages) as also Facebook/hi5/younameit messaging system.
mvalente : @alcides I thought about it, but no...
mvalente : @alcides It would be 1:1/Sync (not Async) but Twitter doesnt allow you do DM people who dont follow/subscribe you
alcides : @mvalente I still believe they are async. I only follow the twitter stream when I'm into it. Otherwise I just ignore it.
cpinto : @mvalente @alcides actually I agree that twitter's sync, that's where most of it's value derives from
mvalente : Somewhere in the MAME upgrade path my ROM collection got out of date; getting the rest and upgrading is a bitch...
mvalente : My wife has gone blogger with her miniature/dollshouses handcraft http://tinydelights.blogspo... Insane detail at 1/12 scale...
mvalente : Shite! Vinnie Moore's Minds Eye rocks 20y l8r, esp. tr 3. Not many shredders have a Pepsi commercial ...
mvalente : Adhersion RoR for VoIP...
mvalente : Insomnia...
mvalente : Plz Send Me The Code http://plzsendmethecode.blo...
cpinto : @mvalente would I have to insert another coin?
mvalente : @karlus You can see any Youtube video in higher quality by adding &fmt=18 to the url....
karlus : @mvalente never noticied the "watch in high quality" link :-/
mvalente : Bigfoot found? and
mvalente : Bad news and good news. Good news is that we need less money; bad news is that we need more money... Different flavours of money you see...
mvalente : JSONT and JSONPath look interesting...
cpinto : @mvalente great link about startup diseases!
mvalente : @vd Coral is not p2p but yeah it would be something similar...
mvalente : Dear lazyweb, FF delicious extension stopped automatically adding bookmarks to delicious after FF bookmarking. Solutions?
firefox_answers : @mvalente I've heard several people saying Delicious for Firefox works better in "classic mode" so you might try that out. Just a guess.
mvalente : Mais 2 episodios do Conan despachados... Ja so faltam 2 DVDs...
mvalente : @firefox_answers So the proposed solution is to go into a mode that deletes all local bookmarks some of which are not on delicious? Nice...
mvalente : @karlus
karlus : @mvalente a ouvir o trailer em ingles... nao tem nada a ver :D
firefox_answers : @mvalente You should probably talk to delicious people I'm only passing on what I hear on twitter I'm not a delicious expert or even a user
Delicious : @mvalente "Sync now" in Delicious Options should fix that, but it shouldn't really be getting out of sync like that at all. Hmm.
mvalente : @Delicious Sorry, no go... "Sync Now" does NOOP and no fix
mvalente : @Delicious Usual behaviour was 1)CtrlShiftL -> local bookmark and automatic 2)CtrlD->delicious bookmark popup
mvalente : @Delicious Step 2 stopped happening...I can manually go CtrlD after CtrlShiftL but thats stupid
mvalente : @vd @karlus Those gay toons have nothin on Speedy
mvalente : @vd @karlus Or the Groovy Goolies for that matter
vd : @mvalente better than speedy is tweety - "I Twaut I Taw a Puddy Tat!" -
karlus : @mvalente speaking of gay ;)
mvalente : @karlus Small developers would rule more somewhere else
mvalente : The Way of Client-Side Templating
mvalente : Drained. Bed.
mvalente : Whoa... Kernel panic on my NeXT...Unheard of...Press the button; reboot...
mvalente : YCombinator series AA equity financing documents The net routes around "glitches"
mvalente : Mirrors.Fedora http://mirrors.fedoraprojec... 503 Unavailable all day... How's one supposed to get things done you morons?
RuiSeabra : @mvalente seems they are having some problems:
mvalente : Now running serverside Javascript
alcides : @mvalente jsx=extended js? and what engine are you using?
mvalente : @alcides JSEXT
mvalente : @alcides "All you need in order to move the sum function from client to server is to change filename from .js to .jsx"... GOTTA LOVE IT! :)
alcides : @mvalente If you do not give it arguments, it shows you the source code... I dont like it!
mvalente : @alcides I do :) Thats the spirit of the web... But you can hide serverside code if you want to...
mvalente : @alcides "And you don't need to list the files that are required by another file, i.e. no include directives"
mvalente : @alcides "Since file names are equal to symbol names, JSEXT automatically figures out which files it needs to load"
mvalente : @alcides "A JSEXT program is split into files.Each file contains JavaScript functions.However,you can also put C functions into the mix."
mvalente : @alcides
mvalente : @mvalente 1993 called they want their CGI scripts back JS source:
mvalente : @mvalente 1993 called they want their CGI scripts back JS source:
mvalente : @celso The book mentioned is not 30 min, but still a good overall view
mvalente : @rpimenta Though I cringe with the state of dependency hell in linux and dont have as much patience as before, I can still hack sysadm cli
mvalente : @rpimenta Big LOL on the domain registration thingie :)
celso : @mvalente I'm sure you have :)
mvalente : Javascript actually has Zope-like acquisition... which is nice!...
mvalente : Help!! I'm drowning in {{{;;;;}}}}...I want Python-like indentation on Javascript...
mvalente : @microft Now there's a thought! :)... Got a ready made macro? :)...
mvalente : PyPlus http://www.imitationpickles... takes the { } out of c++ (or javascript for that matter)... Thx for the idea/tip @microft ...
PauloQuerido : @mvalente yeaps. "And yet the addition of Twitter turns a snowball into an avalanche"
microft : @mvalente never coded something like that in vim, sorry. But that PyPlus is a great find, thanks!
mvalente : @cpinto Right way is to use Choice Modelling (a simple 4 or 5 choice menu will do...)
cpinto : @mvalente you're smart ;-) thanks for the tip
mvalente : Cherokee is faster than lighttpd, nginx and apache
mvalente : @vd @cpinto So you're both full, it was a good pizza place... I'm guessing Casanova...
vd : @mvalente no, no pizza here. just home cooked meal at home and this (all) cream goodies
vd : @mvalente I've got a huge bag of that on the freezer, waiting for the oven
ferro : OMG @mvalente is following @Hugo_Chavez
mvalente : Amazon's EC2 storage Elastic Block Store (EBS)
mvalente : Interested in a $100 email-only gadget?
mvalente : @mvalente More interesting question: Is there a market for a cheap, *twitter* only gadget?... Like PG says, I'd invest in that :)...
mvalente : @mvalente More interesting question: Is there a market for a cheap, *twitter* only gadget?... Like PG says, I'd invest in that :)...
microft : @mvalente and what would it do when twitter goes "whale and birds"? :-D
als : @mvalente I can't find the link but I've heard/read @ev on how he'd like to see a Twitter only device. You'd have good backing :)
andr3 : @mvalente @als it'd be interesting to see the sales numbers of sony mylo. as for twitter only, no f-ing way. what happened to openness?
mvalente : 11 Things Startups Should Know About Enterprise 2.0 Read now.
igbun : @mvalente zope-like acquisition in javascript? how?
mvalente : And we have a winner! Chain.js the perfect templating engine
mvalente : Serverside Javascript arena heating up!
dbarradas : @mvalente do you (or anyone) know of an alternative of chain.js for prototype?
mvalente : Off to bed... Long day looking at Spidermonkey internals and Javascript code...
vd : and just before bed and to @mvalente :) here's Dr.Bombay - Calcutta:
alcides : @mvalente will be smiling at this:
mvalente : I used Lisp and Scheme at university, but since functional is "fashionable", between Haskell, Erlang or OcaML I chose Javascript
mvalente : EJScript looks yummy...
cpinto : @mvalente indeed :-)
mvalente : AppWeb also looks yummy
mvalente : Just had an idea but @lazyweb stole the id :)...The @answerme copycat is cool but lacks the nice @lazyweb id. Why not merge? Or @lazytwit ?
alcides : @mvalente I created @lazyt, but never did anything with it.
pickofthetwitr : @mvalente I created @lazyt, but never did anything with it.
alcides : @mvalente my idea was 1), but at the time I had no server to run the bot :/ Maybe later tonight I'll do it :)
mvalente : LOL!!! hg clone tracemonkey ---> no space left on device :-)
mvalente : Finally running serverside javascript 1.8 tracemonkey (source code )...Now for some perf tests...
celso : @mvalente Mozilla catching up with Squirrelfish ?
mvalente : @alcides Standard issue you dont get access to that stuff... Several extensions availabe like jsext, ejscript, jslibs provide that...
mvalente : @alcides Or, if you disagree with those, you implement your own ;-)...
mvalente : @alcides I'm happy to do without the JVM (Rhino) or Python's VM (py-spider) adding to performance issues.
mvalente : @alcides Actually in the standard issue spidermonkey there's a File object
mvalente : Stumpedia is a nice idea...Lets see if it gets traction or if it gets googleized...
mvalente : @alcides Damn you, fscked my perf tests! But serverside JS 1.8 tracemonkey now has File support srccode:
mvalente : Too much JS and Spidermonkey src once again. Off to bed. Perf tests with Dromaeo and Sunspider l8r tomorrow...
alcides : @celso @mvalente stats on Safari4 vs TraceMonkey vs AS3:
mvalente : Spidermonkey builtin tests need perl install to run...wonders never cease...
bjunior : @mvalente
alcides : @mvalente regarding your blog posts: bar chats are SOOOO much easy to interpret that time output :/
mvalente : @alcides :) With time output you can copy paste and do your own eye candy :)
mvalente : Twitter is so good at fscking that they acquired and made a mess out of it...
mjvm : @mvalente http://shootout.alioth.debi... ?
mvalente : @mjvm No, it was actually, but thx anyway...
mvalente : Yet another serverside Javascript Tracemonkey performance post at Fed up with tests, off to bed...
mvalente : INTP, Engineer, Intellectual, Logical, Musical http://mvalente.mypersonali... What else is new?...
mvalente : Yet another entrance into the serverside javascript appserver arena
mvalente : Twitter, MQs, XMPP, pubsub + kitchen sink post
f : @mvalente that's a great post indeed - thanks for the pointer
mvalente : @PauloQuerido Pq Flash vai morrer: acessibilidade, UI diferente, SEO, -speed. E pq js+css faz tudo
PauloQuerido : @mvalente tenho feito tudo em js+css:
mvalente : @PauloQuerido Nao discuto :)... Em 5 anos o Flash vai estar no mm "nicho" em q estao as Java applets (ie. +- nulo)
mvalente : Ajax Animator is nice http://antimatter15.110mb.c... It does Flash but also Processing.js+canvas. 5 years? Make it 2...
shrike_pt : @mvalente I knew about playback :) Is capture really on the table?
mvalente : @shrike_pt If the Flash VM can do it, there's no reason why the JS VM cant... Why should the browser have 2 embedded VMs (or 3 w/ Java) ?
mvalente : Does anyone have a link for worlwide chat/IRC usage statistics (no IM)? Nr users, nr messages, hours/day, etc?
mvalente : Thesis break = new post at More on serverside JS tracemonkey performance (Sunspider tests)
vd : hear, hear, three is the magic number - by @mvalente (yes, I've arrived late)
mvalente : If you like AC/DC, new band Airbourne is your kinda thang
mvalente : Read the article, look at the map... Whats wrong with the picture/map? Can you spot the vegetables?
cpinto : @mvalente fyi we're working on having a TCUK lisbon meetup
mvalente : and pgeek are getting less and less interesting each day....
mvalente : @PauloQuerido Tb conhecido como o efeito Gildot....LOL
mvalente : @franciscocosta For me anything with "tuga" on its name is equivalent to "for morons and rednecks"...
franciscocosta : @mvalente Don't judge a book by its cover (or its name) :)
mvalente : Today I 'ave been mostly doing: footnotes! Which was nice... must traffic peak is all my fault... Off to bed now.
franciscocosta : @mvalente video sex shop? that's so old.. met
mvalente : Why do I bother?...
mvalente : @alcides "Can I haz small claims?" You haz already...
alcides : @mvalente Thank you, and another alternatives were also posted in comments. I think the problem is the lack of information about it.
mvalente : The Thesis has landed...
mvalente : Impossible to run Dromaeo perf tests on JS serverside... To much browser/DOM dependency...
mvalente : @jeresig Any plans/versions of Dromaeo for serverside perf tests? Impossible to run the tests due to browser/DOM dependencies...
mvalente : @karlus Running under cover of moonlight....
vd : @mvalente ahhhh maybe not... maybe he's referring to something like this :
mvalente : @jeresig Thx I'll try to run the standalone .js files with serverside 1.8tracemonkey to see how it stands
mvalente : End of Summer melancholy? Starting school thrill! Enroll now!
mvalente : Coverflow in JS+canvas. No Flash needed... http://radnan.public.iastat...
mvalente : "Cry if you must but die you will" Back when 8min videos could go on MTV. Fucking epic...
alcides : @mvalente if Javascript's the assembly language for the browser, I want to see the Python of if :)
mvalente : Licensing game IP is easier/cheaper than I would ever thought...
vd : chrome with a *new js jvm* ? oh! I can see now @mvalente dancing and saying, told you so
mvalente : Ah! the good old days!... telnet://
mind_booster : @mvalente there are still a bunch of operational BBS's out there...
ncb000gt : @mvalente Do you really expect to have methods larger than 64KB?
mvalente : @ncb000gt But I would like to be able to have 2Mb *javascript* files
mvalente : "Oh track record is a must"... Bite me...
mvalente : Who gives a fuck about Chrome... I'm downloading V8 Javascript engine and testing serverside :)
mvalente : Except for V8 JS engine speed, I'm not that impressed with Chrome. Nice start, but it has a way to go.... I'll keep to FF3 for now...
d3x7r0 : @mvalente I'm with you... Get me V8 into Epiphany and I'm all set :P
LeviFig : @mvalente Same here! I like the JS performance quite a bit and the overall concept of multi-threads... but won't overtake FF3 here either!
mvalente : Chromium Google Chrome source code
mvalente : @alcides Chrome is to Chromium like Firefox is to Mozilla; Chrome is a particular implementation/"distribution" of a source code base
mvalente : @alcides And, of course, V8 is the chrome-likeness of Spidermonkey; with Webkit (layout engine) being the Gecko opponent
mvalente : @alcides Those would be GMail and GReader... Just create shortcuts for them in your desktop w/ Chrome and they run as standalone apps...
mvalente : Oooh, girlie fight! V8 vs Tracemonkey speed The heat is on! :-)
mvalente : Hmmm, thinking: what if I plug Tracemonkey's nanojit into V8? will something explode? We'll soon find out...(ah yes,it was the middle one..)
microft : @mvalente the mozilla code monkeys where up all night get it to run faster in SunSpider
mvalente : @microft Of course they did, they're professionals...
mvalente : Chrome starts faster due to lower memory footprint than FF3 but this quickly changes since it spawns multiple subprocesses...
mvalente : @mvalente So Chrome is better for quick web lookups but worse for the kind of sustained, in-memory, multiple tabs use...
mvalente : @mvalente So Chrome is better for quick web lookups but worse for the kind of sustained, in-memory, multiple tabs use...
mvalente : @alcides You must be wrong, JS cannot be "awesome", that must be made in Flash.... ;-)
mvalente : Start Chrome; input URL "about:network"; have fun...
alcides : @mvalente And this one must be Silverlight then: http://radnan.public.iastat... ;)
mvalente : @celso @pedrocs
alcides : @mvalente 1st if I'm going to be a SME or 2nd if I want to be the next Google/Yahoo/etc... Personally, I'd go with the first one.
mind_booster : @mvalente I guess that would depend *a lot* for what kind of startup is this... But I don't think I would ever give 50% of a business
mind_booster : @alcides @mvalente exactly my point
mvalente : @alcides @mind_booster A >50% ownership has zero to do with voting rights; a different setup can be done in a parasocial agreement.
mvalente : @celso Twitter Reliability Update: Last month we saw 100% downtime on IM services and so far this month we're still on target for the same.
mind_booster : @mvalente decisionwise yes, but even in a shareholders agreement if someone has more than 50%, he owns the damn thing
mvalente : @mind_booster Well, private shareholders hold >50% and own the damn thing; the owners of the golden share could care less :)...
mvalente : @mind_booster I'm referring to PT, of course...
mind_booster : @mvalente right! :-) well, as I said, each case is a case, but *in general* a scenario where I would have <= 50% wouldn't attract me...
RuiSeabra : @mvalente the values, however, aren't proportional :)
dbarradas : @mvalente 50k for 50%. 5k are worthless in any serious setup. besides, 5k is easy to borrow 50k is trickyer
mind_booster : @mvalente ...but even launching can be done better or worse. good launch:
mvalente : @jneves FAIL
mvalente : libv8 + libfastcgi = Server Side JavaScript
sippndipp : @mvalente always happens when i'm on vacation. Hope to see you today ;-)
jneves : @mvalente well, DECO went to the point of saying that government/legislation intervention in economy is always worst for the consumer
mvalente : GameQuery, JQuery plugin for game programming Flash? 5 years? Make it 3...
sippndipp : Met @mvalente in lisboa. Thanks for all the tips and advices. Up to flea market now :-)
mvalente : Enter Sandman
mvalente : @davewiner I dont want a "river of news" feedreader... I want a goddamn "river of events" operating system...
mvalente : Getting inspiration from running Rez on NullDC emulator
mvalente : @fredwilson Like I said to @davewiner, I dont want a "river of news" feedreader, I want a goddamn "river of events" operating system...
mvalente : @timoreilly Like I said to @davewiner and @fredwilson, dont want a "river of news" feedreader, I want a "river of events" operating system.
mind_booster : @mvalente care to describe more about your "river of events" idea?
mvalente : @mind_booster For "river of events" OS idea see especially last paragraph (aka "I predicted Ubiquity" :-)
mind_booster : @mvalente I see... Did you ever read "Rainbows End"? Is that the kind of interactivity you expect to get from the "Future OS"?
mvalente : @mind_booster Havent read it. But probably not, knowing VV "style" (3D, VR, etc)
mvalente : @mind_booster More of an Aurora CEP/Streambase kinda stuff. PubSub Async interaction/IO with the OS...
mind_booster : @mvalente Well, once you have the time for it, I recommend you to check it out... Yes, it has some of VR, but also some other ideas...
mvalente : @celso Here's your 1995 screenshot in higher def
celso : @mvalente 10x!
mvalente : Feeling Off to bed.
mvalente : WOW!! MochaUI Fscking wow!!!
mvalente : Thesis finally done. Sleep now, my brain hurts. Deliver tomorrow. 4 day end of summer beach holiday after.
mvalente : @f Yammer, SocialCast and others are different from Twitter because they target a market with money to spend: business and enterprises.
mvalente : @cpinto @vd Even though it was not "cptn obvious" stuff back in 1991...
mvalente : @mvalente @cpinto @vd Forgot the link ...
mvalente : @mvalente @cpinto @vd Forgot the link ...
cpinto : @mvalente in '91 you guys were fucking visionaries, these guys are just cashing in, putting empty labels on what they pretend to understand
mvalente : @cpinto Check the book The *original* guys were not cashing in...
alcides : @mvalente back to blogging? MLs? or friendfeed?
mvalente : @alcides More like "back to working" probably :-) No more "thesis" excuses to spend the day at home reading papers, RSS and twitter :-)
mvalente : 5 days off. = 131 posts. Planetgeek = 332 posts. PG is off my feed list...
armandoalves : @alcides @vd @cpinto No comments ... Retweeting @mvalente: 5 days off. = 131 posts. Planetgeek = 332 posts. PG is off my feed list...
mvalente : Is JavaScript becoming a Ruby killer?
ncb000gt : Retweeting @mvalente: Is JavaScript becoming a Ruby killer?
mvalente : @rcarmo Lack of customer/consumer awareness, education and information on what he's buying. They dont know shit and geekspeak doesnt help.
mvalente : Right then... Today I'm gonna have me some fun with my GR3 loop machine...
celso : @mvalente Apparently your prediction wasn't right :)
mvalente : @celso My prediction only applies to normal, free market deals... Not shady deals between socialist/communist countries...
sippndipp : @mvalente Twitter != IRC... just unfollow all that dudes that inform you about the color of their pee and find better ones
celso : @mvalente I don't think "normal free market" applies to classmate platform deals... or olpc...
mvalente : 4 hour workweek my ass... aka a economia do chico esperto... off to bed.
mvalente : @vd They didnt get to find a white knight like Merrill Lynch (who was also ready for bankruptcy)
mvalente : @vd Maybe Dubya Bush, the North American Hugo Chavez, was out of money from having "bought" (nationalized) Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae...
JorgeLaranjo : @mvalente: a) I don't think so. b) BCP if any c) For sure.
vd : @mvalente maybe not ...
mvalente : @vd Yeah baby, lets lower interest rates and print more money! That'll solve our problems!... Large inflation? Who cares...
mvalente : @rpimenta Nationalism + Socialism = Dictatorship...
rpimenta : @mvalente Indeed. Time-proven.
JorgeLaranjo : @mvalente Desta forma, o BCP cai 4,62 % para os 1,18 euros, o BES perde 5,15% para os 7,96 euros e o BPI recua 3,17% para os 2,20 euros.
mvalente : WTF conclusion: current crisis is all due to capitalism. Forget all about EU and US socialist actions (subsidies, welfare, bailouts)...
mvalente : @mvalente Forget all about Keynesian debt (US largest debtor in the world, borrowing from China) for public "investment"...
mvalente : @mvalente Forget all about Keynesian debt (US largest debtor in the world, borrowing from China) for public "investment"...
mvalente : @mvalente No, sir, this is all capitalism's fault; lets do more social(ist) state interventions and all will be fine,just like back in 1929.
mvalente : @mvalente No, sir, this is all capitalism's fault; lets do more social(ist) state interventions and all will be fine,just like back in 1929.
mvalente : @mvalente Meanwhile China is growing 10% by becoming a capitalist economy (not a democracy mind you...)
mvalente : @mvalente Meanwhile China is growing 10% by becoming a capitalist economy (not a democracy mind you...)
mvalente : @mvalente China got 2 things right: 1) economic system != political system; 2) democracy is for suckers... Authority+Capitalism FTW...
mvalente : @mvalente China got 2 things right: 1) economic system != political system; 2) democracy is for suckers... Authority+Capitalism FTW...
oliveirasalazar : @mvalente Quem diria... os chineses a lerem o meu livrinho "Como se levanta um Estado" e a seguirem a minha receita...
vd : sign of times ... watching @mvalente talking to dead people on twitter ...
mvalente : @sippndipp TSA is a group of people thinking about web architecture, in particular clientside view/templating
mvalente : @sippndipp JS via Spidermonkey, definitely; added Java layer footprint is much too much....
shrike_pt : @mvalente Dude, 1929 was due to pure capitalism. Even the republicans acknowledge that. Google for " laize-faire" policy.
mvalente : @shrike_pt What happens when you print money? Inflation,dude! And when inflation hits,the Fed doesnt do shit thereby reducing money supply.
mvalente : @shrike_pt "Prices inflated" and then "no currency available" makes what would have been recession into major depression.
mvalente : @shrike_pt And why, dude? Because of government intervention, socialist actions and measures to "maintain" the system. Plus incompetence++.
mvalente : @shrike_pt So, dude, stop reproducing the party line and Google for (*gosh golly) "1929 crash fed" and you might learn something
mvalente : @shrike_pt Plus, I dont give a shit about your socialist/collectivist "history" books. I know my history, I just dont get it spoon fed.
mvalente : @shrike_pt And I know my macroeconomics (17/20 score with Prof. Dr. Cavaco Silva)... Dude...
shrike_pt : @mvalente I call BS on that but twitter is not the way to discuss that. BTW nice 17/20 mark, but a ways from my 96% at eco101w back in ...
shrike_pt : @mvalente 1991 in UCT... AND waving willies around is a silly way to gain upper hand in "let's reinvent history" arguments.
alcides : @mvalente will love this slide!
flaviapm : @mvalente brasileiros perceberam antes
mvalente : @shrike_pt I call BS on FCT eco101 and on your "willies/reinvent history" arguments, but you're right, Twitter is not the place. Over n out.
mvalente : No CNBC, "more regulation" is not the answer.
mvalente : HD picture bombers at 0:45
trodrigues : @mvalente a couple of friends of mine did something a bit like that in the last few weeks. i was really surprised by it
mvalente : WebMynd FF extension is nice! Works like a DVR for the web...
celso : @mvalente Nice and scary.
jneves : @mvalente google bought valve? why would that cause bb complaints? after doubleclick...
mvalente : Anyone on Strands? If you want to join I have 2 invites...
mvalente : Anyone on Strands? If you want to join I have 2 invites...
trodrigues : @mvalente yes, i know and i totally understand the reason. i just never pictured google acquiring that kind of company
millette : @mvalente intrigues me if you can invite, I'd sure appreciate it. I can't direct message you though...
als : @mvalente everyone says it's because of Steam, and maybe it is... but they're only saying it because they can't think of anything else.
als : @mvalente what is Google going to distribute through Steam?
mvalente : @millette Seems you already are on Strands right? Let me know if you dont need the invite so I can send it to someone else...
mvalente : Still have one Strands invite.
mvalente : Still have one Strands invite.
armandoalves : @als @mvalente Distributed content with a AppStore for games? userbase and social network? Trying to figure out E.Schmidt & Co ...
mvalente : @cpinto @rubenfonseca Actually is probably the better place to visit for Persevere
mvalente : @cpinto @rubenfonseca is currently down, there should be a RFC proposal with the format around
mvalente : @cpinto @rubenfonseca But checkout and
mvalente : MoreCSS is way too much fun! The 'shake' property (#zbr { shake: strong; }) just cracks me up :)...
BrunoFigueiredo : @mvalente: did you got my email about the Strands invite?
mvalente : Its been a busy day, couldnt even practice I'm off to get some sleep...
adrianoafonso : @mvalente u r very nostalgic
mvalente : Oh look! http://arcade.christianmont... Its not Flash, its Javascript! OK shut up already...
mvalente : Except for two self-assigned-zero-score items, I guess I do fit the bill....
cpinto : @mvalente thanks, I'll definitely check them out and let them know you said hi
mvalente : Confirmed one more time: Galeto has the best tartare this side of Fouquet's and the Champs Elysees.
mvalente : Well, it seems capitalism DOES work If socialist governments let it work...
mvalente : Oh no! Its Pacman And its not Flash! Its... you know what it is...
armandoalves : @mvalente You can build one yourself :)
mvalente : ErlyJS For highly scalable and lightning fast serverside Javascript...Hmmmm....
mvalente : BREAD, not CRUD
sippndipp : @mvalente CRUDing is overated. Mechanics are clear but I see so many people just using it in demo screencasts but not in the wild.
mvalente : I could tell you about the presentation that I'm working on for tomorrow but then I'd have to kill you.
celso : @mvalente aka "death by powerpoint"
mvalente : @sippndipp There you go We need SSJS standards
mvalente : We're off to see the Wizard! The wonderful wizard of Oz....
mvalente : Scary monsters! Super creeps!
mvalente : Gr8 tech/ppt today from alma mater coleague Paulo Sousa "The CRUTIAL way of Critical Infrastructure Protection" More a ...
sippndipp : @mvalente know this one? we need something similar
mvalente : @sippndipp Or (*brrrr*) MS JScript reference
mvalente : @sippndipp 10gen core also a possibility
mvalente : Qual Madonna qual o catano!
mvalente :
sippndipp : @mvalente this one is nice.
mvalente : You wanna play at "socialism"? Then do it right: let the fucking bankers FAIL and put up the 700 billion in credit lines for the avg Joe...
mvalente : I'm fed up with Open Arena. Need to find some other FPS to play. Any suggestions?
mvalente : @bpedro @celso @karlus @PauloQuerido
adrianoafonso : @mvalente this may help
nosuchuser : @mvalente na SIC
chbm : crap. esqueci-me de ver o @celso e o @mvalente!
ruidlopes : @mvalente aquilo era uma les paul standard? se sim, bom gosto :)
mvalente : @alcides @microft De qq forma deve aparecer aqui mais cedo ou mais tarde...
ruidlopes : @mvalente the movie: and
mvalente : Filme de zombies "I'll see you in my dream" Thanks @ruidlopes ...
alcides : @rbadaro Grande Reportagem na Sic sobre "os Bons Piratas", feats @mvalente, @celso e mais uns dois e meio.
mvalente : llv8call might become interesting for serverside javascript
cpinto : @mvalente @ssn if each startup employs 5 people w/ $1MM USD of funding that'd be 3.5 million jobs
cpinto : @mvalente @ssn and that should last for at least 3/4 years
mind_booster : @mvalente first your name would have to be on the ballot...
rpimenta : Having said that, I'd vote for @mvalente for Prime Minister...
mvalente : Ratt, Crue, big hair, guitars, pre-Coverdale Tawny Kitaen Rock n roll!! Party on!!
mvalente : http://indiebandsurvivalgui... is nice, but I still prefer KLF's "The Manual"
LuRsT : @rubenfonseca I heard people at my estagio talking about the "gajo da sapo" @celso and the dude from government @mvalente.
mvalente : Lunch at Olivier? Much overrated.
mvalente : JStORM Yes, a javascript object/relational mapper...
vd : @fiwipa @mvalente don't know. never went there before, but yes, my friend also told me that
mvalente : Sorry -3 followers...
filipefmelo : @mvalente Baniste-os automaticamente? Ou manualmente?
filipefmelo : @mvalente ;)
mvalente : OK dear lazyweb I want a Javascript to BEAM (Erlang's VM) compiler. You got until next week...
lazytweet : [from @mvalente] OK dear lazyweb I want a Javascript to BEAM (Erlang's VM) compiler. ..
mvalente : How to GET a Cup of Coffee
mvalente : The old rocker wore his hair too long Unfashionable to the end...
mvalente : Stand FIAT brasileiro FAIL
mvalente : @PauloQuerido Justin.TV?
celso : trying iCal::Parser::HTML (10x @tom__ trying @f @mvalente )
mvalente : I was born with Heart of Lothian On the verge of indecision, I'll always take the roudabout way.
cpinto : @mvalente it feels good to be a banksta
mvalente : @sippndipp SSJS is my thing :) But I guess you knew that already :)
mvalente : My brother turned 39 today and I got my (late) 40th birthday gift: The KISS remasters! \o/
BrunoFigueiredo : @mvalente: estas a pensar ir a SHIFT?
LuRsT : @mvalente thank you mvalente!
mvalente : @jneves Bullshit.
mvalente : The Call of the Entrepreneur http://www.calloftheentrepr...
mvalente : @celso Make that 5.... #codebits quiz 2 done... no bash this time, google images (and 6 months of no work :) is your friend...
mvalente : @psvensson @sippndipp "Web future without web frameworks" SOFEA, SOUI, PURE, TSA and sutff...
mvalente : @codebits Vamos receber confirmacao das respostas ao quiz 2 ?...
mvalente : "I love the smell of recession in the morning!"
PauloQuerido : @mvalente "The greatest opportunities come when everyone else is paralyzed by fear"
mvalente : Recession: less money, less wannabes, less noise/marketing, less competition, cheaper resources, more focus, more eficiency, more profit $/$
mvalente : @microft No you got it wrong... Its actually me who starts recessions so that I can then startup stuff on the cheap :)
mvalente : @tom__ Fuse is probably for UK's 110V instead of the shaky and high powered 220V
mvalente : @karlus It has to be fscking broad to pay for the 1 million Euro buyout....
mvalente : @cpinto If you like Fishbone then checkout Primus
mvalente : @cpinto Or Phish
mvalente : @cpinto Scamboogery is a fine album
cpinto : @mvalente yeah I know, it's the suicidal tendencies bass player ;-) prefer "what goes up" but can't find a video of it
mvalente : Edge magazine November issue has a major article on Deus Ex Machina 2009 25th aniversary.
mvalente : Mark my words : gold bullion Because you simply cant print gold; gold doesnt like socialists.
mvalente : Gold now at 920 If it crosses 1000, the sky (1500?2000?) is the limit...
jneves : @mvalente and the stock markets still have a ban on short selling...
mvalente : And now for something completely different: the KazooKeylele
eluis : @mvalente It was just a matter of time. Security?! That does not exist.
ppinheiro76 : @mvalente WPA fail, GPU win! :-)
Koshdukai : @mvalente 300million pw's a second enough for a WPA2-AES256 ?! -.-'
mvalente : Day LOL: "Given no Zope 2 on Python 2.5 I suggest you buy some serious chiller units for hell or invest in some bovine aviation devices"
microft : @mvalente where did you read that?
mvalente : @ruidlopes @pedrocs Even my Gibson LP sounds like DG Strat :-)....
ruidlopes : @mvalente I only use the pod's accompanying software. is GR available just in software? if so, is it worth the shot?
ruidlopes : @mvalente apart from the original, I still prefer Anathema's version: (around minute 4:50)
mvalente : Real VC Might Be The Safest Asset Class Today Real VC different from momentum VC... I feel vindicated...
mvalente : @codebits I give up... I've hit par 132 for quizz 3 and, at least for today, dont see a chance of going lower...
joaop : @mvalente just got a 124 solution. Quite clever!
mvalente : @phantas @codebits I stand at 132 chars for Q3... Kolmogorov complexity is a bitch and my automata/turing knowledge is long gone...
mvalente : @vd Twitter IM is not coming back It is dead
mvalente : Are We All Socialists Now? Hell, NO!, count me out... Ayn Rand Saw This Coming
mvalente : @plaureano Feeling bored? ;-)
plaureano : @mvalente a bit tired of unity3d (looking into possible codebits stuff)... needed a break... :-<)
mvalente : @plaureano Have a break with GameQuery (jQuery plug-in to help make javascript games )
plaureano : @mvalente blargh. Looking into 3d game engines (after 2 years). Codebits is (just) the perfect excuse, I want to write another game soon.
mvalente : @plaureano
mvalente : Hmmm... Plain language/OS has some nice ideas
mvalente : Make that *Pliant* language/OS has nice ideas
RuiSeabra : @mvalente os tapetes que se fodam, a FCT da U.Coimbra poderia oferecer a propina a 2k alunos durante 3 anos!
mvalente : @mvalente Mas estes "jornalistas" chegam a verificar as fontes? Chegam a trabalhar e fazer o q lhes compete?
mvalente : @mvalente Mas estes "jornalistas" chegam a verificar as fontes? Chegam a trabalhar e fazer o q lhes compete?
mvalente : "Freddie Mac, was a government sponsored enterprise (GSE) of the United States federal government"
mvalente : "GSE function is to enhance the flow of credit to sectors of the economy and make segments of the capital market efficient and transparent"
rpimenta : @mvalente This gig promotion thing... must look further into it. Revenue streams never hurt.
mvalente : @codebits Yeah the triple loop for generating the ASCII sequence was the secret. Congratulations to the winner.
phantas : @mvalente @codebits still can't see the difference between X[>X<-]>[>X<-] and X[>X>[>X<-]<-] though 4 loop...
phantas : @mvalente 3loop only saves you 'bout 3 chars. his secret was the overflow, mine was 8->5 tape boxes with a 32 add halfway the Codebits
mvalente : @codebits Shitgoddamhellfuck!! I hate IE and Live maps...
karlus : @mvalente i just don't recognize the first two :)
codebits : @mvalente sorry, GeoEye-1's images weren't available yet.
mvalente : Closing up shop for today... I leave you with the Coverdale killer, the Voice of Rock
andr3 : @mvalente and you can redirect firebug's console.log() to log.debug(). Handy for non-FF browsers. thanks.
mvalente : @mvalente Can anyone recommend anything (books, movies, videos, comics, art) with the same sort of aesthetics?
mvalente : @mvalente Can anyone recommend anything (books, movies, videos, comics, art) with the same sort of aesthetics?
mvalente : Off to with the benefit of independence and a 4x4 pine block helper
igbun : @mvalente socialism vs liberalism was before. now, injecting liquidity is a way to avoid a counterparty meltdown
LuRsT : @mvalente ...and using linux is the way to go :D
psvensson : @mvalente pdf2canvas. wow! Hmm. Would you consider using Dojo's gfx? Canvasalike API with cross-browser support (svg/vml/canvas/sl)
mvalente : @karlus LOL on the business model... Stop watching videos and go to work! ;)
mvalente : Off to lunch with Will Smith and an afternoon of "consulting"...
mvalente : If you want/can do Flash motion graphics (illustration+animation) freelance work, contact @watusirv ASAP
mvalente : @vax4200 WTF?!?! vax4200?!?! I should go ahead and block you just for putting me into WTF mode....
vax4200 : @mvalente Geez... Just trying to unify (whilst obscuring) online presence(s). More changes to come... :)
vax4200 : @mvalente Also, I was curious on how Twitter would "fix" followers and history of updates... former: 6hours+, latter: broken.
mvalente : I'm getting this weird "its-1993-all-over-again" feeling that makes me angry/elated/scared/amused all at the same time....
jneves : @mvalente you already decided on the new business?
mvalente : "95% of ppl in the VC business think it's a financial business, about investing. It's not. It's about building companies"
mvalente : Awake late. Off to #shift08 ...
vd : @mvalente wtf ? you'll be here ? :) lunch ?
microft : @mvalente too bad you can't invest in it... or can you?
mvalente : @microft LOL I actually thought the same thing! :)...
mvalente : @microft Maybe some finance guy can come up with a structured/hedged investment vehicle for that... Me, I flunked 3 times at Corp Finance...
mvalente : @tom__ .... is doable online. You need a registered company/trademark for .pt subdomain...
tom__ : @mvalente Thanks btw - lots of info there, and in English. Will try and work it out :)
tom__ : @mvalente Muito bem, 'brigadinho
mvalente : Almost 10y later Mr Oizo's Flat Beat feat Flat Eric is still a killer :)
psvensson : @mvalente word.
cpinto : @mvalente you should like this:
mvalente : I feel like erasing with extreme prejudic people coding Javascript stuff on top of Java or Erlang....
mvalente : Spidermonkey/Javascript+OpenGLES+Processing eye candy On the iPhone....
mvalente : HSS: CSS compiler Nice...
mvalente : + + me = KISS Cold Gin (feat. MV)
mvalente : Tired of Kiss r'n'r powerchords, a sample of an afernoon of me solo improvising over Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb Vol.++
mvalente : @ruidlopes Thought about the Floyd Rose but decided it would devalue my Gibson Les Paul Signature model :)
ruidlopes : @mvalente well... you got a point there, but even Alex Lifeson (Rush) has a floyd-rose-customised Les Paul :)
mvalente : @ruidlopes But I've had guitars with Floyd Rose (an Ibanez X series and a Charvel strat) and been thinking of geting this
mvalente : @ruidlopes A Floyd Rose in a custom made is AOK... Even Ace has one...But chopping up a LP Signature is not a good idea ;-)...
ruidlopes : @mvalente personally I'd go this way, but the Jackson is awesome (although not highly versatile).
mvalente : Hmm, you can now host your own AppJet instances Packaged serverside Javascript... nice...
mvalente : @mvalente "Armed with our newfound knowledge, we can start to see JavaScript in a new light."...
mvalente : @mvalente "Armed with our newfound knowledge, we can start to see JavaScript in a new light."...
mvalente : @vd Lisbon needs fast what? Another State "initiative"? Another Microsoft-owned "program"? I dont think so....
vd : @mvalente well, they've the concept alright, but yeah, it was nice that could be private initiative
mvalente : Thinking about what I'm thinking
mvalente : My TwitWall
mvalente : I'll give it less than 4 weeks for TwitWall to be acquired by Twitter for 15/20 million....
mvalente : Harmony http://www.harmony-framewor... wants you to use PHP to develop for the browser (php2js conversion)
mvalente : @mvalente I'm thinking of using Harmony to develop using serverside Javascript :-) (think php2js conversion of PHP existing apps)
mvalente : @mvalente I'm thinking of using Harmony to develop using serverside Javascript :-) (think php2js conversion of PHP existing apps)
psvensson : @mvalente Is it really so hard to just code a real client instead? Everybody is so afraid of the browser. Meh :)
mvalente : Startup pitching by the distortion field master himself, 15 years ago Or why I still have a NeXT and OSX is a success...
mvalente : @gotwitwall Thx for the heads up, its been corrected.
plaureano : @mvalente Yup. The game rocks. I am founding the World of goo anonymous group so we can talk about it :-)
mvalente : @plaureano Goo is a bit old by now... and out of the Indie Games Festival 2008 I preferred Crayon Physics
mvalente : @pedromelo Indeed + But I must say that I prefer JSEXT
mvalente : @pedromelo Especially the "Calling C functions" part :)
mvalente : Compromising Wired Keyboards "Found 4 ways to recover keystrokes from keyboards from up to 20m away even through walls"
mvalente : @mvalente Friends with black sunglasses are gonna love this stuff...
mvalente : @mvalente Friends with black sunglasses are gonna love this stuff...
mvalente : @cpinto I would provide an answer if I could understand the supposedly "big" question...
mvalente : Top 10 Reasons All Video Games Should Be 2D
cpinto : @mvalente hmmmm I don't know about that. chuck norris did wipe the floor with bruce lee
mvalente : @celso Chuck Norris simply doesnt have the same artistical range
celso : @mvalente rotfl!
mvalente : Tweet what you spend http://www.tweetwhatyouspen... Next up: spend using tweets (twitmoney)....
ppinheiro76 : @mvalente And the shit hits the fan when switch a "d" with a "@" in a moment of distraction... :-)
plaureano : @celso @mvalente FEAR! You guys are in for a nice surprise at codebits...
plaureano : @celso @mvalente I can assure you guys that a lot of pain, jumping around, driving, bonuses... and you get two extra lives each.
plaureano : @celso @mvalente Now, insert a coin please... :-)
plaureano : @mvalente I need the long hair in there. Really! Boy, am I having fun. Voice capture (required) will be done there, live, on codebits!
rcarmo : @celso @mvalente my bet is that you'll be playing Q3 or UT with your own avatars. Some people would cheer that :)
mvalente : @rcarmo @celso @plaureano Make it Q3 then... or OpenArena... UT physics suck...
rcarmo : @mvalente @celso @plaureano The Longest Yard, sponsored by Sapo? Heck, I did in-game branding back in 2001 for that... Want my .pk3? :D
mvalente : Starbucks Web Framework: sounds good, but is sure to bring loadsa legal trouble :)
mvalente : @vd So: you dont talk about women; your wife's not on twitter; you seem to have something to hide. Something you want to tell us? :)
rcarmo : @vd @celso @mvalente let's have a monthly state-of-PT-tech lunch. We can call it "Ctrl" (heck, all of the other keys are taken already...)
celso : @rcarmo @vd @mvalente sounds good to me! schedule it!
rcarmo : @vd @celso @mvalente I'm out tomorrow.
mvalente : @rcarmo @celso @vd And yes, the name does hint at some personal doubt/skepticism about the practical value of yet-another-gathering-of-geeks
mvalente : Off to yet-another-talking-and-wanking-meeting; maybe this time I wont be told to calm down :-)....
mvalente : "Its 1AM! I think you should go to sleep...Your brain is totally fu**ed! ;>".... My brainfuck IDE is a certified comedian....
mvalente : @ppinheiro76 A character inspired in Keith Richards is obviously macho.
mvalente : Ah, yes, nothing like Kraftwek coming up on Last.FM to finally solve the f***ing brainf**k quiz
phantas : @mvalente @ppinheiro76 totally irrelevant question of the: Dread Pirate Roberts or Captain Jack Sparrow? And does the black rule work here?
mvalente : @phantas Is that a trick question ? ;-)....
mvalente : @codebits Check mail, optimized solution for no whitespace alternative
mvalente : Cool hack: CSSHTTPRequest
mvalente : @bpedro Sushi? Lots of it? Its a Friday, you cant be at Midori....
mvalente : @cpinto @brunomonteiro You want old? +
cpinto : @mvalente you should start one of them videocasts starring yourself as a VJ. f*ck, I'd watch that. headbangers ball all over again
phantas : @mvalente re: pirates, na, no tricks, just an ol' swashbuckling debate! 'Sides, everyone knows Inigo betters Roberts on a normal day
mvalente : @cpinto Since @brunoferreira mentioned them, its always worth to check out early Queenryche (QR are one of my favorites)
BrunoMonteiro : @mvalente Oh yeah! FTW!
BrunoMonteiro : @cpinto @mvalente and please laugh with Crimson Glory... ;->
BrunoMonteiro : @mvalente @cpinto deeper...
mvalente : @cpinto @brunomonteiro Do not provoke the master my friends
mvalente : Thats Iron Maiden with first vocals guy Paul Di'Anno. I actually bought Killers on vynil when it came out in .PT, back in 81/82
mvalente : @brunomonteiro You want OLD Judas Priest? Look no further than ... So old Rob still had hair and was probably not gay yet
mvalente : @cpinto I dont? Well check out this classic from 72 and try to recognize the bass player/singer
phantas : @mvalente @cpinto I have a piano 2 meters away from me and I had a theme stuck in my head this morning. You two just completely wiped it out
cpinto : @mvalente big, and I mean HUGE WTF!?
mvalente : @cpinto That is indeed Lemmy, singing and playing bass with Hawkwind on classic Silvermachine....
BrunoMonteiro : @cpinto @mvalente BS ftw!
mvalente : @cpinto I can also do better on Metallica
mvalente : Or we can always go back to the always trusty old 60s
mvalente : None better than 1968 (my birthyear) and heavy metal's 1st band: Iron Butterfly
minimalistic : @mvalente listening to deep purple live.. these guys never seem to get old...
cpinto : @mvalente the intro cracked me up lol
cpinto : @mvalente @brunomonteiro I'll leave you guys with more cowbell:
mvalente : But for heavy metal's finest moment:
mvalente : @cpinto Its all about the English bacon&eggs breakfast dilemma: the chicken was involved; the pig was commited.
mvalente : Europe/US in 24 months?
mvalente : @codebits Quiz 9 is done.
mvalente : @rcarmo Or BigFive ?
rcarmo : @mvalente neither. I'm talking about a pure UI framework.
mvalente : @karlus Congratulations to both!
minimalistic : @mvalente essa lib abriu todo um horizonte para mim :D
phantas : @mvalente ah! But you have to be able to distinguish and treat chickens as chickens and pigs as pigs! Strangely, porks rarely put eggs...
mvalente : My wife Cristina is working on a new blog http://chocolateaosmolhos.b... She seems to have catched the virus...
mvalente : "Working" on my #codebits bio/workshop/presentation. Actually playing around with JavE and inventing framework names rather than GTDone...
minimalistic : @mvalente you're a GTD addicted? nice to know that I'm not alone :D
mvalente : @minimalistic Not addicted, no. But since I'm not one of the dual core models, I try to keep organized and GTD (in small doses) helps...
psvensson : @mvalente I at loss for words :)
mvalente : @psvensson LOL! I'm ditching powerpoint/impress. My #codebits presentation will be in either ASCII art or paper napkins...
minimalistic : @mvalente javascript on drugs? LOL
FreemanPT : @mvalente javascript on drugs... hum... that would be tempting... :) and maybe very adictive :)
plaureano : @mvalente You should REALLY try "geek standup comedy", it would rock! I mean it.
alcides : @mvalente In a near future you'll have Rhino on Rails, so the stupid names also apply to js frameworks.
mvalente : @plaureano You know me, I'm a comic riot waiting to happen... I could even tell public administration anecdotes for further laughter :)...
psvensson : @mvalente ROTFLOL!!
mvalente : AC/DC rawkz,no news there. But: they kicked Kaiser Chiefs off #1 and...released their video in Excel Where's your God now?
mvalente : @celso LOL!
mvalente : So, theoretically speaking: one could hack some js/jquery/css to munge a xul app into a browser-based jquery/dojo/dhtml/ajax app... yes?no?
mvalente : @bpedro
cpinto : @vd @mvalente bank says: "for people between 15-25" seems pretty restrictive to me
jneves : @mvalente so taking the storage model one step over Fx 2 (added local storage for xul apps). Nice!
trodrigues : @mvalente i'm still not convinced why javascript on the server is a good thing, so i'm looking forward to your session :)
andr3 : @mvalente I'm _so_ there.
mvalente : @pedrocs Didnt know about GG, not my kinda stuff. This or this would be more to my liking...
mvalente : @minimalistic Lots of help needed :)...
mvalente : @trodrigues Lets see if can convince you then :)....
mvalente : It seems I made it to the Toonlet homepage Which was nice....
vax4200 : @mvalente Syndication + ... = Profit!
minimalistic : @mvalente need more of the gutts and bowles
mvalente : @minimalistic Azure is a color
minimalistic : @mvalente hmm damn.. ehe. I guess this new OS will be a javascript spider web (javascript.. hint.. hint)
mvalente : @f Monster Mash Misfits or Bobby Picket version
mvalente : @f Here's Bobby "Boris" Pickett & The CryptKickers version
minimalistic : @mvalente AHA! I knew it was evil!!!!
mvalente : @f Or Sheb Wooley's Purple People Eater
mvalente : @f Gillan/Glover have a great Purple People Eater cover
mvalente : @f Twisted Sister Horror Teria
mvalente : @f Dokken Dream Warriors
mvalente : @f Mercyful Fate - Come to the Sabbath
mvalente : @f Mercyful Fate - The Oath I cant play this at home Cristina freaks out
mvalente : @f Ozzy Osbourne - Mr Crowley
celso : note to self: don't ask for music suggestions if @mvalente is around.
Caneco : one big, big, big, ROTFL @celso (don't take it serious @mvalente ) muhahahahahah!
Caneco : one big, big, big ROTFL to @celso (don't take it serious @mvalente ) muhahahahah!
mvalente : @f Van Halen - Running with the Devil
alcides : If I could, I'd curse @mvalente not to be able to access youtube :)
mvalente : @f White Zombie - I'm Your Boogie Man
mvalente : @f And, on Helloween, who you gonna call?
mvalente : @celso Revenge for all those Benfica games and @PauloQuerido torrent tweets :) Lucky for you Helloween is just once a year :)
mvalente : @f OK, last one, 10x if you're into mashups Will Smith vs Ray Parker Jr: "Ghostbusters In Black"
ppinheiro76 : @mvalente Party Ben makes excellent mashups:
inf0rmer : @mvalente what are your thoughts on Cappuccino and Objective-J?
mvalente : @inf0rmer That ObjC is hard enough and that they stole a good name for a Javascript framework ;)... All those [[]] are worse than {} and ;;;
rodolfobc : @mvalente a F1 morreu em 1994
mvalente : Check out my new mix, Hair Metal, at
mvalente : Check out my new mix, Hair Metal, at
mvalente : 8tracks rawkz!
mvalente : 8tracks rawkz!
mvalente : Hot Damn! These brothers pwn \m/
LuRsT : @mvalente Yup, I noticed that, I'm more into new bands. I guess most of those are from the beggining of metal times. Am I right?
edevil : @mvalente @pedrocs Eu gosto de Silverchair tb. :)
mvalente : @dalmaer
mvalente : @rcarmo You mean *this* "knack" not *this* "knack" .... Right? ;-)...
plaureano : @mvalente That's cool... but anyone wants Xplatform with win can code c++ on Mac and limit the objective-c as glue with cocoa.
plaureano : @mvalente You can mix c++/objective-c with very few limitations... it's actually spooky how flexible it gets.
mvalente : @plaureano And Xplatform with win would be easier with gnustep, keeping with ObjC and no C++ on the way....
karlus : @mvalente ...and the fact that's backed by Vodafone.
rcarmo : @mvalente re: zyb - my standard Disclaimer applies :)
mvalente : @rcarmo And since I'm aware of it I didnt ask/expect any opinion from your side ;-)
plaureano : @mvalente Xplatform MEANS c++ on Windows and objective-c on Mac if you want/need full access to the OS. Xplatform libs/api will only take
plaureano : @mvalente Not that I like it... but I have to use some c++ libs (like raknet, 3d engine, etc, that are c++ anyway) the OS dependent stuff
minimalistic : @mvalente muito obrigado :) Esta lista pode valer ouro :)
LuRsT : @mvalente Looks like hex....
minimalistic : RT @mvalente: List of algorithms, classified by purpose
joaop : @mvalente Looks like a MD5 checksum to me..
mvalente : "O autoportal chegou ao twitter"... PLONK: o Autoportal acabou de ser blocked by me. Another one bites the dust.
tweetmeme : @mvalente
mvalente : @Madril Actually no... but who cares...
mvalente : @PauloQuerido @pedrocs @andr3 Another one testing ....
vd : @mvalente microsoft is another one too
cpinto : @mvalente yeah, but google doesn't support login with openid's so, there, screw them. all these openid providers and none support login
mvalente : Following/followers cleanup. I now follow 40 ppl and 205 ppl follow me (down from 223; remainder were protected updates or spammers)
PauloQuerido : @mvalente depois, podemos celebrar no Guincho, uma lagosta ou duas.
dbarradas : @mvalente ok. se "estiveres a fim" lets lose 15/30m with it :)
mvalente : Ajax Waiter
adrianoafonso : @mvalente Thanks for the Waiter!
mvalente : @codebits Off to bed, stuck on step 8 of quiz X. Might have a language problem. EN or PT for organization names?
minimalistic : @mvalente The name is absolutly perfect :P
mvalente : RT @kriszyp REST sec. 5.1.2: "clients/servers separate user interface concerns from data storage" IE. *Server-side templating is anti-REST*
mvalente : HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!! JSSpeccy Yes. ZX Spectrum emulator in Javascript. Where's your Flash now?
mvalente : @pedromelo Yes, as does the nightly builds of FF 3.1... You're fscked if you have IE, Chrome or old browser releases...
mvalente : StoryTlr looks like a good FriendFeed competitor
BrunoFigueiredo : @mvalente: nice, didn't know that. but you still can't search only within the list of people you follow, can you?
BrunoFigueiredo : @mvalente: cool. exactly what I wanted. shame it's only US and they don't carry all my favourites, but it's still a great service.
andrerib : @mvalente @BrunoFigueiredo I could use my for that :)
mvalente : @BrunoFigueiredo Its not an URL if it doesnt have the http:// (or whateverprotocol://)....
mvalente : Anyone progressed much on #codebits Quiz X ?... Step 8 is a bitch....I feel like applying "erase with extreme prejudice" to someone...
BrunoFigueiredo : @mvalente: I know, but twitter is limited as it is. they could automatically recognize URLs starting with www.
mvalente : Nice ambient tune for code/work
psvensson : @mvalente Yes! Oddly enough, the very first Van Halen album has more chutzpah than all their other put together. Wonder why that's so.
mvalente : SSJS with CouchDB It keeps getting weirder and weirder....
mvalente : @plaureano David Lee Roth... Straight: On the Rocks:
mvalente : Reverse HTTP might be a game changer
minimalistic : @mvalente entao ainda nao percebi bem a essencia da "coisa". deixa ca ler mais um bocadinho
mvalente : @watusirv Estive aqui a pensar e vou por "Pirata"....
mvalente : @watusirv Referia-me a estes
RuiSeabra : @mvalente need to talk to you, if possible IRL, sometime during the week
mvalente : MIB Buisness This card Can Not be seen Anywhere UNDERSTAND! Don't Make Me Neuralizer You! re:
mvalente : Men in Black (1997), MIB buisness card, other replicas
mvalente : Having niece+nephew at home on weekend means early rise and a healthy dose of Disney to kick off the day.... which is nice....
mvalente : K2O3 TIro no porta avioes, BPN ao fundo...
plaureano : @mvalente source?
mvalente : OpenArena 0.8 is out Server running DM1-DM6 at Come out and play ;-}...
mvalente : Marillion - Sugar Mice
bjunior : @mvalente boa...
mvalente : Madness - One Step Beyond extended
mvalente : Ted Nugent - "Wango Tango" (1980)
mvalente : Skid Row
mvalente : Devo - Whip It (Dir. Gerald V. Casale)
mvalente : Pop Music
mvalente : Satisfaction (I Can't Get Me No) - Devo
mvalente : Skid Row - Monkey business
mvalente : Madness - Baggy Trousers
mvalente : The Fools - Psycho Chicken
mvalente : Skid Row-I Remember You
FreemanPT : @mvalente desculpa a ignorancia, mas qual o server q devo meter no tortoise para ter acesso ao svn do open arena?
mvalente : The Mike Flowers Pops - Light my fire
mvalente : The Mike Flowers Pops - Wonderwall
mvalente : The Mike Flowers Pops - Don't Cry For Me Argentina
mvalente : Grease Beauty school drop out with lyrics
mvalente : These Boots Are made For Walking Original
mvalente : Bee Gees - Massachusetts (nice color clip)
mvalente : Sha-Na-Na - Those Magic Changes (Lyrics)
mvalente : Zager And Evans - In The Year 2525
mvalente : blue moon- sha na na- flip wilson
mvalente : Sha Na Na/Johnny Contardo - Those Magic Changes
mvalente : Grease is the world 123
Madril : @mvalente So much spam coming from you :S (Some good songs though)
mvalente : @Madril Yeah, sorry for the spam people. New config settings at FF relayed all Youtube favoriting. Changed now.
psvensson : @mvalente It feels like we're stuck with the JVM for the time being. I think one really good idea for a startup would be EC2->JVM
mvalente : Soup.IO Yet another aggregator/tumblelog
microft : @mvalente How long until we need a service that draws a graph displaing how all your social networks interact?
mvalente : JSONStore
mvalente : ( re:
mvalente : Josh (Formerly) In Antarctica: RESTful Query URLs
mvalente : @minimalistic Relational is dead. The social web is not relational.
minimalistic : @mvalente I guess that's the main subject. Social web is all about relations
mvalente : @minimalistic You're confusing relations with relational. Social/media relations are graphs/networks not sets/tables.
minimalistic : @mvalente I guess I'm acting like saint Thomas here :) couchdb is a bunch of json files. Will it handle 4 or 5 million records?
minimalistic : @mvalente the thing that makes me keen about couchDB is that by default, the language is Javascript. that's surelly a plus
minimalistic : @mvalente the RESTful HTTP API of course
mvalente : @zon Your new tvcabo interface is all bling but it sucks major rocks in terms of speed and usability... Meo scare?...
mvalente : BPN nationalization and Atlas Shrugged re-read (which btw is top selection at fnac; mind boggles...) makes one wonder about pulling a Galt..
mvalente : Over the past few years, our company has had several clients who have needed a smaller shopping cart, usually to... re:
BrunoFigueiredo : @mvalente: thanks.
ppinheiro76 : @mvalente For auto-cheaters, I'd go with a more automated method, using a ham slicing machine instead of razors.
mvalente : @BrunoFigueiredo @pedromendes Oh and MIT's Technology Review is nice too
mvalente : If you're going to #codebits and have no ideas for projects, I have googles of ideas to spare :)....
minimalistic : @mvalente spil one for my side :) need an idea :)
mvalente : "Apanta", "Jaxar" These consulting companies sure are a bunch of morons... (*Aptana*, *Jaxter*)
alcides : @mvalente when I grow up I want to be a Cloud Consultant and charge large numbers for recommending Google/Microsoft/Amazon webservices.
mvalente : @zyb I give up, you suck.
alcides : @mvalente :)
mvalente : Now that QRCodes seem to be in fashion, wont anyone build a reader for DUA?
andr3 : @mvalente I meant, update their addresses.That could be helpful in avoiding huge queues.. but requiring internet access to read it=not good.
mvalente : @andr3 http://www.automovelonline....
karlus : @mvalente no, not really
mvalente : Design by commitee is the mother of all fuckups.
mvalente : I predict a sudden Ayn Rand/Atlas Shrugged LotR-like popularity in 2009
cpinto : @mvalente last I heard a movie was already in production
mvalente : Gulchers Guide Intro
Madril : @mvalente Estava a ter uma cadeira disso quando fizeste o Twit, por isso perguntei. Mas no IST :P
pedromendes : @mvalente Just saw your magazine tips. Thanks!
mvalente : Parliament/Funkadelic is DOWN with it, bro!
mvalente : Awright ye olde time geezers I have just one word for you: POKE
mvalente :
mvalente : Android Development Flow
mvalente : JX - Object Oriented jQuery Extension
mvalente : Photomake: print 3D stuff from home
mvalente : + = copyright/patent infringement of unprecedented scale...
mvalente : @tpinto @vd Yes, next up is "semantic security", "cloud security" and "social security".... Oh wait.... Damn...
jneves : @mvalente nah - that level of copyright/model/design/patent infringement will come from this:
watusirv : @mvalente Eu quero uma destas no Natal ;)
cpinto : @mvalente @karlus guys, please, just turn on the webcam and do it! =)
mvalente : JSLab PlotTool 1.0.0 beta
mvalente : Getting Started in Android Game Development - Robert Green's DIY
mvalente :
mvalente : Razor Optimizer Explained
mvalente : Obama and the dawn of the 4th Republic Se calhar .pt tb precisava de uma Digo eu ...
psvensson : @mvalente Word
BrunoFigueiredo : @mvalente: feeling Heidi's love for the game, eh? It's a nice spoof of the Risky Business scene with Tom Cruise.
d3x7r0 : @mvalente DAMN!!! I don't know what happenned but I think I want to see some girls playing the game... :|
trodrigues : @mvalente se isto nao foi abaixo no dia 4, de certeza que tambem nao vai no 24
mvalente : @suskind Ever heard Tommy Bolin or Jeff Beck?
mvalente : @suskind Antigo guit. dos Scorpions. Check out the 32-fret guitar at or
mvalente : Write JS apps in GNOME I love the screenshots! eheheheh :)
mvalente : Gary Numan - Me I Disconnect From You Industrial rock 30 years ago...
BrunoFigueiredo : @mvalente: looks really good. thanks!
mvalente : 75 (Really) Useful JavaScript Techniques | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine
mvalente : @phantas Desde 31 Out 2005, culpa minha.
phantas : @mvalente mui bien!
mvalente : AC/DC - If You Want Blood (You've Got It)
mvalente : Off to bed, all work done. Except for an MIS class Codebits week oficially started...
mvalente : @arrglarks ? And associated book
mvalente : @andr3 Javascript Will Save Us All
mvalente : mvalente's Bookmarks on Delicious
mvalente : JSLitmus
mvalente : @bpedro @tarpipe on RWW
mvalente : @codebits Sent in answer for quiz XI, waiting confirm. Working on XII...
plaureano : @mvalente It was a nice f**k, admit it... :-)
mvalente : @codebits Car parking 1) (pago) 2) (used to be free) 3)
Caneco : @mvalente obrigado pelas dicas do parque. :D
mvalente : @BrunoFigueiredo Os taxistas notam :)... Ainda nao percebi pq/como mas acho q em algumas palavras se nota...
mvalente : @BrunoMonteiro Sortudo :)... Dantes ia-se a Tras-Os-Montes casar ;)...
mvalente : @BrunoMonteiro @BrunoFigueiredo Nota-se mais qd estou mais irritado e mando umas caralhadas...
ZYB : @mvalente can we help? there's a team of ZYB experts who can solve most issues ;)
mvalente : VMWare ... ... on your mobile phone... the mind boggles....
mind_booster : @mvalente where are the screenshots? where are the videocasts? where can I get it? Bah, this so seems like... re:
mvalente : Welcome to Pivotal Tracker
LuRsT : @mvalente where are you?
inf0rmer : @codebits, watching a mad presentation from @mvalente
mcoquet : felling kind of sad that i'm missing @mvalente 's presentation @codebits . I hope #Anita is filming it.
cpinto : arrived home, doing some graphs for tomorrow's presentation and off to bed. btw, @mvalente @vax4200 @plaureano and me rocked the house!
RuiSeabra : @mvalente: what a rich night :D
mvalente : Home. Bed.
Caneco : @mvalente back tomorow?
mvalente : @suskind Velho... :).... mas ainda acordado :)...
phantas : @mvalente don't tell anyone, but I'm looking to sell mine and use the money to offer an eeepc (GNU) + pre-pay pen to my 82 year old grandma
mvalente : All you new CouchDB fans should go read Steve Yegge's "Universal Design Pattern" post and draw conclusions re: SSJS :)
mvalente : @codebits "And though we still stay up all night, the mornings arent quite as bright"
mvalente : "Back to the Server: Server-Side JavaScript On The Rise"
dbarradas : RT @mvalente: @codebits "And though we still stay up all night, the mornings arent quite as bright" (how true!)
mvalente : Serverside JS meets #codebits project "World Wide Apps" Wikipedia-like "Edit Source" button everywhere...
mvalente : @psvensson Hope you had a nice time @codebits and a nice trip back. Here's the "Loners" book I mentioned to you
mvalente : @psvensson "Hell hath no fury like a majority scorned."
psvensson : @mvalente Thanks! I had to go by way of Amsterdam since the French pilots were striing, but all went well in the end. Pretty drained though.
mvalente : Kraftwerk's "Computer Love" in Last.FM... Wait?! I've heard "this" somewhere else.. Right, some wankers ripped them off...
mvalente : Scalaris CouchDB gets (more) competition
mvalente : @FreemanPT Receberam o kit de premio? Afinal Xbox included \o/.... :)
mvalente : @sdsantos @FreemanPT Ooops! :) Right... sorry my mistake...
mvalente : iTunes couldnt suck more if it tried harder...
ruidlopes : @mvalente I find iTunes to be quite useable-ish (despite being a bit bulky), what don't you like on it?
mvalente : @ruidlopes Slow as hell... RAM footprint... multiple processes... look n feel... And dont even get me started on signup screens...
ruidlopes : @mvalente L&F is not bad imho. multiprocess didn't know (win version?) signup, bad, but hey they want to sell afap (as fast as possible :)
mvalente : Codebits 2008
psousa : @mvalente nice advices. thanks again for your support! :)
mvalente : Seems the word is out on Starbucks JS web framework I guess now I really have to hack out some sort of prototype...
mvalente : @vax4200 Me too. Fuck you all and the flu you rode in :)
mvalente : RT @vd New twitter meme: who got the #codebitsFLU ? 1 here...
plaureano : @mvalente No flu... just a pain in my hand from the guitar hero sessions that followed codebits... My complete band set arrives wednesday!
mvalente : @dscape Dont get "purely functional" on me :) JS is not "pure" but has enough function-y sugar to be called functional :)
dscape : @mvalente its always nice to have fold in a language ^^ I think i'm going to give it a try next time i need js
mvalente : Halfway through a box of these
mvalente : @watusirv Testing...
watusirv : @mvalente testado
psvensson : @mvalente I have more of a #codebitsCold. Still manageable. What have you been focusing on???
chbm : @mvalente andas a hackar jsext para ssjs ?
dscape : @mvalente try clicking all the squares
urbanpt : @mvalente 3D javascript canvas, very cool 8)
mvalente : @dscape Slow-er, obviously. Much too slow? Not here. Let me guess: you're not using latest chrome/v8 or FF3.1/tracemonkey...
dscape : @mvalente your right :) ff3 and chrome eheh. what do you use?
cpinto : @mvalente :O i'm shocked! I'm there too. un-be-lie-va-ble
mvalente : Manowar's "Hail to England" is fucking epic!
andr3 : @mvalente you bet. I grew up on that shit.
minimalistic : @mvalente Manowar is one of my early references. I guess that's why I'm so fucked up ehe
mvalente : @andr3 @minimalistic You guys ever heard of Thor? :-D... Talk about growing fucked up on shit! :)
mvalente : Guitar pwnage at 2:20
ruidlopes : @mvalente yup, more versatile. but nothing beats Petrucci's psycho exercises:
andr3 : @kinesthai errr... for displaying tabular data? certainly not for layouts... @mvalente I had never heard of Thor before.
FreemanPT : @mvalente freakin wierd guitar :)
mvalente : @FreemanPT No. For freakin weird checkout Rick Nielsen's guitars
mvalente : @FreemanPT Just in case you're wondering, yes he actually plays them Always been a madman
mvalente : @andr3 Except when you actually have a table.
andr3 : @mvalente I was careful. I said "for layouts".If you have a table,you're not doing layouts.CSS can help there too:
mvalente : Why is everyone gaga over Gmail Terminal theme? Use this as location/bookmarklet and go oldskool at all sites...
FreemanPT : @mvalente that second vid ("dream polic 3 guitar intro)... the guy is absolutly nuts! the look in his face... awesome :)
chbm : @mvalente because most of the people going gaga never actually used a glass vt100 so they don't remember how crappy it was ?
mvalente : @urbanpt who the fuck cares...
mvalente : @dscape With JS you can download code from any server and run it on millions of client/browser machines. Hows that for distribution?...
mvalente : @andr3 Instant P2P cloud computing
andr3 : @mvalente ok,I missed that from your presentation. _now_ we're talking. the thing is... how can the user start an offline webapp w/o gears?
mvalente : @andr3 GGears is one of the storage backends available. There's also flash, cookies, file, whatwg... Gears is not required.
andr3 : @mvalente + @ruidlopes thanks guys. I'm definitely looking into dojo very very soon.
mvalente : @jneves Dont try to read it in one go. Use it mostly as a reference book and read it in small bites :)
mvalente : Wondering WTF @friendfeed only works with and not
mvalente : @vgnalm Gadelha is gone
mvalente : ANCIENTS OF MU MU!!!!
mvalente : Last.FM is a little bit short on mashups....
DuncanMcNutt : RT @mvalente: Is Europe Losing Its Innovative Edge (Full Series)
njsf : @mvalente: I disagree. Most of the weapon innovation started coming from the US around the 1850s w/ west migration
mvalente : Yes - Leave It
mvalente : One Of My Turns
vgnalm : @mvalente saw it a couple of days ago at TCM
vd : @skit almost a year ago, @mvalente suggested me , there's a place to check out often
mvalente : Y Combinator in Javascript Warning: your brain could explode.
mvalente : @vd Yeah, I'm the new Kibo @chbm Dont see your tweets, I blocked you some months ago ;->
mvalente : @chbm You're not blocked anymore...
mvalente : @chbm Re: chbm fail...
chbm : @mvalente por causa do jshost ? ou outras coisas ?
chbm : @mvalente s/jshost/fastcgi/
mvalente : @chbm jslibs n tinha FFI e jsext sim. jslibs agora tb tem FFI... e ainda tracemonkey jit e threads...
mvalente : Who the f*ck cares about Arduino! I'm getting one of these!
mvalente : Propellerheads & Shirley Bassey - history repeating
mvalente : Jean Beauvoir - Feel The Heat
mvalente : JEAN BEAUVOIR - Feel the Heat - 1986
mvalente : SAGA 1992 "Careful Where You Step" (6)
mvalente : SAGA 1992 "You're Not Alone" (2)
mvalente : Rush - Time Stand Still
mvalente : Rush - Distant Early Warning ( Grace Under Pressure )
mvalente : Rush - The Weapon ( Grace Under Pressure )
mvalente : Rush - Red Sector A ( Grace Under Pressure )
mvalente : Neil Peart - Tom Sawyer (Drum Cam)
vd : @mvalente in the visual guide: "mania for home ownership"
mvalente : @vd "Govt policies and pressures for several years prior to the crisis encouraged higher risk lending practices"
mvalente : @vd New *LEFT* Review "Fed prompted to keep interest rates low in and this in turn set the scene for cheap and easy loans"
vd : ... I've just woke up one right-wing political bear ... (@mvalente)
mvalente : @vd Even the dumb lefties/socialists get it; it should be easy for the stupid righties/conservatives to get it too...
vd : @mvalente welllllll we can do bingo with all these "words" on you, but I know that you're political individualist
mvalente : @ppinheiro76 Right.... I would just take out the moronic "social", "equal" and "society" non-entities....
cpinto : @mvalente also, "There should be no laws regarding sex for consenting adults." wtf? is sex between consenting adults regulated? :)
mvalente : @ppinheiro76 It is my opinion that your non-concepts are moronic.
mvalente : Javascript FTW \o/
ppinheiro76 : @mvalente You're assuming I'm using them as non-concepts, when there are obviously other non-"collectivist" interpretations.
ppinheiro76 : @mvalente And I was just saying that any arguments you might have, good or not, lose strength when you use "moronic" in a discussion.
jneves : @vd @mvalente the sub-prime lending was not in the original mandate for fmae/fmac - but it didn't cause any change in the risk assessment
ruidlopes : @mvalente (on JS FTW) any status update on "Starbucks" worth mentioning?
mvalente : @pedromelo Anytime, though tomorrow will be difficult: class to teach and 15 year marriage anniversary :)
mvalente : @ruidlopes Not yet, no. Other stuff taking priority. Maybe over the couple of long weekends coming...
mvalente : Synergy JS web framework +
urbanpt : @mvalente it's an old test, and it's not accurate, but it should be better than 10 questions...
urbanpt : @mvalente It doesn't need to be by cheap credit, but ppl need a place to live, either by social housing, cheap rents,limited speculation,etc
mvalente : @urbanpt ?! Art 65.... meaning? That the fuckup goes all the way to a contract/law I didnt get to vote on, imposed by a military junta?
mvalente : @urbanpt If ppl need a place to live they should pay for it. If they cant pay they should move to somewhere they can afford.
mvalente : @urbanpt Unless, of course, there's a government backing it up. The problem: backing it up with fake, paper Monopoly funny money.
urbanpt : @mvalente I meant "to live". You're right about it. I'm not in favor of cheap credit.
mvalente : @urbanpt Why shouldnt they be high? If they're worth it and the market/people are paying....
urbanpt : @mvalente I think that the state should guarantee the access to a cheap house, either by building it, or by defining a max % of profit
mvalente : @urbanpt Why shouldnt there be speculation? Because its "wrong"? Wouldnt you buy something cheap today if you knew tomorrow would cost more?
mvalente : @urbanpt Socialist crap. The state (ie. me! us!) shouldnt *guarantee* nothing except police and courts.
ppinheiro76 : @mvalente You don't think there should be laws against the abuse of monopolies and oligopolies?
mvalente : @urbanpt If they're overinflationed and not worth then people shouldnt buy them. And govt shouldnt be providing easy credit for it.
urbanpt : @mvalente You can say that because you've afforded to buy a house. Case study: 1000eur salary, where will you buy a house anywhere near Lx?
mvalente : @urbanpt I agree. My basic need of a Ferrari shouldnt be subject to speculation. Life's a bitch...
urbanpt : @mvalente remember, you still have to eat!
mvalente : @ppinheiro76 There should be a law against the *abuse*, yes. There should be no law agains monopolies or oligopolies.
mvalente : @urbanpt No jobs somewhere else? Right: the govt put a max % profit (ie. min wage) on salaries. Life's a bitch.
mvalente : @urbanpt Wrong. No houses to rent because govt put a max on the % profit. Cheaper to buy cause due to govt cheap credit. But now game over.
urbanpt : @mvalente At least smthg we both agree: now the game is over. And if I'm wrong, we shouldn't expect house prices to drop on the next years..
minimalistic : @mvalente You have to admit that monopoly's trademark is market bullying
jneves : @mvalente the us bank bailout alone would be like printing 23% of the dollars available
mvalente : @minimalistic Or would you prefer a free market for guns (like the US does)?
minimalistic : @mvalente Again, that's not an open market. That's currency control. without it, economy would by chaotic
minimalistic : @mvalente That's why I develop open source products. The source is on client side. He can change developers whenever he wants
ppinheiro76 : @mvalente "You use that word a lot. I do not think it means what you think it does" (my apologies to the "Princess Bride") :-)
mvalente : Especially not on 140 chars and replying to the same old preconceived arguments and consensual hallucination.
mvalente : @ppinheiro76 Ah yes, there's always the "lets discuss semantics instead" escape. Philosophise away my friend...
ppinheiro76 : @mvalente I was just mentioning your usage of "bs" as an opening. I actually agree with most of what you defend, just not the way you do it.
mvalente : @rcarmo Hey, its a free market, you can always un-follow :)....
rcarmo : @mvalente Yeah, but then I'd lose out on your music selection. Which I don't always like, but which at least makes me try new stuff...
mvalente : RT @mde Windmill's JS testing engine
ruidlopes : @mvalente not quite the thing you're after for "Starbucks", but has some good ideas, FYI.
ruidlopes : @minimalistic :) "Starbucks" is also @mvalente's FTW pet-proj of presented/brainstormed at @codebits :) last starbucks I had was in NYC.
mvalente : @ruidlopes @minimalistic You see? 1-Name; 2-Get sued; 3-???; 4-Profit!! :)
minimalistic : @mvalente LOL that's what i call a plan
alcides : @mvalente is there actual coding in the middle of the process? I'd like to get my hands dirty in ssjs...
alcides : @mvalente learning git is not that hard (at least for a 20yo)! And If you use github, I'm sure you'll get help you with the codemonkey part.
mvalente : @alcides Guitar has to be played... VC plan to be worked on... papers to grade... Open Arena to play... Life is hard.
mvalente : @alexcor Canadians bands are true mofos and unknown. Rush, Saga, Triumph. Must be something on the water over there.
mvalente : A Briefcase A true classic
mvalente : Keynes: "No one can take the first step except the central banking authorities; the more effective remedy would be that the Central Bank ...
mvalente : Hayek: "To combat the depression by a forced credit expansion is to attempt to cure the evil by the very means which brought it about"
phantas : @mvalente everyone is on & on about keynes and helicopters these days *rolls eyes* forgotten is the short vs long market behaviour & ricardo
z0mbi3 : @mvalente MUITO BOM!
mvalente : @ruidlopes Part of the undergrad 2y part of the 3+2 new Bologna masters :)
ruidlopes : @mvalente *brain exploded* (but yeah, I understood what you meant).
mvalente : Mezza Luna: utter crap.
mvalente : Temp. negativas + fds prolongado = bimbalholandia em peso na Serra da Estrela. GIF at 11.
microft : @mvalente momento Gato Fedorento?
mvalente : @nosuchuser "Adiciona o mvalente"... entao pq? :)
mvalente : @jneves Ah ah: "MVC vs MVP - How common and how different" Re: our talk at #codebits
mvalente : @csantos Not yet... No fds embebedo-me e penso nisso :)
mvalente : Prog lang weapons: I'm with the SMG "SMG? JS is a shotgun: messy, undisciplined, but can clear the room in seconds" LOL :)
mvalente : Blurring of MVC lines: Programming the Web Browser Fuck, yeah! Hear hear!
mvalente : @psvensson Yeah, the whole idea/explanation is right, but the technologies/tools chosen are definitely wrong :)
psvensson : @mvalente Well in that case I agree :)
mvalente : Iranian Justice rocks! Doing it right for a change..
BrunoFigueiredo : @mvalente: Eye for an eye... literally.
vgnalm : @mvalente Acid Bath ftw
psvensson : @mvalente Indeed! A drop (...) in the sea, but still something.
mvalente : Listening to Jan @codebits talk about CouchDB...
mvalente : ...thinking: versions, URL-to-object mapping, versioning, MVCC... Zope/ZODB/ZEO had all that. 10 years ago.
mvalente : And it automatically persisted full (properties+methods) Python objects. Automatically.
mvalente : @ruidlopes Re: Multilinks, yer doin it wrong Should use multiple HREFs at the element and expand them with clientside JS
mvalente : Ehehe "application should catch conflict errors and re-execute transactions" 1999...
andr3 : @mvalente not all documents on the web are xml. lots of html floating around. doing that would either break validation or force xhtml.
ruidlopes : @mvalente oh, I understand now what you meant... yeah, probably you're right. but multiple href's is inaccessible, & breakable on mobileweb.
mvalente : @andr3 Nope. Multiple attributes per element are allowed. No breakage.
ruidlopes : @mvalente yes, but if browser's js support is bad (think opera mini, or worse) the issue remains. (u talkin' of redir&main pages, right?)
mvalente : @ruidlopes If browsers js support is bad it will also fail with your current version.
ruidlopes : @mvalente working on making that untrue :)
mvalente : LOL! "Do CouchDB views have versioning?"..."Ahm no"... Olavo "ZopeMaster" Santos making life difficult for Jan :)
mvalente : @ruidlopes Restating the problem: you shouldnt be doing a JSON request to get the multiple URLs.
mvalente : @urbanpt Who isnt? ;-)
mvalente : @andr3 Been rereading it again and I dont see anything in the DTD that stops me from having multiple items from the ATTLIST....
andr3 : @mvalente i tried html4 strict and transitional. plus, semantically, more than 1 href makes no sense
andr3 : @mvalente moreover, how would you access the dom? you can't have array of values for html attributes. it's pushing the envelope/spec 2 far.
mvalente : @andr3 LOL... yeah, you're probably right...
mvalente : @andr3 Although I just tried <a href="http://a/b" href="http://b/c" href="http://d/e">Teste</a> and it works on all browsers ...
mvalente : @andr3 But more than 1 href does make sense semantically, at several levels
mvalente : @andr3 Alternative versions, redundancy, readibility and accessibility....
andr3 : @mvalente :) @ruidlopes hehe wishful thinking. that's why html5 will have data-*.
mvalente : @ruidlopes Hey, who cares about validation and DTDs, right? If it works in the browser.... ;)
ruidlopes : @mvalente (w/ my "W3C invited expert" hat on) wrong! (w/ my "pragmatic web hackish" hat on) true! :P
ruidlopes : @mvalente @andr3 in XML it's invalid to have two attributes with the same name. not sure about SGML, but I guess the same rule applies.
mvalente : @ruidlopes href1 href2 href3..... lol :-)
urbanpt : @mvalente thing is, I had a meeting with a business angel (risk capital management) != from Sapo.
mvalente : @urbanpt Oh sorry. Great then!... Thought it was the standard meeting that Sapo is doing with several of codebits projects. Good luck!
urbanpt : @mvalente I'm a bit n00b on these things, but I've spent a whole week reading about this and I hope I won't screw this up (or be screwed)
mvalente : @urbanpt If you need help, just yell :) Feel free to ask questions; I might be able to answer some of them
urbanpt : @mvalente hmmm maybe I'll invite you to dinner again :)
mvalente : @mvalente Not eligible for Prime Minister then... Oh well, the salary sucks anyway...
mvalente : @mvalente Not eligible for Prime Minister then... Oh well, the salary sucks anyway...
mvalente : @rcarmo BerkeleyDB FTW....
mvalente : Dependency hell is.....hell.
mvalente : @defunkt Already did, problem already solved. Its just that it could/should be easier. Most wont/dont make it through....
mvalente : Subversion has dependencies on openldap... the mind boggles...
cpinto : @mvalente @rcarmo we have a wager running on how long it will bdb take to surpass couch
mvalente : @cpinto ?... bdb? as in Berkeley DB? It already surpasses CouchDB....
ppinheiro76 : @mvalente On Mac OS X it's pretty transparent... I've never had an .app ask me to install anything else.
mvalente : This is a fucking joke....
mvalente : @ppinheiro76 You're not a developer....
cpinto : @mvalente it really depends on what you're looking for and how far down the rabbit hole you want to go
mvalente : @defunkt No. I have to be a subversion *and* a git user. And surely along the line some "artist" will demand I use CVS or Mercurial as well
f : @mvalente :-)
mvalente : @f Dont need it. Just need to get stuff out of a SVN repository. Subversion depends on Apache Portable Runtime fer gods sake!
mvalente : @cpinto Ahm, yes. My horoscope said something like that just the other day...
cpinto : @mvalente lets not forget bazaar! :-)
trodrigues : @mvalente @ppinheiro76 dependency hell stopped being an issue with nice pkg management systems like apt
mvalente : @trodrigues Yeah right. And Windows Registry also solved world hunger and poverty.
mvalente : @trodrigues I'm with @cpinto : not in the mood for pissing contests. Dont care which is better or fair, they're both not worth a piss
mvalente : Gave up on installing subversion. Just used the installed svn at another machine and I'm tar.gzing the tree over.
mvalente : djgpp?!?! wtf?!
brunoshine : @mvalente If you where on Windows you could easly install SVN with VisualSVN Server :P
mvalente : I'm this close to going back to Red Hat 5 and Zope 2, I swear....
mvalente : @brunoshine No. I dont want to.
mvalente : And, in an unexpected turn of events (not), a part of the code is in a CVS repository. I give up, I'm going to bed.
mvalente : I GOT THE POWER!!!
mvalente : Republica - Drop Dead Gorgeous
mvalente : Snap.-.I've Got The power
mvalente : And! lo and wonder! Mercurial is now involved...
mvalente : NSPR in CVS. SpiderMonkey in Mercurial. jslibs/jsext in SVN. Starbucks in Git. Fucking A.....
mvalente : Giving up on jsext and jslibs. Dependency crap all over. Luckily tracemonkey builds straight up...
mvalente : Propaganda Duel
mvalente : Propaganda - Duel (Extended Version ) 1985
vitormagalhaes : @mvalente Propaganda - Duel... This makes me feel old! :)
mvalente : @vitormagalhaes Mas ainda n encontrei uma versao extended remix q havia :)....
psvensson : @mvalente Yes, I remember. I have to have another glass of wine before I dare. brb.
cpinto : @mvalente do blog on jslibs, I had some hope in it
mvalente : Window Pong
mvalente : JSMIPS, MIPS operating system emulator/simulator Yes, in Javascript...
mvalente : mvalente on I want to write a networked, scriptable 2D platformer. What are my options?
mvalente : Season's Greetings
mvalente : @alcides Its all smoke and mirrors baby! Doin it to ya in 3D! Live in front of your naked steaming eyes!
mvalente :
psvensson : @mvalente Well, at least it's not square 0.
mvalente : @psvensson Actually... Installing VMWare player so I can install a 32bit i386 Linux trying to avoid the x86_64 wastelands...
vd : @mvalente interesting reading! thanks!
mvalente : Mario Valente just committed a change to starbucks on GitHub
mvalente : Mario Valente just committed a change to starbucks on GitHub
mvalente : [starbucks] Mario Valente - JSlibs built and minimal web server running
mvalente : Mario Valente just committed a change to starbucks on GitHub
celso : @mvalente jsircbot
psvensson : @mvalente You really are crazy! I like it!! :)
psvensson : @mvalente const in JavaScript!? I have to look closer..
mvalente : @psvensson 'const' has been 'reserved' for long in js. Use in spidermonkey/ff since 1.5. Its in EcmaScript4 (specs and ref implementation).
mvalente : @psvensson None whatsoever :)... Its JSON all the way down. The web is not relational.
mvalente : @sippndipp Neither "mine" nor the ultimate "ftw" but I certainly intend to help and be in on the revolution :)
mvalente : Off to lunch and meeting.
psvensson : @mvalente OK, but, yes, hmm, I mean. How do you imagine to work with remote objects?
FreemanPT : On fire award: @mvalente - Singin Enter Sandman @codebits RockBand Sessions (around 53min) hehehe :)
ppinheiro76 : @mvalente High-resolution HUD with motion tracking + Qt 3D API + multiple displays mapped to it = awesome work space. :)
urbanpt : @mvalente Presumo que ja conhecias isto ?
mvalente : @vax4200 That fever might go away with some mellow chocolate on the seats of your Ferrari... Nice!...
mvalente : Brilliant paper by Dijkstra, professor of Computer Science who never owned a computer Remember: GOTOs considered harmful.
mvalente : @celso Oh, I get it now :)... Was the wrong guy asking too much :)? Or too few :) ?
celso : @mvalente ah.. that's not to be discussed on twitter :)
dbcm : humm, noticed that @mvalente blocked me, let's block him also. Now we are friends :)
mvalente : @celso Hey, you brought it up, not me! :)....
psvensson : @mvalente: What was the address of The starbucks git dl?
LuRsT : @mvalente Nice!! I'll go check it later!
mvalente :
mvalente : Baixo...
mvalente : @pvalk Have a nice trip and weekend...
mvalente : @suskind Its work my man... For fun and good upbringing checkout :-)
mvalente : @pvalk Yeah, 1st time always is ;)...
vax4200 : @mvalente Sort-a-like-what-ya-wanted? New Gibson Les Paul Axcess Standard Guitar:
mvalente : WOW! My Couch or Yours? Shareable Apps Are The Future
mvalente : @mvalente If your DB is OO-like and your code is part of the DB, then with DB replication you can distribute your apps...
mvalente : @mvalente If your DB is OO-like and your code is part of the DB, then with DB replication you can distribute your apps...
trodrigues : Eloquent JavaScript -- interactive tutorial (via @mvalente)
mvalente : @kriszyp Yes, I'm aware of Persevere but just dont want to deal with the whole Java footprint... I want "it" done in pure JS :)
mvalente : Off to the "Las Vegas" marriage party.
mvalente : The Show Must Go On
mvalente : Epic Black Rock (Faith No More vs. Queen vs. ACDC)
mvalente : Meeting with client check, lunch at KFC check, MIS papers up next.
mvalente : OK people, reading the 2-year old "REST dialogues" series from Duncan Cragg is a must 1st and latest
mvalente : The Hackers Lament That sorta rings a bell... And also
mvalente : Just in case u havent seen it "The Machine is Us/ing Us" Used it today in class to great effect and reminded how good it is
mvalente : Arrington is an asshole but he tells it like it is Curto e grosso.
jmcesteves : @mvalente Another Arrington short on the (central planning) ways of the EU:
mvalente : @jmcesteves Who is John Galt?... ;)
jneves : @mvalente re crisis, have you read this?
mvalente : @jneves Stiglitz is a fucking moronic socialist.
mvalente : Annoying "Death Test" Google Flash ads now blocked by installing AdBlock+ since FlashBlock was letting them through
mvalente : Loadsa fun! :)
mvalente : @celso And lets not even speak about those laws that tax/penalize success.
f : @mvalente now THAT is a great point, and valid across most of europe. Thats one of the big reasons why investment volume is low
jneves : @celso, @ppinheiro, @mvalente one interesting thing I found recently is how risk-averse enterpreneurs are (Drucker, 1985)
mlopes : @mvalente, if you're successful in Portugal, you must be the bad guy. Some portuguese are simply jealous about one's success..
jneves : @mvalente exactly - the main difference is that enterpreneurs won't accept just a perception of risk - they analyze and then decide
mvalente : @mlopes Its called socialism.
celso : @mvalente :)
mvalente : @jneves About that "danish" moronic "fail isnt fatal"... Besides moronic, its stupid, socialist, cretin. Why? No mistakes, no learning.
mvalente : Just dont get me started... I swore that I'll never enter this sort of discussion again.
mvalente : If you dislike entrepreneurs, individualists and capitalism, go your own collectivist, socialist way. Who the fuck cares? Who is John Galt?
RuiSousa : quoting @mvalente: "Arrington is an asshole but he tells it like it is Curto e grosso. about 9 hours ago from twhirl"
mvalente : Differences between observed levels of unemployment/entrepreneurship in Portugal and those predicted by OECD model LOL :)
mvalente : Negative correlation between entrepreneurship/GDPpc and regulation of labor and market entry
mvalente : Pretty awesome:
mvalente : Pretty cool at 105 polygons...
mvalente : @mde Have you heard of Behaviour.js ?
mvalente : @mde Also BehaviorS.js and event:Selectors .
mvalente : Last week: pretend you're a teacher. This week: pretend you're a hacker. Next week: pretend you're Santa.
mvalente : Who needs AIR, Flash, Silverlight, JavaFX and other crap? JS + Canvas, baby
mvalente : MMS Boas Festas Vodafone: FAIL
mvalente : @vgnalm Destructo?
mvalente : Mashed htmlparser.js with canvastext.js... A JS web browser rendering to canvas is definitely a possibility.
mvalente : @pvalk Given that marketing is pretty much telling the world/target/segment "what I'm doing now", there's no either/or
mvalente : Cant believe I was missing 2 great vids (and songs) from David L Roth (w/ Jason Becker on guitar): + 5*
mvalente : TV show: "Religion or mind control?"... Erm... There's no OR there, its the same thing.
chbm : @mvalente Einstein: "God doesn't play dice with the universe". QED
mvalente : @chbm God is not even a player. You get zero graded for referencing inexistent personalities.
jmcesteves : @mvalente Getting there: New "UN Human Rights Council" with mandate to find & report on "abuses" of free speech:
mvalente : Here's a Xmas card with a difference. And from a venture capital company no less...
franciscocosta : @mvalente the music of the video is Gary Schyman - Praan (the same used in Where the hell is Matt videos)
mvalente : PDFside Javascript
mvalente : @mvalente Admitedly one could create a whole app and distribute it as a doc to any/everyone with the (lets call it) Adobe PDF Javascript VM
mvalente : @mvalente Admitedly one could create a whole app and distribute it as a doc to any/everyone with the (lets call it) Adobe PDF Javascript VM
mvalente : @mvalente And go right through everyones firewalls, attachment blockage and antivirus systems.
mvalente : @mvalente And go right through everyones firewalls, attachment blockage and antivirus systems.
alexcor : @mvalente it's the same as Video inside Flash, all network traffic on port 80, powerpoint spam inside pdf,
mvalente : @LeviFig I'm sure you are aware of mousepads... Available for free at the nearest IT vendor brainwashing dept. Mine's actually from Virgin.
vd : @mvalente oh yeah, that I know from self experience :) but black desks are new to me (since I've been always using one on it)
tweetmeme : @mvalente Happy Holidays from First Round Capital
mvalente : Application Architecture Guide 2.0 Its from MS and is MS oriented but quite general and quite good.
mvalente : Parsing PDF is a pain
chbm : @mvalente i fear where this is going
mvalente : @pvalk Have a nice trip and merry Xmas for everyone in NL
mvalente : Iron: Chrome without data sniffing
mvalente : Merry Xmas Everybody
mvalente : @vd Now you've joined the pedantic wine crowd? Left the pretentious golf bunch for good?
mvalente : @vd Semantics.
chbm : @mvalente eh. pdi. :)
RuiSeabra : @mvalente: I would suspect to be mathmatically MJ >> AMA right? :)
ruidlopes : "mod_v8: Another Server Side JavaScript" (esp. for you @mvalente)
mvalente : Windows for Submarines Torrent link anyone?
pvalk : @mvalente Tomas now has Guitar Hero for the Nintendo DS. You guys should rock together some time :-)
mvalente : Android is Google's Linux desktop Next up: M$ complains about Google's "dominance". Oh the irony.
mvalente : If you want blood... ... you got it.
mvalente : I'm rolling thunder, pouring rain I'm coming on like a hurricane
mvalente : @vd Bear it. Socialism and social democracy are good for you.Its all for the public good. Sacrifice yourself. Dont be selfish.
mvalente : The hipocrisy and dual criteria of the Pope and the Papacy never ceases to amaze me.
celso : @mvalente BAT from Paulo Laureano? :)
mvalente : Trying to find out what's the best location for offices in and around Lisbon
agil : @mvalente what about Regus at Quinta da Fonte? They are great for short rents
mvalente : @agil I'm looking for something longer term, bigger, closer and cheaper that those bastards ;-)
BrunoFigueiredo : @mvalente: there are some co-working projects starting to appear. they offer closed offices as well.
mvalente : @BrunoFigueiredo Its something that might happen, yes.
BUGabundo : @mvalente: ahhh
suskind : @mvalente simples, para gastar mais uns metros de cabos.
mvalente : Guess I might as well order some tshirts...
mvalente : Monitoring MIS exam.
mvalente : Here I Go Again
mvalente : @vd Watch this ma boy... Glenn Hughes FTW
vd : @mvalente there's one that who's voice sound worse now than back in the 80's. coverdale is incredibly always the same over the years
mvalente : Of course Coverdale and Hughes learned it all from the master: Ian Gillan
mvalente : Gillan is still remarkable and unmistakeable. Check +
mvalente : "Another freight train coming!" Hair metal and shredding overkill (watch at 2:15)... Nitro FTW!
pedrocs : @mvalente Michealangelo Batio is a maniac!
psvensson : @mvalente I keep having these immediate reactions to long list of video tweets: This is a secret message for my local contacts in xyz